June 30, 2004

'This is not sovereignty'
'Nothing will change in Iraq after June 30 - except in the make-believe world of George Bush.'

The plan to "transfer sovereignty" to Iraqis is, of course, another whopper. The irony in this case is that, as all Iraqis remember, this is a farcical repeat of what the British did after World War I when they received a League of Nations mandate to run Iraq. When the lease expired they kept their military bases and dominated Iraqi politics. The British embassy in Baghdad made the key decisions.

After June 30 it will be the US embassy that will play this role and John Negroponte, a tried and tested colonial official, who watched benignly as the death squads created mayhem in Central America, will be the de facto ruler of Iraq. The former CIA agent, Ayad Allawi, who worked as a low-leval police spy for the Saddam regime and was responsible for handing over the names of numerous dissidents, will be the new "Prime Minister". How can even the most naive camp-follower of the American empire regard this operation as a transfer of sovereignty?
- Tariq Ali.

Iraq is worse off than before the war began, GAO reports
The figures on electricity "make me want to cry," says investigator.

In a few key areas - electricity, the judicial system and overall security - the Iraq that America handed back to its residents Monday is worse off than before the war began last year, according to calculations in a new General Accounting Office report released Tuesday.

The 105-page report by Congress' investigative arm offers a bleak assessment of Iraq after 14 months of US military occupation.

"The picture it paints of the facts on the ground is one that neither the CPA nor the Bush administration should be all that proud of," said Peter W. Singer, a national security scholar at the centrist Brookings Institution. "It finds a lot of problems and raises a lot of questions."

It's not over over there
'Insurgents' fired at least 10 mortar rounds at a US base near Baghdad International Airport on Wednesday, wounding 11 soldiers, two of them seriously. But replacements are on the way: the Army is forcing thousands of former soldiers back into service. Most will be sent to Iraq, which we've handed back to Halli the Iraqis.

What celebrities would say to Bush if they had five minutes with him.

Now watch this drive.

Stern to Clear Channel: go fuck yourself
Howard Stern sticks it to the FCC, gaining 9 new markets and getting back 4 previous ones.

Fretard panties explode
'Hitlery picked to be Kerry VP!' screams drudge. "Massive love fest" will ensue!

Top 10 George W Bush complaints about Fahrenheit 9/11
10. That actor who played the president was totally unconvincing.
9. It oversimplified the way I stole the election.
8. Too many of them fancy college-boy words
7. If Michael Moore had waited a few months, he could have included the part where I get him deported.
6. Didn't have one of them hilarious monkeys who smoke cigarettes and gives people the finger.
5. Of all Michael Moore's accusations, only 97% are true.
4. Not sure - I passed out after a piece of popcorn lodged in my windpipe.
3. Where the hell was Spiderman?
2. Couldn't hear most of the movie over Cheney's foul mouth.
1. I thought this was supposed to be about dodgeball!

- Letterman.

Lawmakers to Ashcroft: WTF??
Was he Saudi?

Dems and reboobs alike are questioning why the Bush misadministration released a terror suspect when several prosecutors and FBI agents had gathered evidence against him. They're still waiting for an answer.

Fahrenheit 9/11 box office reaches top ten of all movies - ever

In spite of R-rating that many suggest was politically motivated and inappropriate, and storm trooper goons at the gates, with people being turned away from sold-out theaters, the movie was not only the number one documentary, but, but one major statistic, broke into the top ten listing of ALL movies.
- Rob Kall, OpEdNews.com.

Moviegoer: wtf's with the jackbooted security for Farenheit 9/11??
Ken Siegel is still perplexed why a uniformed police officer working a security detail seemed to be checking identifications only at the theaters showing Moore’s documentary. He was told it had to do with the "strict enforcement of ratings.”

Sit 'n' rotate
Shut up, shut up, shut up!

Once again, a liberal guest on Faux News' gasbag Bill O'Reilly's show forces the "no-spin" zone to edit out content that makes O'Reilly look stupid.

'When [Georgetown law professor David] Cole brought up the incident during his interview, he says, O'Reilly "exploded," called him an SOB and declared he would never be invited back.'

F-bombs over Baghdad

Dick Cheney and other administration officials have developed a bad habit of giving ill-tempered responses to legitimate questions.

