March 9, 2010

Masshole wants his 15 minutes of infamy

Bloated attention whore Eric Massa, who chose to resign from the House after he was diagnosed with cancer charged with sexual harassment of two male aides, is now making headlines saying da bitch… ahem, the WH set him up.

On top of that, the man who once called impotent junkie Rush Limbaugh a pompous, draft-dodging coward, is now being hailed as a “conservative hero” because of his tinfoiled tirade against Dems, and will even guest on Glenn Beck’s “Hope America Fails” program on Fux.

Democrats warned the GOP they should be careful about embracing Massa:

“If the stories that are circulating are true about what really happened, the Republicans are going to hold up someone as the cause célèbre who sexually harassed male members of his staff,” said a senior Democratic spokesman. “Is that really the type of person they want to get behind? Oh, wait. Maybe it is.”
Bonus quote: "If you can't handle a naked man accosting you in the locker room, then maybe Congress isn't for you."

Meanwhile, the head of the rethuglican party has spoken – the pompous, draft-dodging coward warns there’s 'big trouble for anyone embracing Massa.’ Unless maybe it’s Roy Ashburn.