February 6, 2013



Fox News credibility declines, or better explained:  Current day Neanderthals suddenly grasp the fact of their inferiority to Cro Magnon Man!   Ripple felt throughout the known and unknown universe.

Yes, it' s finally happened.  I personally had about given up hoping.  This is indeed good news for all of us, especially those of us who make up the RATIONAL MAJORITY here in these United States of America.  So, who's gonna tell them?  I know we want OneFly on hand with his rope for those who will want to leave this cruel CRUEL world behind.   We can lend a helping hand, as it were.  Yeah, cause if you ain't evolved by now, chances are pretty good you ain't gonna evolve atoll!!  Right?

Dip shit butt plugs.   Now clear the air ways of your noise.  Just ride off into the toxic waste dump at midnight where Dick (dick) Chainey and dumbya reside?