November 30, 2003

Busy busy
Not only was he whoring with Asian hookers and for a Chinese computer chip company, the littlest Bush mobster, Neil, is being paid for "miscellaneous consulting services" by a Washington consulting firm set up this year to help companies secure contracts in Iraq.

America, when are you going to wake the f*ck up?

'Recently, before these terrorist acts, I made a usual request that you investigate the Necronomicon'
The truth is out there, and it's basically stupid and wearing a tin-foil hat. The FBI's Zero Files.

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This week: Damage: Global Warming Catastrophe - New Evidence.

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News from the Fraud's photo-op war

  • Seven members of a Spanish intelligence team die in an ambush south of Baghdad.

  • Two Japanese diplomats killed when their car was ambushed near Tikrit.

  • Guerrillas killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded a third in an ambush in western Iraq.

  • Toll on U.S. troops in Iraq grows as wounded rolls approach 10,000. "I don't think even that is the whole story," said Nancy Lessin of Boston, the mother of an Iraq war veteran and co-founder of Military Families Speak Out, a group opposed to the war in Iraq.

    "We really think there's an effort to hide the true cost in life, limb and the mental health of our soldiers," Lessin said. "There's a larger picture here of really trying to hide and obfuscate what's going on, and the wounded and injured are part of it."

    The number of sick and injured is almost certainly substantially higher, because the figures provided by the military last week include totals only through Oct. 30.

  • Neither the Pentagon nor the news media are giving the American public an accurate picture of the situation in Iraq, which is "a nightmare," says a soldier who is about to go back.

  • November 29, 2003

    "Finally, sir, have you no shame?"

    George Walker Bush, President of the United States of America, flew into Baghdad International Airport under cover of darkness, accompanied only by his usual retinue of mainstream press syncophants, to spend two hours mouthing platitudes and getting his picture taken in the company of 600 hand-picked military personnel.

    As the only well-fed people in newly "liberated" Iraq tucked into their turkey and dressing, Bush treated the assemblage to a soundbite-friendly speech rich in flag-waving rhetoric and practical vagaries. Speaking in short, broad generalities, Bush told the soldiers, "You are defeating the terrorists here in Iraq so we don't have to face them in our own country," and "You are defending the American people from danger and we are grateful."

    It is doubtful that Bush is perceptive enough to note the ironies implicit in both his presence and his pronouncements, though surely Karl Rove and his fellow cogs in the White House spin machine got a chuckle out of every nuance. While speaking for purposes of ostensibly expressing gratitude – isn't that what the holiday is all about in the first place? – Bush's words served instead both to perpetuate illusions and to inculcate fear. The President's repetitive mantra of "terror," "danger," freedom" and the like – the familiar buzzwords guaranteed to fulment unreasoning emotions in the hearts of all good Fox-viewing Americans – seemingly found its origins on Madison Avenue rather than Pennsylvania Avenue.

    It was a propaganda coup of the first order, replete with adoring camera angles and wildly cheering multitudes, all conducted under a shroud of Stalinist press secrecy. Indeed, the administration and its media admirers seem to regard its very deceit of the public and the press a point of pride. Lost in the torrent of excited blither from small-screen news anchors and pundits was a fairly basic question: Why was the chief executive of the United States, an ostensibly democratic nation, skulking into Baghdad when we'd been told he was in Crawford, Texas? Why were we lied to?
    Read more of David B. Livingstone's piece here.

    In broad daylight
    The President did not have to sneak in and out of a war zone 4 years ago. Rush Limbaughtomy explains.

    Aides prodded reluctant Bush on Iraq trip
    'You're going, dammit! Do NOT make me call your mother!'

    "Do you have any idea how many IEDs are on this road?" one soldier shouted, referring to improvised explosive devices or roadside bombs. "I have to get back to my base. I don't want to lose a soldier because the president wants us to sit here."

    For a president fond of a tough-guy image, George W. Bush was uneasy when an aide casually asked him, "You want to go to Baghdad?" With Bush safely back at his Crawford ranch on Friday, White House supporters seized on the U.S. Thanksgiving Day visit to Iraq as a public-relations coup that could boost troop morale and Republican fund raising. - - from Yahoo news.

    Bush delivers a turkey
    To President Bush, America's soldiers are nothing more than props for his never-ending campaign. They were props on May 1 and they were props on Thanksgiving Day.

    It is worth remembering that while the president enjoys being photographed with soldiers he passed on an opportunity to become a soldier himself, ducking out to the National Guard -- and then going AWOL from the guard.