At least the president has, so far, resisted the temptation to go Cheney on any of his questioners. But, as the Supreme Court reminded us all this week, the president and other executive-branch officials aren't above the law. They also shouldn't be above answering reasonable questions from the public they are supposed to serve.
- from a St. Petersburg Times editorial.

'Truly scandalous behavior'
House majority leader/scumbag Tom DeLay is "hands-down one of the most corrupt politicians in the United States."

Thanks to [Rep. Chris] Bell's complaint and CREW's persistence, Americans now have in their hands a vivid picture of corruption and ethical rule-breaking that belies the notion that this Administration and its Republican Congressional allies do anything more than simply pay lip service to upholding ethics and morality in the seats of federal power.
- Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Group: GOP aiding Nader campaign
Watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington - who have got to be pretty exhausted these days - says it will file a complaint with federal election officials, accusing two conservative organizations of illegally helping Ralph Nader fuck up the country, possibly with support from the Bush/Cheney Fuck you - we're staying in power election campaign.

Image by CheekyMunky.

Honor, dignitude, statesmanship
"It’s so easy to feel superior to the Americans when they have a moron running the country"

Even the French would be hard pressed to create a more revolting American stereotype than George Bush's Texan cowboy doofus. His vile record as a presidential bigot and warlord is so perfectly reflected in his public image: his arrogant swagger, his ignorant words and the hokey drawl with which he mangles them.
- some Canadian paper, God bless 'em.

"Doofus. Doofus, doofus, doofus, doofus, doofus, doofus, doofus, doofus, doofus." - James Carville, on Crossfire.

Iran: Bush an angry, fascistic a-hole

TEHRAN, June 30 – The Foreign Ministry on Wednesday commented that the statement by George W. Bush at the NATO summit is below the dignity of a president.

“Mr. Bush should not forget that he became president because of a court decision and since then, especially in recent months, he is always being rebuked for his unilateral and autocratic policies,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said.

The pResident’s immoral policies have reached such heights that even US university scholars and some academic circles have begun speaking out about the consequences of his undemocratic behavior, the statement released by the foreign ministry quoted the spokesman as saying.

Bush’s pronouncements originate from his repeated failures and excessive anger, Asefi said in response to Bush’s anti-Iran statement.

Asefi's comments came after [Napoleon Bonehead] claimed in his speech to the recently-concluded NATO summit in Istanbul that Iran was trying to develop weapons of mass destruction and spread terrorism around the world. He also described Iran as a "threat to world peace."

Fans to Cheney: go fuck yourself
Dick dissed at ballpark

VP Dick 'dick' Cheney, watching the Yankee game with NY gov. George Pataki and 'America's Mayor' Rudy Giuliani yesterday, was booed when he was shown on the right-field videoboard during the seventh-inning stretch.

Pic by ntodd.

Blair seeks to distance himself from Bush
UK government to become more critical of the fascist punk as polls reveal Poodle suffering from association with the lying, smirking moron.

Bunnypants' lapdog Tony 'Piddles' Blair is to drop his policy of unflinching support of George Dumbass Bush's foreign policy of arrogance and alienation, deciding that the handover of power in Iraq has now released him from his diplomatic obligations of being a total buttwiping tool.

"Wait, wait, listen to this one: so he says to me,
'Ah went to Turkey, an' ya know what they eat there? Not turkey! Ah don't get it!'"

Here it comes...

The government needs to establish guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if terrorists strike the United States again, says the chairman of a new federal voting commission.

Such guidelines do not currently exist, said DeForest Soaries, head of the voting panel. Soaries was appointed to the federal Election Assistance Commission last year by pResident Bush.

June 29, 2004

Dominant emotion in theater? Fear
Boy, this is scary, if true - from a letter to the editor:

At a screening of "Fahrenheit 9/11," armed police officers took our ticket stubs. When I asked why they were there, they said they are present at every sold-out show -- but I have never seen them there.

At the end, as the credits were beginning to roll, the film was stopped and replaced by advertisements. Also, the theater manager was infuriated that people were passing out voter registration forms and had the police stop them.

To me, the atmosphere in the theater reeked of fear. Fear of a majority, fear of people expressing their opinions -- fears that we, as Americans, should not have to deal with.

- MM, Decatur

-via skippy.

Liberals win in Canada election.

In another major setback for conservatives, Italian voters tell Bush pal Berlusconi to go fuck himself.

America-haters busted!
Terrist-loving squirrels found responsible for stealing yellow ribbons from community trees.

