January 26, 2013

Oh for Fucks Sake and for the sake of all things fuckable!!

  This is just IN SANE.   It would appear that Reid has caved once more to McConnell the exposed uncircumcised DICK HEAD and sold out on the filibuster, or as it will now and forever be called, "FAILABUSTER".   What the fuck is wrong with Reid, I'm tellin' you guys, we have GOT to get rid of the Congressional heads.  Alllll of them!   Except Pelosi who seems to be the only one who can get anything done in there.


One Fly said...

I swear this shit is all a diversion. Human nature for people to wanna believe that it can get better.

I say this was never ever going to happen. Those guys all know it and play a fucking game.

It diverts attention from how dysfunctional DC is. I just saw an article about how bama/dims are talking Climate Change. Like anything will happen there too - my ass!

This is not an attitude because if the good we all want was happening the pile of shit wouldn't be near as high.

siri said...

Me thinks u r right again, One Fly. Same ol' deja vu all over again, like the 2006 elections. Reptiles and snakes, all the same.

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