    The May 1 campaign appearance produced the Flight-jacket George doll, and perhaps the Thanksgiving photo op will give us Army-jacketed George delivering a plate of turkey. The turkey can symbolize his Iraq policy. - - from an editorial in the Berkshire Eagle.

    Electoral raid on Baghdad
    "George Bush becomes the first U.S. president to visit Iraq in order to provide the television pictures required by his re-election campaign," the article (in The Independent) said, charging that Mr. Bush went to Baghdad to upstage "his undeclared Democratic opponent (Mrs. Clinton)." - - taken from the Bushmoonie Times.

    Political stunt
    Many Iraqis on Friday angrily dismissed President Bush's brief cloak-and-dagger Thanksgiving Day visit as a political stunt to boost his ratings at home, and others said he squandered an opportunity to meet with Iraqis and see first hand the problems they face.

    "He came for only two hours. He didn't see how the Iraqis are living and suffering," said Fatima Star, 38, a housewife. "He doesn't care about the Iraqi people. He only cares about his troops."

    "He wants to gain political favor from people in the United States before the elections," said Mathil Aziz, 26, a teacher. "He cares more about his own personal interest than the Iraqi people."

    Fan mail from some flounder
    "I just don't understand how you can only have two arguments, that PRESIDENT (he deserves a title other than mister because he is the president and not just some kid off the street like you must be) Bush is either a chicken fucker or that he doesn't call all of the families that have had there sons or daughters die in combat. Do you, with a job (oh wait you probably don't have one), have the kind of time to call all the dead soldiers families? Do you have the kind of time to go to all of there funerals? I mean come on, even if you do have a job you don't havea job as time consuming as out PRESIDENT. Also have you ever stopped to think that you are supporting a Hitler like dictator. Hitler executed a race just asSadam was and would be if still given the chance. Also he uses this hate, for the kurds, to control his own people just as Hitler did So if you can say you are pro-sadam then I guess I can call you a nazi and a communist you lazy liberal bastard. That is all I have to say.

    "Your Friend
    "Adam Nelson" (writing under a bogus email address)

    Dear Adam,
    I'll keep it short, as you seem to have limited intelligence and reading/writing skills, and you probably won't bother to read this anyway.

    Even though I've called pReznit Playtime a chickenshit AWOL coward, I'm pretty sure I've never called him a chickenfucker.

    It's a bit of a mystery that the indolent fratboy can find so much time for fund-raising, photo-ops, campaign stops, playing golf, and taking vacations at his Texas hellhole, but no time for attending funerals for the troops he sent to die in Iraq for a lie. Can you even remember what the rational was for going to war, anyway? Why so many of our men and women had to die? Does "imminent danger" and "mushroom clouds" sound familiar? Hmmmmmm?

    My job? Well, thanks to the way your preznit FUCKED THE ECONOMY over the past couple years, I will be out of mine very soon. Thanks for asking. What do you do, btw? Work with rocks?

    How does supporting our troops equate with supporting Saddam? Or does disagreeing with you dittohead propaganda-swallowing mouthbreathers do that? Is it because your widdle pansy-ass pretender hasn't been able to hunt him down an' bring him to justice, he has all this free time to log on and read this site? Cool! I wonder if he liked the Michael Jackson jokes, or the pic of Tom Daschle in a tutu.

    Are you really concerned about Kurds and Iraqis? How about Africans living under their own dictators?

    And talking about Nazis and communists, I have two words for you: Patriot Act.

    Thanks for writing!

    November 28, 2003

    Turkey poop
    Patriotic Farkers comment on the Fraud's latest photo-op:

  • Isn't anyone alarmed by the fact that our president has to "swear people to secrecy" in order to visit one of our colonies?

  • Such a "hero" - he stayed 2 1/2 hours and no one was told until he left! Well at least we know they had a turkey in Iraq today.

  • "You are defeating the terrorists here in Iraq," he said, "so we don't have to face them in our own country." Hands up anyone who remembers being attacked by Iraqis on Sept 11th. Anyone? Anyone?

  • Spent just enough time there to have his picture taken before running back to Air Force One.

  • What a bad time for helicopters to stop ramming into each other.

  • Most desperate attention whoring attempt yet.

  • Maybe he wanted to go to Iowa but mispronounced it.

  • Remember, this is the same Bush who dodged the draft to spend the vietnam war protecting texas from communism, then deserted to spend a year partying.