At his press conference, attorney general John Ashcroft announced that Senate majority leader Bill Frist will conduct experiments on them before handing them over to Ted Nugent for slaughtering.


Roadside bomb hits US convoy in Iraq
Three Marines killed.

WH plans forced call-up for cannon-fodder
The US Army is planning an "involuntary mobilization" of thousands of reserves to maintain troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If the rethugs can sue to open John Kerry's sealed divorce papers, does that mean implied consent for the Dems to go after Bunnypants' arrest record and the details of Pickles Stepford's homicidal car accident? How about revisiting W's cocaine bust? His shady stock deals? The story on his alleged man-love boytoy?

Doing the people's business
With healthcare, veterans' benefits, and national security issues solved, the Senate has now turned its focus on banning file-sharing networks.

Mission abandoned

Imagine if, on May 1, 2003 as George Bush landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln, someone had leaned over and, behind a cupped palm, whispered that he would not attend the crowning triumph of his first term, the official recreation of an Iraqi government in our image. Imagine if someone had then told him that an insurgency, evidently without a central command, armed with nothing more powerful than Kalashnikovs and RPGs, and made up to a significant degree of ordinary, angry Iraqis would stop his plans in their tracks; or that our sheriff in Baghdad would, hardly a year later, flee town tossing his badge in the dirt.

What would George Bush have said then? Who among his followers wouldn't have had the laugh of their lives? And yet, here we are. You won't read this in your daily paper or see it on the nightly prime-time news, but I assure you that what we're witnessing in slow motion is likely to be one of the great imperial defeats in history.
- Tom Engelhardt.

Related stories -
  • Iraq situation a failure, say Richard Cohen and Paul Krugman.

  • Two-thirds of Americans not buying the bullshit: Americans say the turnover is not a sign of success but a sign of failure, in a CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll.

  • Bunnypants' approval rating drops to its lowest point ever - 42 percent. Despite blatant manipulation of world events and the media by the Bush cartel, people are questioning the Smirking Liar's honesty about the war in Iraq, terrism, and the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

  • Repuke values and morality
    Cheney & Bush hypocritically and regularly cuss up a storm as they pretend to be angelic Christians.

    The recent f-bomb Dick Cheney dropped on Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor was just the tip of the iceberg {Ed.: what??}. Jackson Thoreau explains.

    Before he fled, Paul Bremer appointed handpicked Iraqis to influential positions and put in place 97 major legal edicts that would force Iraqis to get American-style drivers' licences, obey Americanized traffic laws, ban certain people from holding office, restrict the power of Iraqi leadership, and place American contractors above the law.

    "This transfer of power is nothing more than another nut and shell game of the Bush and Blair coalition." - Michael Berg.

    "Nothing says 'good luck' like running straight for the airport." - the new Get Your War On.

    Fun fact: Iraq will take legal custody of Saddam Hussein on Wednesday, but bodily he will remain in custody of US forces.

    Why the far right is trying to keep Americans from seeing Fahrenheit 9/11
    ... and the lies, frauds and deceptions they're using -

    The issue then becomes, is the movie accurate?
    Do the Saudis own 7% of this country?
    Does the President’s family have deep ties to the Bin Laden family?
    Did the President arrange for the Bin Laden family to be flown out of this country on 09/13, while there was a ban on flights, and then lie about it for two years?
    Have they made the billions of dollars from the Saudis that Moore asserts?
    Did the Taliban meet with GW Bush in the late 90s to discuss a pipeline through Afghanistan?
    Did GW Bush sit in that classroom reading My Pet Goat while we were under attack?
    Did he use macho tag lines, while soldiers were dying, such as bring em on and we’re gonna smoke em out?
    Did the White House really turn over the President’s military records with the name of James Bath crossed out with marker?
    Did the Patriot Act get passed without being read?
    Did Halliburton make billions upon billions of dollars in no-bid contracts from this war?
    Is that profiting, from a war, which some are calling war profiteering?
    Was the man GW Bush named to run Afghanistan, Hamid Karzi, a consultant for Unocal, the same company that wanted that infamous pipeline?
    Did Bush spend 42% of his first year on vacation?
    Did he not read the intelligence briefings, which may have tipped him off to 9/11?
    Were the soldiers lied to about how long they would be in Iraq?

