January 13, 2009

Bush ready for life after Oval Office

@#*%$ *% !%#$ ... Damn, it's hard to post when all you want to do is FUCKING STAB FORKS IN YOUR THIGHS.

A wistful and sometimes feisty Preznit DisasterMonkey strolled along memory lane Monday...
Awwww, how fucking cute!!11! Jeebus. Who wrote this, Jeff Gannon? Shit.
... at his last White House news conference, still in utter denial as the country he almost destroyed continued to burn around him.

Deploying a mix of humor and defiance, the oblivious moron said he would continue defending "a good, strong record."
Dipshit. You amazing, braindead asshole.
The news conference was a prelude to Thursday, when Bush delivers a farewell address at 8 p.m. ET.
... to resounding cheers as his disastrous tenure finally, finally comes to an end.

On second thought, just STFU and GTFO. We don't need to hear any more from you, you malingering halfwit. There's nothing you can say at this point except "oww!" when the door hits your ass on the way out.