January 3, 2013

Sad day for the USA

Some fucking how, for some unknown reason, in an opposite universe to the one I live in, enough poor soul moronic asshats voted in Boner for another term as Speaker of the House of Representatives.   Or, as it should be known now, The Speaker of the House of Resentfuls.   It's a sad, SAD day for America and Americans.  There's a child in charge of one of our political bodies and he's a spoiled nasty brutish bully.   And our lives will taste like dirt, just like McConnell and Can'tor and their cohorts intended.  And one of our best and brightest Presidents EVER will see another seated congress who will NOT work with him, who will only undermine him at each and every turn.  I like to think of what Obama COULD HAVE accomplished if there were sane adults in charge of the country's purse.
I'm bummed.  And sickened by the asshole crying and slobbering and sobbing his ignorant ass way into power.   How fucking fitting as MOST of us were in tears ourselves.


Blakentor said...

I appreciate your whinge, but just exactly what did you expect? I am firmly convinced that no republican wants to actually work for the "people" in these modern days.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

I was pulling for Cuntor in hopes that he and his fellow teajhadist sociopaths would push the GOP further down the garbage chute of history. Can I get an Amen?

Anonymous said...

AMEN!! And hell! I'd throw a fat envelope into the collection plate if I thought it would HELP ANYFUCKINGTHING~

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