  • Great. Another Bush campaign ad at my expense. Re-elect Gore.

  • If Bush really wanted to show the troops he cared then he would stop treating them like disposible Risk game pieces to be discarded once they've served their purpose and treat them like actual human beings with families. Bush has abandoned Afghanistan and left our troops there to be picked off by the reforming Taliban. As far as he's concerned, those men are dead.

  • Sound to me like Bush heard about Hillary's plans and realised he couldn't let a female Junior Senator named Clinton look like she had more balls (and more heart) than he did.

  • The turkey has landed*
    Bush makes a stealth landing in Iraq after Hilllary beat him there.

    Saving face: pReznit Poopypants was forced into leaving his Thanksgiving vacation at his pseudo-ranch when word got out that Hillary Clinton was meeting the troops in Afghanistan and was on her way to Baghdad.

    *headline from the UK Mirror.

    Happy holiday, everyone! I don't know how much I'll post today. I'm pretty much out of it.

    Turkey and dressing
    'What has the "pro-war" side done to support the troops?

    'For starters, the president politicized their deaths by dressing up like a soldier and landing on an aircraft festooned with "Mission Accomplished" banner that was created by his own staff. Then, when the deaths continued and he was criticized for this publicity stunt, the little man in the flight suit blamed the soldiers for the banner.

    'And while he waves a flag, Bush hasn't attended a single military funeral or visited the wounded in any military hospital since his war began. He has also blocked a pay raise for those troops in the combat zone, and cut benefits to the Veterans Administration.

    'And he has, in his most unforgivable politicizing gesture, taunted the Iraqis to "bring it on" at a point in the conflict when such language would knowingly lead to more deaths of our troops.

    'Were Bush really a soldier, he would be court-martialed.'

    - - Alan Bisbort.

    November 26, 2003


    • Court orders man not to be stupid. No mention of whether he's a regular at FreiRepublik.

    • Speaking of which, Rush Limbaughtomy gives a dittomonkey and a "SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT COMMY IDIOT" equal time.

    • The False Hero, by The MahaBlog. Word.

    • Petulant prima donnas pissed at the Post: misadministration calls WaPo editor "Osama."

    • 'Armed checkpoints, embedded reporters in flak jackets, brutal suppression of peaceful demonstrators. Baghdad? No, Miami.' Thanks to tsn, who sent in America's enemy within, from the Guardian.

    • Bush pisses off Nevada when he mispronounces state's name during visit.

    • Man with fake credentials sneaked into White House, made state visit to England.

    The patriotism refuge
    'If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, as Samuel Johnson said, then it is the first refuge of politicians. That at least is the case with the Republican National Committee - and by implication the White House - which has started running a television commercial defending George Bush's handling of the Iraq war, saying the president's various Democratic opponents are attacking him "for attacking the terrorists." Not really. It's for doing such a bad job of it.' - - Richard Cohen, in the WaComPo.

    And a bad job of lying about it.

    "The president has a lot to answer for"
    The republican party's patriotism: Equating criticism with cowardice is dirty politics at its absolute lowest. - - from Robert Scheer's piece in Salon.

    Dixie Chicks honored for controversial quote
    Dixie Chick Natalie Maines' infamous quote - "Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas" - was named the year's best quote at the VH1's Big In 2003 Awards.

    Via email from MikeQ.

    Loose change
    Indiana republican/oleaginous assclown Rep. Mark Souder, with nothing better to do, is leghumping his way through Congress, trying to get support for a bill to replace Franklin D. Roosevelt's profile on the dime with Saint Ronnie of Reagan's.

    Souder said it's particularly fitting to honor Reagan on the dime because "Reagan was wounded by a bullet that had ricocheted and flattened to the size of a dime," he drooled to his colleagues.

    DeLay fighting subpoena
    Redistricting suit seeks deposition

    House majority leader Tom 'Bugsy' DeLay and Rep. Joe Barton asked a federal court Tuesday to block Democrats' efforts to question them in a lawsuit challenging Texas's new congressional map.

    Democrats and minority groups are fighting the redistricting plan, engineered by DeLay and rammed through by his jackbooted bitches in the Legislature after three special sessions this year. The Justice Department must decide whether to clear the map under the Voting Rights Act, which is designed to protect the voting rights of minorities, or to accept bribes and payoffs from - oh, never mind.

    As if
    The Pentagon was asked on Tuesday to investigate alleged overpricing of gasoline sent to Iraq by Halliburton, the firm "formerly" run by Dick 'Chicanery' Cheney.

