November 15, 2002

Did the Feds 'Fix' Florida Again?
Whistleblowers raise suspicion that the delay of a federal audit of the state plan was tied to Gov. Jeb! Bush's re-election campaign.

Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, has asked for an investigation into whether Health and Human Services inspector general Janet Rehnquist delayed the audit to avoid possible embarrassment to Bush.

Grassley said Tuesday the audit delay is just one part of a federal inquiry into whether Rehnquist, daughter of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist, like her old man, put the fix in for the bushies.

Grassley asked the General Accounting Office to look into Rehnquist's operation in October after learning that she made 19 senior-level staff changes at HHS. Grassley called that number "exceptionally high."

In talking with the whistleblowers from HHS, Grassley learned of suspicions that Rehnquist had delayed the Florida audit to avoid the possibility of damaging Jebbie's re-election campaign.

Oh, I'm sure there'll be nothing to see here. Move along.

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