    These are just some of the facts asserted in this movie and I challenge anyone to actually prove any of these wrong.

    I understand that the right desperately wants to prevent the American people to connect the dots, but that does not take away from the credibility of the film. They can parse words and confuse the issues but at the end of the day, these are facts and they are not disputable.

    - from Anthony Wade's piece in OpEdNews.

    Fun fact: Fahrenheit 911 has set record for documentary films, and has beaten studio estimates, making $23.9 million over the weekend. Now officially the top grossing documentary of all time after only 3 days.

    Diplomat honored for dissent
    'For his willingness to challenge the Bush [mis]administration, [US Foreign Service officer Keith] Mines collected an award for "constructive dissent" from the State Department's professional association last week. The citation called his ideas "prescient" and noted that "some have, belatedly, been adopted."'

    He was then taken out and shot.

    June 28, 2004

    Flop sweat
    The Bush WH, terrified that the continued violence in Iraq will cost them the election, frantically hands the country back to its own people as if it were a hot, radioactive potato.

    Cat break


    We're all gonna die
    Instead of testing the new missile defense system as required by law, the Pentagon instead opts to install and activate it this fall. What could possibly go wrong?

    I dare you
    I'm sorry, but tell me he doesn't look like a dope in this photo.

    Services performed

    Do we the public hold Republicans to the same standards as Democrats? No way. Imagine if Clinton had tried to do what Bush has done! Yikes! The screaming and the persecution would still be reverberating through D.C., even though Clinton hadn't started a war or dabbled with ways to get around the Geneva Convention. But being as obsessed with sex as they are, the Republicans tortured the devil out of Mr. Clinton and impeached him for his sex life, for what he said about his sex life, and even for what he didn’t say about his sex life.

    And now the Vice President is making suggestions about Leahy’s sex life. Gosh, don't Republicans ever think of anything else? No wonder things are so F---ed up!
    - Elaine Kitchel, Intervention mag.

    "Yep, Lynne says that's a good six inches!"

    In a related story...

    With thousands of reboobs set to invade NYC this summer, 'high-priced escorts and strippers are preparing for one grand old party. Agencies are flying in extra call girls from around the globe to meet the expected demand during the Aug. 30-Sept. 2 gathering,' reports the NY Daily News.


    Chickens coming home to roost
    Bushies to world: Hi! You can come 'n' play now!

    World to Bushies: Go fuck yourselves.

    'Your time is up, George'
    Will Hutton at the Guardian says 'No wonder Bush is running scared - 25 years of neo-conservative ascendancy in the US is under grave threat... Already the neocons are more on the defensive than at any time in the past 10 years.'

    Dead soldier's mom to Bush: #uck you
    The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq called the media to photograph her son's casket arriving at the airport, to protest the misadministration's policy banning coverage of America's war dead.

    "I don't care what pResident Bush wants," said Nadia McCaffrey. "This is enough. We have to react."

    'Fahrenheit 9/11' a number 1 hit across America
    'We sold out in Fayetteville, home of Fort Bragg, we sold out in Army-base towns. We set house records in some of these places. We set single-day records in a number of theaters. We got standing ovations in Greensboro, NC. The biggest news to me this morning is this is a red-state movie. Republican states are embracing the movie, and it's sold out in Republican strongholds all over the country...' - Michael Moore (seen on drudge).

    'Moore' F9/11:

  • 'Fahrenheit 9/11' continues to smash records
  • 9 out of 10 film reviewers back 'Fahrenheit'
  • 'Fahrenheit' casting a wide net at theaters
  • Movements to muzzle Michael Moore backfire
  • Moore hits a home run at the box office
  • Burning Bush: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' a timely exposé of Dubya's perfidy and the media's subservience

    In a related story, the Carlyle Group - part of the Bush Family Empire - along with Bain Capital LLC, an investment firm started by Massachusetts' rethug gov. Mitt Romney, has bought out the Loews Theatres group just as Fahrenheit 9/11 and The Hunting of the President are released.

  • Did I take a day off yesterday? No. I spent a beautiful afternoon - one I would have spent smoking cigars in front of my computer - at a birthday party for the bf's niece and nephew, listening to his repub family trash Michael Moore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton. The only mitigating factor was they all believe that George W is a flaming idiot and will probably lose the election.

    Quote of the morning
    "There's an exciting new level of political discourse in town, and it's all thanks to Vice President Dick Cheney!" - Demo Underground.