    Sen. Joe Lieberman, Rep. Henry Waxman and Rep. John Dingell also urged the Pentagon to look into the use of money from a humanitarian account, the Human Fund Development Fund for Iraq, to buy gasoline and possibly weapons.

    "We hope you will help restore transparency and accountability to this process by undertaking the important investigations described in this letter," they wrote.

    You have to wonder if they managed to keep a straight face while doing so.

    Spin city
    Overture, curtains, lights...

    Winning hearts and minds by orchestrating WH propaganda into a Hollyrove production.

    In a taxpayer-funded effort to candy-coat the horrible news coming out of the Iraq fiasco, the Bushies are attempting to shoot the messenger - Fox Nooze style!

    That followed a redesigning of the podium from which news conferences are held, with two large flat-screen monitors now installed to carry slick Powerpoint presentations the military is using to show off operations and tout successes.

    A large, deep-blue seal representing the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority now hangs prominently behind the podium, right in front of TV cameras, with the words "Justice, Freedom, Liberty, Security" written around its border.
    "There's definitely a feel of the White House about all this," said a correspondent for a Washington newspaper.

    And in related stories...

  • Darth Rummy's annoyed that the Iraqi opposition are using imbedded journalists.

  • "The stench from Fox's garbage tends to be worse than that of its competitors, if only because the network is so invested in the idea that it actually gives a hoot about American troops." - - Paul Beston, in rightwing rag the American Spectator.

  • __________________________________________________
    Fund-raiser or funeral? Hmmmmm....
    The crowd goes deadly silent...Cinderella story...out of nowhere

    'In his speech, Bush didn't mention Elaine Johnson, whose son Darius Jennings was one of four Fort Carson soldiers on the Chinook helicopter that was shot down Nov. 2.

    'When Johnson was at the Fort Carson chapel a week ago for her son's memorial service, she wondered aloud why the president had visited South Carolina in the week of her son's funeral but had not bothered to attend or to send any message to her or her family.

    '"Evidently my son wasn't important enough to him dead for him to visit the family or call the family," she said then. "As long as my son was alive he was important, because he sent him over there to fight a war."' - - from Gag order leaves troops, reporters speechless, in the Rocky Mtn News.

    'Now watch this drive.'

    Keeping it in the family
    The Bush cartel crime family

    Neil Bush, younger brother of pReznit Drinkydrool, not only admitted to engaging in sex romps with Asian hookers in his divorce deposition, but to George Costanza-like mysterious yet lucrative business deals.

    According to legal documents disclosed on Tuesday, Sharon Bush's lawyers questioned Neil Bush closely about the deals, especially a contract with Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., a firm backed by Jiang Mianheng, the son of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, that would pay him $2 million in stock over five years.

    Marshall Davis Brown, lawyer for Sharon Bush, expressed bewilderment at why Grace would want Bush and at such a high price since he knew little about the semiconductor business.
    I guess honesty in business practices isn't at the top of the Bushies' list either.

    November 25, 2003

    "Dammit! Was Rush here today?!"

    You left out "illegal"

    Two rethug committee members BUSTED.

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch said Tuesday he had put one of his staffers on administrative leave for improperly obtaining data from the secure computer networks of two Democratic senators.

    Hatch, R-Utah, said preliminary interviews suggested that a former Republican member of the committee staff may have also been involved in penetrating the Democratic computers.

    "I was shocked to learn that this may have occurred," Hatch said in a statement. "I am mortified that this improper, unethical and simply unacceptable breach of confidential files may have occurred on my watch."


  • The 25 most gloriously stupefying moments in B-cinema history.

  • All set for The Return of the King? Take the test.

  • 10 things you need to know about The Return Of The King.

  • Dress Jesus up for the holidays!

  • Another pic of the Dictator-tot impersonating Hitler.

  • Are you a RoveHo?

  • __________________________________________________
    Naughty, naughty
    "The Democrats asked whether the Republican National Committee had gone to the White House with sound equipment to have Mr. Bush recite the [State of the Union] line anew for what was the first Republican commercial of the campaign season here. That might have meant that the party was not being truthful when it said it had not coordinated with Mr. Bush when it made the advertisement, a possible violation of law." - - via Eschaton.

    "Guess ah shouldna had all them beers on the plane!"

    "In my eyes, I don't feel it was justified at all"
    The widow of a soldier killed in Iraq says she skipped a meeting with the Photo-opping Fraud because she is angry with the resident and "didn't want to go and be disrespectful."

