February 5, 2013

SouthWest America

My back yard, on the global scale.
I can drive for about 30 to 40 minutes and see this scenery live.Gooseneck Proposed Wilderness


One Fly said...

I think I will be moving back to the west slope in Colorado. The National Parks,Forest Service,BLM is about to take a bit hit budget wise.

Living in areas of the South West is just plain cool for many reasons and vistas is a big one.

These fucks in DC are and have been fucking with my property. Just another thing where we lose.

When you enter Public Lands in the SW I find things deteriorating and that's bullshit. Signage,trail conditions,camp facilities and the like.

Ya mon - Canyon Country you betcha. It's just plain too fucking cool. I want to see more soon.

siri said...

i left Golden for the same reason. all my stomping grounds are barbed wired off, private land and the public lands have so many rules and regs you need a phone book sized document to read thru to avoid being penalized. What's kewl is that so much of this area down here is reservation, Navajo Nation, and it's mostly off limits to fed and state regs. and it's beautiful, like ALLL of Monument Valley. Come on down, One Fly. the "water's" fine!

One Fly said...

I lived the last year or so south of Pueblo but I NEED to be on the west slope The 20 before was in Da Boat and South Routt(Oak Creek/Yampa). I really liked it there. I have a very nice place to live but - - - -.

I'm thinking Montrose because it's is the most centrally located place that has properties (very cheap) that I can afford as I need to buy a modular of some sort so I have fixed costs.

As is from my place it's 300 to Cortez alone. Montrose opens the door to spending more time in NW Colorado and the 4 corners area and it's not far at all to Monument Valley for instance.

I've been in Costa Rica a month now and when I get back sometime probably in Mar fairly soon after that I'm headed over to Montrose.

PLUS - - - we have the mountains back and that means fishing again. I want to fish again real bad and last year I did not see a native Columbine and that's almost a sin. Let alone a Native Trout.

I want back in this area for sure and I'm excited about that prospect I tell you Siri!

siri said...

Awesome One Fly. It's all here waiting...

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