October 7, 2013


THIS!  The latest in from BAT SHIT BACHMANN...................
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Yep.  A true Rethuglican leader in action!

Pardon me while I run for my SicSac.............


kingweasil said...


Anonymous said...

How does selling Yosemite "overturn Obamacare"?

Thank Gawd she's leaving Congress for her next job, selling salad-shooters or Ginsu knives on late-night infomercials.


siri said...

*laughing and clapping at A.J.*

Capt. Bat Guano said...

If this stupid meatstick sucked on a lolly too hard her head would cave in. And I would like it.

One Fly said...

The bitch means it too - that's what's scary.

Anonymous said...

Sweet jesus, the right-wing has the dumbest collection of cunts the world has ever seen. And the press is worse. Why do they EVER give bachmann, palin, coulter, ingrahm etc. ad nauseum any attention at all? I think I'm having a seizure now...........

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Mocking Michele Bachman is an exercise in the shooting of fish in barrels. Even those dorftards at dailykos.com are able to squeeze out cable on this one.

Drop me a line when you have something clever to say.

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