    Johnna Loia of Pueblo was among family members and relatives of those killed in the war who were invited to get their picture taken with the chimp-in-chief.

    "I have a lot of harsh feelings for the president right now. I contemplated going, but right now I think I'd find it hard to be respectful." Loia also chose not to watch a live telecast of Bunnypants' speech: "I decided to go out and run some errands instead."

    I may vomit

    "Right now, however, it is clear that the most visionary and, yes, the wisest and most capable foreign policy-maker in the Bush administration is the president himself. Let's hope the team around him proves willing and capable of fulfilling his clear and historic grand strategy." - - unspeakable asskissers and loathsome fucktards Robert Kagan and William Kristol orgasming in the Weakly Standard (seen at RimJob's fretard site).

    I'm scared.

    Welcome to Fasciststan
    Rule #9: Only write stories favorable to Bush...

    Ground Rule 3 of the presidential visit had forbidden reporters to talk to any soldiers or their families before, during or after the president's appearance.
    Bush handlers presented press whore corps with formal written list of 10 "ground rules" for covering Snippy the Emperor-Chimp's visit to Ft. Carson, Colorado, on Monday.

    Let freedom ring.

    The end of civilization
    The continuing story

    Faux Nooze, MSNBC and CNN all experienced ratings spikes when the latest Michael Jackson scandal erupted last Tuesday.

    Merry f*cking Christmas
    Another soulless Christmas card from Jebus's faverit preznit. The official White House card, bearing a Crawford, Texas postmark, will be mailed out to oil buds and campaign contributors starting Friday, Nov. 28, 2003.

    Vile pigboy parses 'hypocrite'
    A caller yesterday to hate-mongering blowhard Rush Limbaugh's radio show flustered the liar when he charged that El Pigbo was a hypocrite for demanding tough sentences for drug users while he himself was popping black-market pain killers.

    "It's not hypocritical because my behavior doesn't determine the value of right and wrong - nobody's does," Limbaugh told listeners, evading the question.

    The caller "Mike from Miami" had made an innocent comment about a congressional vote and then suddenly blurted, "How do you equate hypocrisy and addiction, pillhead?"

    Limbaugh, who seemed slightly rattled, responded to "Mike's" original comment, delivered a warning to crank callers that "we are prepared here," and quickly changed the subject. Chickenshit punk. - - from the NY comPost, mostly.

    Nuclear dump
    Drinky McDumbass on Tuesday will interrupt his Thanksgiving vacation at his bogus Texas ranch, the Lazy W, to do some partying at fund-raisers in Las Vegas and Phoenix, and to shoot some photo-ops with senior citizens in each city to cheerlead his Medicare ripoff, all at the taxpayers' expense.

    Well, the way things are going this morning, it looks like WTF Is It Now?! will be around for five more years.

    Soldiers quit Bush's occupation army in droves
    Draft to begin any second.

    "The US Army Reserve fell short of its reenlistment goals this year, underscoring Pentagon fears that the protracted conflict in Iraq could cause a crippling exodus from the armed services. With extended deployments and increasingly deadly attacks by Iraqi guerrillas, Defense Department officials are scrambling to combat a broader downturn in retention and recruitment that they fear is on the horizon. Bribes aren't working - if Bush steals another term, get ready for a draft." - - from and

    November 24, 2003

    Judiciary computer servers seized in memos probe
    Drudge is reporting that "the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms took possession of the Judiciary Committee's four computer servers Friday and formally opened an investigation into how more than a dozen memos written by two Democratic Senators ended up in the hands of a pair of newspapers."

    Democrats suspect the memos, which detailed political strategy on how to block or delay confirmation of several of President Bush's judicial nominees, were stolen from the servers and subsequently given to The Wall Street Journal propaganda editorial page and the Bushmoonie Times, which both published excerpts.

    US-backed Iraqi Council threatens to imprison journalists
    BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) One of the Middle East's biggest television news networks agreed Monday to halt reports from Iraq after the U.S.-appointed government raided its offices, banned its broadcasts and threatened to imprison journalists.

    The Paris-based media watchdog group, Reporters Without Borders, immediately denounced the action of the Governing Council. It called the closure a violation of freedom of the press and said it represented ''methods ... that are contrary to the promises of setting up a democracy in Iraq.''

    Quote of the day
    "Anyone who thinks Donovan McNabb is overated belongs in rehab." - - Terry Bradshaw at halftime, during Saints vs Eagles (thanx to astrofan).

