January 7, 2013


 Matt TaibbiSecrets and Lies of the Bailout

 I don't think, really, that anyone actually believed all the reported piles of shi shi that appeared in the newspapers and on the web during the times of the Great BailOuts...I think we ALL knew we were getting royally screwed moment by moment and that ultimately it would be US who paid the price for the screwing we were all about to receive.  My only surprise in all of this is that it is now being reported, the accurately compiled facts are here in an article that is articulate and totally easy to read and understand and it wasn't all the Pyramid Scam of the ages that never got busted.  

I am so very thankful for Matt Taibbi.  He's a national treasure and I'm very thankful that he's here, doing what he does and that HE'S OURS, ON OUR SIDE of things, like THANK UNIVERSAL FORCES that he's not a party to the right side of things.  He is a warrior of the highest caliber and deserves the best of the best in this world and in his world of world class journalists.  I'd love to start a national movement that each and every one of us, his fans, send him $5.  Times a few million readers, he'd get at least some of what he deserves.



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