July 17, 2009

Rethug family values and the sanctity of marriage

How inspiring! Us Godless homo babykilling libs are truly going to Hell for being amoral spoogebandits. Action filed July 14, 2009:

Former Congressman and C-Street resident Chip Pickering's estranged wife has filed a lawsuit against Pickering's mistress. Leisha Pickering is suing Elizabeth Creekmore-Byrd for alienation of affection.

Rep. Pickering, a Republican from Mississippi, allegedly continued seeing his college sweetheart while they were both married.

According to the suit, some of the "wrongful conduct" occurred at the C-Street facility for Christian congressmen.

The mansion, at 133 C Street in Washington, D.C, is owned by the Christian political organization known as the Family, whose motto is "leadership led by God." Its mission? "To develop and maintain an association of people banded together as 'ambassadors of reconciliation,' modeling the principles of Jesus, based on loving God and loving others. "

The latter part of which they seem to do on a regular basis. **snort **

The suit says Rep. Pickering and Creekmore-Byrd rekindled their relationship while he was a congressman, before and while living at the C-Street facility, and are still together.

Sinning in a house of the Lord!!! OMFG!!!! Double values bonus: "the congressman would return home to his wife and five children only on weekends." Awesome.