    Natural Selection in action
    If there were more people like him there'd be less people like him.

    A Ku Klux Klansman accidentally shot another at the initiation of a new member. As part of the ceremony, the initiate was blindfolded and standing on tiptoes with his neck in a noose as they shot paintballs at him. Then one of them started firing his nine millimeter pistol into the air to "add realism" to the event and one of the slugs hit Jeffrey Murr as it came down again.

    The bullet struck the top of Murr's head and came out near the base of his skull. He is in stable condition.

    Stable?? He's a frickin' Klansman!!

    Bush pardons Thanksgiving turkey
    "He's still an asshole," remarks bird.

    Apart from some gobbling while the turkey vacuous fraud spoke, Stars was well behaved during the ceremony, disappointing many and leading some to speculate that it had been drugged by Karl Rove to avoid any embarrassing scenes such as last year's. Many of us can still recall the moment when the crazed fowl, channelling Howard Fineman, made a bee-line for the pReznit's manly privates.

    Stars will retire to the ironically-named Frying Pan Park in Virginia.

    Liberal media bias!
    Evidently Whoreward 'clueless' Kurtz got the memo from Karl:

    "[L]ately there have been a series of leaks that haven't gotten all that much attention outside of the conservative corner of the profession.

    Which raises the following possibilities:

    1) Mainstream reporters are sulking about having been beat.

    2) The stories aren't all that great.

    3) The establishment press reacts differently when conservatives break stories, assume it's part of the vast right-wing conspiracy and try to knock down the allegations."
    Ummmm...much like your vanity column, Howie, it's "number two."


    What's black and comes in a little white can?
    Yep, Michael Jackson.

    What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?
    One is plastic, white, and dangerous around kids. The other holds your groceries.

    - - thanks to MikeQ.

    Speaking of smegma
    Tabloid: 'so how about it, Pigboy?'

    "Now that Rush is out of rehab, it's time for him to come clean. How he continues to spin the issue in the face of overwhelming facts amazes me. He would not have put himself into rehab if the Enquirer hadn't revealed he had a drug addiction. For him to take a shot at us certainly has a ring of dishonesty to it." - - National Enquirer editor David Perel.

    Reboobs and the sanctity of marriage - honor, morality, and family values

    Neil Bush provides sample for paternity case: Hopalong Hop-head's brother Neil provided a tissue sample Friday that will be used to determine whether he fathered a child by his girlfriend while she was still married to another man, and while he was still married to Sharon Bush.

    Oh, then there's this story.

    Iraqi mob beats bodies of slain U.S. soldiers
    Three American troopers killed in attacks

    "Despite the ongoing violence, U.S. officials insisted the occupation was going well."
    For God's sake...

    MOSUL, Iraq - Iraqis dragged two American soldiers from a wrecked vehicle, pummelled them with concrete blocks and slit their throats today, witnesses said, describing a burst of savagery in a city once safe for Americans.

    Another soldier was killed by a bomb and a US-allied police chief was assassinated.

    The US-led coalition also said it grounded commercial flights after the military confirmed that a missile struck a DHL cargo plane that landed Saturday at Baghdad International Airport with its wing aflame. Nevertheless, American officers insisted they were making progress in bringing stability to Iraq.

    "It's an incredible error"
    After gloating that thanks to the much-loved coalition so many schools have reopened in Iraq, Paul Bremer last week fired 28,000 Iraqi teachers as political punishment for their former membership in the Baath Party, helping to fuel anti-U.S. resistance.

    "It's a piece of real stupidity on the part of the neocons to try and equate the Baath Party with the Nazis," said former CIA official Larry Johnson. "You have to make a choice: Either you are going to deal with Iraqis who are capable of rebuilding and running the country or you're going to turn Iraq over to those who can't."

    Facing a spreading insurgency, this was "not the time to turn out into the street more recruits for the anti-U.S. insurgency," Johnson said.

    "All we have done is to have alienated one of the most politically important portions of the Iraqi population," an administration official said. "What a bunch of incompetent fucktards. Christ."

    November 23, 2003

    "So, how fast does your broom go?"
    Reboob whore-meister bemoans the lack of civility at recent mAnn Coulter pathetathon at the University of Colorado.

    Get a clue, smegboy.

    In the mags

  • A uniter, not a divider: Love him or loathe him - lying moron or Jesus' chosen preznit? Time magazine asks the eternal question.

