January 23, 2013


He's a bitter old codger who lost all his cred by suggesting to the nation that Sarah Palian was a viable VP! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, and has been nothing but insane trouble ever since We the RATIONAL MAJORITY just said NO to Old Fuck and Dumb Fuck in the White House, right?   We need to join or mount a movement to get him the hell away from the reigns of power before he does more harm.   I'm for a LOSE MCSTAIN movement, wanna play???

The above is a pic of him shaking hands with his buddy and then BFF Gaddafi in 2009.   He sure knows how to pick em' eh?  And who knows, if we get rid of him, maybe we'll also dump that sour dowager and pearl clutcher Lindsey Graham, if she's still close to him.  Those two lovebirds have had their spats, but seem to always kiss and make up.   He's already lost his other bff, the wretched two faced lying back stabbing spot light addict hack and slumlord Joe LIEberman, THANK GOD!! he's gone.  Seems we should be able to wrap up the whole package and dump the other 2.

Oh.....And one more thing.........I HATE ALL OF THEM, and actively at that!

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