August 30, 2002

Bunker-Boy and Crusader Bunnypants Fabricate War Talk to Change Subject from Growing Scrutiny into their Unethical, Possibly Illegal Practices.

Snipped from Chris Floyd's column in the Moscow Times:

"During the past several months, this column has featured a number of items on the "debate" over the Bush administration's plans for military action against Iraq. Therein lies the fraud: The "debate" is a sham, a cynical con game, and we were suckered in, like the gawking country bumpkins we undeniably are. However, we can take some small comfort in that were not alone in this classic yanking of chains; the world's media have been increasingly absorbed by the "debate," which has relegated almost every other topic to the shadows.

"But the entire "debate" - especially the "Oedipal drama between father and son" - is, of course, nothing more than the odoriferous end product of a horse's digestive tract. It's a ruse, an elaborate bafflement, carefully scripted - why do you think all the cautious courtiers speak "with one voice"? Doubtless they had the same ghostwriter - probably the same hack who provided Cheney and Rumsfeld with their warmongering words. The goal - entirely successful so far - is to divert public attention from the common criminality of the corrupt corporate hucksters in the White House.

"The book-cooking, insider-trading, handjobbing hijinks at Harken and Halliburton were just beginning to nose their way into the mainstream press (after lying around in plain sight for years) when the great Iraq "debate" was suddenly ratcheted up to new levels. Who could be bothered with boardroom larceny when the awesome question of war or peace hung in the balance? And why dredge through arcane financial records to expose humdrum malfeasance when you could have a nice chinwag about family soap operas of the high and mighty?"

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