    Answer: we didn't read the whole thing, but we're going with "lying moron."

  • Newsweek goes behind the scenes of "LOTR - The Return of the King."

  • __________________________________________________
    Bills will benefit top Bush fundraisers
    Gee, there's a surprise.

    More than three dozen of the Indolent Asswipe's major fundraisers are affiliated with companies that stand to benefit from the passage of two central pieces of the administration's legislative agenda: the energy and Medicare bills. - - from the WaComPo.

    League o' Liberals info!
    New league member Anarchy Xero is a contestant this week at TTLB: please vote by Sunday evening -

    Anarchy Xero: Winding the Iraq Deathwatch.

    Bunnypants' British Boondoggle
    Republicans should be looking hard at what the Brits had to spend to keep the President safe during his recent visit to Britain. And they should be worried. The Mahablog explains.

    Queen's fury as Bush goons wreck garden
    "The Queen has every right to feel insulted at the way she has been treated by Bush."

    THE Queen is furious with pReznit Privilege after his state visit caused thousands of pounds of damage to her gardens at Buckingham Palace.

    Royal officials are now in touch with the Queen's insurers and Prime Minister Tony Blair to find out who will pick up the massive repair bill. Palace staff said they had never seen the Queen so angry as when she saw how her perfectly-mantained lawns had been churned up after being turned into helipads with three giant H landing markings for the Bush visit.
    The rotors of the resident's Marine Force One helicopter and two support Black Hawks damaged trees and shrubs that had survived since Queen Victoria's reign, and his "army of clod-hopping security service men" trampled precious and exotic plants.

    The most expensive pub lunch in history
    Two jumbo jets, two liveried presidential helicopters, four more US Navy helicopters, a motorcade of limousines, 200 US secret service agents and 1300 English police were required to unite Mr Bush safely with his fish and mushy peas. Total cost? 2.3 million. Dollars.
    The village football pitch was transformed into a helipad as hundreds of police, some with dogs, created a buffer zone of several hundred yards to keep out the locals. They were almost too effective as Mr Bush, after exchanging greetings with the Blairs, looked around desperately for an English hand to shake only to find himself posing for a photograph with Mr Blair's press secretary.
    In a scene typical of when Bubble Boy is forced to come into contact with 'the people,' 100 locals were "carefully selected" to join the photo-op of the Bushes and the Blairs having a country lunch, while protesters were kept far away, cordoned off in a 'First Amendment Zone.'

    November 21, 2003

    Osama who??
    General Peter Pace, vice chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said today that Osama bin Laden had "taken himself out of the picture" and that his capture was not essential to winning the "war on terror."

    Supporting our troops
    Two U.S. Army pilots charged with ferrying American military brass around Iraq decided to speak out about the vulnerability of their aircraft. Their reward: criminal charges.

    "Remind us, why did the United States government invade & destabilize Iraq?" - - you gotta see this.

    What we've always suspected...

    "The voices! They never stop! 'Kill! Kill! Kill!'" complained U.S. President George W. Bush today at a press conference in the White House Rose Garden.

    So Queenie, where kin ah plug in ma George Foreman grill?
    Thoughtless impotentate George W. Bush has allegedly offended Queen Elizabeth II by bringing no fewer than five of his personal chefs to Buckingham Palace.

    "Her Majesty greeted the news that Bush was coming with his own chefs in absolute silence. That's her general way of expressing disapproval. She's not thought to be [thrilled] about the whole visit anyway, but when you consider that she has excellent cooks herself, you can see why this would be taken as a bit of an insult."

    Oh please
    We've heard a lot today of the latest propaganda talking point coming from the reboobs: "Some are now attacking the 'president' for attacking the terrorists." Blah blah blah.

    Argument 1: pReznit Stupid didn't attack the terrorists, he invaded Iraq. Under false pretenses. While basically ignoring al Qaida's stomping ground, Afghanistan.
    Argument 2: Which brings me to Saudi Arabia.
    Argument 3: Saddam was going to attack us? With what?
    Argument 4: Show me where the Dems have attacked the grinning boob for "attacking the terrorists." I'll wait. Meanwhile, I'll have a scotch and a cigar. Which brings me to...

    Anchors away
    So is it safe to watch the news now, or are they still soiling the airwaves by handjobbing their way through the Michael Jackson fiasco?

    Finish off every one of Elrond's lines with "...Mr. Anderson": What NOT to do during 'Return of the King.'

    Assclown of the day
    Michael Jackson is black???

