January 8, 2013




AIG may join bailout suit against U.S. government

This is what happens when NO ONE GOES TO JAIL after gross abuse of power and illegal obtainment and squandering of OUR MONEY. Holder needs to go the fuck after these crooks and liars and what mammoth nerve to threaten a law suit, and they should be closed down and those at the top need to be in a cell far far away for the rest of their miserable lives.

This is what happens when gross abuse and violation of the law goes unpunished and no one is held accountable.  This shit started with the pardon of Richard Nixon and just continues down it's ugly UNAMERICAN road.   One law for all has been turned into a quaint and old fashioned somewhat cutesy idea of old.   What the hell did the "pardoners" think was going to happen???

Jebus this pisses me off!  Where are the good firing squads when ya need em???


Anonymous said...

That trend started before Nixon. It started on November 22, 1963. It started when it became obvious that the US government was lying to the people about who was responsible for orchestrating and carrying out President Kennedy's assassination.

It started when the american people sat back and did nothing - even when it was obvious that their own government was lying to them. If these SOB's kill our President - and the people do nothing - that sends a powerful message.

It tells these same SOB's that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, because the american people are either too scared or too lazy to do a bloody thing to stop them.

They say you get the government you deserve. John Kennedy tried to warn us before he was assassinated - and the american people still sit back and do nothing.

Randall said...

How many empty cells are there in Gitmo? Fill em up with these bastards is what I say.

squatlo said...

There's an old story about a scorpion and a frog that rings true here... It's their "nature" to be outraged by your outrage, you see?

Anonymous said...

I knew someone was going to call me on the Nixon comment and, of course, you (Anonymous) are totally correct. There's much to be said regarding America's lack of outrage at many things that are going on with this government. I wonder if Republicans are so ridiculous in their policies to keep the attention on what else is really going on all around us, around the US and what it does around the world. I totally get ya' Anonymous.