    June 26, 2004

    "Fox News and Bush are finished"

    Seen on the web:
    The media should be put on warning:

    We the people no longer believe what you have to say. The turnout for this film is monumental. I saw it last night in a sold out theater of 500 seats (another of 150 seats was also sold out).

    Friends called this morning to discuss it, which considering it is a Saturday morning, and we normally don't talk politics, is unusual. We're going back as a group next week.

    Bush is finished. Fox News is finished. Novak is finished. MSNBC is finished.

    The age of the documentary has arrived, and Michael Moore will inspire tons of people to pick up cameras and start filming.

    Long live democracy!

    - posted by Rontrelle at the BC forum. Yeah!!

    Too much catnip?

    Egon and Berry

    When slamming Michael Moore for calling Americans stupid, it's a good idea to spell words like 'Fahrenheit' correctly. Not surprisingly, link goes to NewsMax.

    Oh my god...oh my god...
    Bunnypants is caught on camera in his undershirt!!

    Maru swoons, blows chunks.

    Oh, and NBC? David Gregory needs more personal lubricant.

    House repukes block refunds in Enron case
    Huh. Go figure.

    Doing the people's business:

    The House, after a blistering face-off in which Democrats accused the White House of coddling Enron, yesterday refused to order refunds for millions of Western consumers who were victimized by an artificial energy crisis in 2000 and 2001.
    Republicans refused to allow the measure to come to a vote, insisting that Democrats were only attempting to embarrass Enron buddy George W Bush.

    'The family values vice president: Go f--- yourself'

    Vice President Dick Cheney is clearly too angry, pessimistic, and negative to be vice-president!

    The same day the Bush campaign released an ad complaining that liberals are negative and pessimistic while associating them with Adolf Hitler, Vice President Dick Cheney got a little angry and negative himself on the floor of the Senate.

    [A]s usual, it's the hypocrisy, stupid.

    - from Nick Johnson, morons.org.

    "You fucking punk..."

    Compare and contrast
    Greetings and welcome, from Ireland.

    Box Office Mojo sez...
    Fahrenheit 9/11 kicks ass, beating eveything, and bringing in $8.2 million on its first day.

    Grand jury to issue "explosive indictments"
    Wayne Madsen reports:

    Well-placed US government sources have revealed that the secret grand jury, led by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, will soon issue explosive indictments in the criminal investigation of who leaked the name of Valerie Plame, a CIA clandestine agent...

    The special prosecutor has been focusing on Bush, Cheney, presidential counselor Karl Rove, Cheney's chief of staff Lewis I. ("Scooter") Libby, Cheney assistants David Wurmser and John Hannah, and National Security Council officials Elliott Abrams and Stephen Hadley.

    Recently, CIA Director George Tenet and Plame's ultimate boss, Deputy Director of Operations James Pavitt, suddenly resigned within hours of one another. Intelligence sources have said the two have been cooperating with Fitzgerald's investigation of the Plame/Brewster-Jennings leak and the damage to U.S. clandestine operations which globally track the flow of WMDs.

    According to Department of Justice insiders, the length of Fitzgerald's 70 minute interview of Bush was significant. Only one other prosecutor's interview of a sitting president lasted as long, that of Iran-contra prosecutor Lawrence Walsh's questioning of the late Ronald Reagan. However, in that case, Walsh concluded after the interview that Reagan actually did not know what had transpired in his administration with respect to the scandal. Today’s officials may not be so fortunate.

    True American patriot
    Theater owner in CA ditches Fahrenheit 9/11 film rating

    The owner of the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland announced Friday that he is showing Fahrenheit 9/11 with a PG-13 rating, rather than the R rating that the Stalinist rethugs in the Motion Picture Association of America has recommended.

    The manager of Lafayette's Park Theater said it will also show the film with the same PG-13 rating.

    The recommended rating concerned [the manager] because if Congress reinstated a military draft, teens would be most affected, he said in a written statement.

    "It is our duty as responsible citizens in the business community as well as in the political sphere to allow young people access to as much information, opinion, discourse and debate on these topics as possible," he stated.
    - Story is taken from the fretard page. The actual site required registration, and after 4 of those this morning I was damned sick and tired of it.

    The preznit finds out that not only have the
    Twin Towers been decimated, but that his copy of
    "My Pet Goat" is the porno-version's screenplay.