January 30, 2008

Aw crap

Damn. I am very sad to see that John Edwards has dropped out, thanks to the farking media turning it into a two-person race. I hope now that someone will have the smarts to appoint him AG -- where he can go fucking apeshit over any rethug who is still left standing. Or ejaculate over their rotting, oozing corpses. 


Anonymous said...

YES! He'd be one to actually PROSECUTE ALLLLL waterboarders!

Susan said...

Same here, maru. Maybe he's meant for better things. I hope so. Sigh.

big em said...

More's the pity. Edwards was the last Democrat who I MIGHT've LIKED voting for. Obama and Hillary both seem too much like pro-corporate shills who will SAY a lot of nice, warm-fuzzy stuff, but if elected will end up being a lot like 'triangulating' Bill Clinton, with his welfare 'reform' and NAFTA, etc. They've both made repeated pandering commitments to stay in Iraq for possibly 4 more years.. hard to get inspired by their actions. It's getting time to 'go Green', I suspect.

JACBI said...

At this point I will still look for his name on my primary ballot.
I need to say Edwards is my selection, even if he has backed away.

Rider said...

YES! FABULOUS idea! I didn't even think about that. I was really upset that this was turned into the Hillary/Obama race, when Edwards was talking more than simple rhetoric. The man had ideas -- for the middle class! Imagine that! Well, so long as we get these criminals out of the White House, we'll at least be pointed in the right direction.

JACBI said...

Fun Fact: Edwards has delegates at the convention. Even though he has suspended his campaign, as long as his name appears on the ballot, I will give him my vote. I want him to be a PLAYER in the Democratic platform. John has no IOUs to major corporations. So as long as he might be able to be the man to give me a voice there, I want this fighter to represent me. COUNT ME STILL VOTING FOR JOHN EDWARDS IN THE PRIMARY.

JACBI said...

well it's super tuesday and the pundits are on a roll. I see some first stats that say John still is getting 10% plus in Missouri.
I knew I liked that state for some reason. Remember John NEVER said he was withdrawing from the race.

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