October 5, 2013

Where's MY Country?

When I voted for Obama, and when he won, I was hopeful and encouraged on many fronts.  There have been disappointments along side of victories, but that's another story for another day.

What's extremely WRONG and has me wrought with rage and bewilderment is the fact that when we elected Obama, what we GOT is Boner running the entire country, making the decisions we knew he would make for this country, which is why we did NOT elect thuglicans to run the place.  And here he is, big as shit, running the whole damned country.

I woke up to a crisp October morning one day last week and lo!  My country was gone.  Stolen by the WashDC Mafia.  Pleasing a miniscule minority of shithead crazies, to the outrage of us all.

President Obama!!  Where ARE you?  We could use a real leader here and now!!!


Capt. Bat Guano said...

Every time I hear The Orange Boner say "some thing, some thing the American people" I just want to slap the shit out the asshole. Heads up you pathetic drunk POS the American people are not purely constituted of the Kock's and all the other filthy rich sociopaths that should be wearing stylish hemp rope neckties. Yeah, I am pissed.

siri said...

WAY TO GO BAT~ I LOVES it when u open up so.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

Thanks Siri, but do you wanna know how I really feel?

siri said...

LOL Bat, do tell allllll. Vent here, is why I live. LOL

Anonymous said...

Democrats have become extremely comfortable in the defensive position. Never having to go out on a limb, and it's great for reelection. If anybody else should be kicked in the ass,it's the damn voters who find the feeding and caring for these plutocrats acceptable.

doncowie09 said...


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Horace Boothroyd III said...

Did your unicorn get lost in the mail?

I bet President Obama has twenty two or twenty three empty hours in his day, surely he will jump right in there amongst'em and rub out a sparkle pony that pees lemonade and poops chocolate chip ice cream.

All to assuage your bruised fee fees.

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