    Bubble-boy does Britain
    "Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, captured the spirit of the moment when he told NPR that the Republican National Committee should foot the bill for Mr. Bush's extraordinary security, the largest police operation ever in Great Britain. All this, he harrumphed, 'just so George Bush can use a few clips of him and the queen in his campaign advertisements for re-election next year.' There was a dispiriting contrast between GWB shutting out the world and avoiding the British public, and the black-and-white clips this week of J.F.K. reaching out to the world and being adored by Berliners. There was also a dispiriting contrast between the Bush administration, hiding the returning coffins of U.S. soldiers and avoiding their funerals, and the moving pictures of the Italian politicians and people, honoring their dead with public ceremonies and a week of mourning. The bubble in London is just an extension of the bubble the Bush team lives in at home." - - Maureen Dowd.

    Slightly surreal comment this morning from one of the callused-palmed mouthbreathers at RimJob's fretard site: he "was struck with the vision of Jackie Kennedy-ish style of Mrs. Bush." Funny, I don't remember Jackie ever looking like a just-pithed trailer-park Disney-figure on acid.

    Repuke morality and values
    And like all reboobs, he had a tiny little pecker. A staff attorney for the Ohio House Republican Caucus was arrested late Wednesday and police suspect he is the flasher known around Columbus as the "naked photographer".

    Maybe if he's released on time he can photograph the festivities at the Claremont Institute when it presents it's Sanctimonious hypocrite Addict Statesman of the Year award to Bill 'roll 'em!' Bennett.

    "So, these old white men know best?"
    'Republicans fiercely criticized the White House communications office last week' for allowing insufferable fraud pResident Evil to be photographed 'signing a late-term abortion ban into law flanked by six dark-suited, grinning men.'

    "It's an enduring image, and we're going to make sure it's an enduring image. Were going to use it everywhere," said NARAL president Kate Michaelman. Word. That had to be one of the most vile pictures I've ever seen.

    November 20, 2003

    End of civilization...
    Just in time for the holidays: Boner, The Humping Hound.

    Cozying up to the queen
    'HOW ironic. In 1776, the United States broke away from England to form a new kind of democracy, free from the whims of royalty. In 2003, the U.S. president spurns an appearance before Britain’s democratically chosen representatives to hide behind the skirts of the queen.' - - from an editorial in the Charleston Gazette (thanks to moonwatcher for the link).

    End of civilization, cont.
    CNN whore Wolf Blitzer spent 50 minutes of his 60 minute newscharade breathlessly talking about Michael Jackson. During that time, a news flash would pop up announcing that Latoya Jackson's ex-hiusband would be on Anderson Cooper's show tonight!!


    More tasteless jokes via E-mail
    How are Michael Jackson and a Big Mac alike?
    Both have 40 year old meat between 10 year old buns.

    How are Michael Jackson and K-mart alike?
    Both have little boys' pants half off.

    - - thanks to ScottB.


  • Via Terry at The Storm: look what's #2 for "miserable failure" on google!

  • "Although it was held in the ornate Banqueting House in Whitehall, under ceilings painted by Rubens, the White House produced its own backdrops, including one behind Mr. Bush with the words 'United Kingdom' repeated over and over" (via Eschaton).

  • I usually don't pay any attention to Andrew Sullivan, but jeebus. Sadly, No has the poop.

  • Get your GW Bush Liar Liar Pants on Fire action figure, at Rush Limbaughtomy!

  • The Hackenblog has some funny stuff from Eric Idle's diary posted.

  • __________________________________________________
    'Why do they hate freedom?'
    Protesters in London pull down statue of doltish dictator-tot pReznit Stupid.

    If the jackboot fits
    The cover of the British edition of the new book by NY Times columnist Paul Krugman features a photo of Dick 'Chicanery' Cheney with an Adolf Hitler mustache.

    The cover of the British edition of The Great Unraveling is emblazoned with a photo of Dick sporting an Adolf-like oil mustache. The words "Got Oil?" are dripped across his forehead. - - from NoozeHacks.

    Who's turn was it to watch him?!
    Blithering ninny Buckeroo Bonehead blindsided the Pentagon today, saying if more troops were needed in Iraq, they would be sent. That contradicted earlier Pentagon statements claiming the goal was to reduce troop strength, and reportedly startled both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.

    "We could have less troops in Iraq. We could have the same number of troops in Iraq. We could have more troops in Iraq. Whatever is necessary to secure Iraq," Bunnypants chirped. "La la la!"