December 31, 2009

The backyard in this morning's snow.

Not available in Utah

Sorry in advance:

Typical repuke double standards

When an MSNBC reporter asks repug Rep. Mike Conaway why the g-tards are blasting President Obama's response to the flight 253 incident when failed preznit Tipsy McStaggers took six fucking days to get around to commenting on the shoe bomber in 2001, the hypocritical turd can only babble, sounding bizarrely like Kodos in Treehouse of Horror VII:

"My fellow Americans. As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball, but tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom."

Good one, dumbass.

Bonus: "Some of the same Republican lawmakers currently criticizing the President for softness on terrorism voted back in July 2007 against legislation that provided $250 million for airport screening and explosive detection equipment."

Headline of the day

AT&T to end sponsorship with Tiger Woods on news that his map covered more territory than theirs
-- from Fark. Actual story here.

Snow snow snow snow snow!

More of the backyard today, with the veggie garden near bottom right:

Guess what movie I saw recently!


Emergency room staff try to stabilize noted jerkwad Rush Limbaugh upon arrival at the hospital:

Bonus: supposedly the hospital he is being treated at is the same one he accused of lying about Prez Obama's birth.

Not to worry, though. I bet he has great insurance coverage.

Quote of the day

Seen on teh intarweb:

What happens if Rush dies in Hawaii?

Will anyone believe the death certificate?

Breaking news

Grotesque asshat Rush Limbaugh was hospitalized in New Kenya after an oxycontin- and viagra-fueled sex romp with young boys went disastrously wrong. Or something like that. In other news, America's Junkie TM is now on some brand new awesome drugs as doctors race to discover what may have caused the piece of shit's chest pains.

As the Rude One would say, we're not saying we hope he dies, we're not not saying we're not hoping he dies. Not.

This comes only days after hearing that Satan's porcine handmaiden Karl Rove had been granted a divorce from his human female wife after behaving like a typical rethuglican:

Karl married Darby Hickson in 1986. They have one son, Andrew. Rove's previous marriage to a Houston socialite ended after a year.

Actor Randy Quaid recently complained in a letter to a judge that Rove hit on his wife, Evi.

Fuck pudding, I'm getting some popcorn.

December 24, 2009

Hai everybody, have a beautiful Christmas eve!

Love from all of us at WTF!

December 23, 2009


Keyboard cat plays off sanctimonious douchebag:

Glenn Beck's "The Sweaty Christmas Jerkoff" missing from the 'worst' list

The best and worst Christmas specials of all time, according to this guy.

It doesn't include one of my favorites, "Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol". Here's just one part (the entire thing has been posted at YouTube!):

Instant karma

Moments after Blue Dog Rep. Parker Griffith announces that he's switching from Dem to R, teabaggers vow to take him down in the next election.

"Being a Republican should be about more than just the letter next to a person's name… He voted for Pelosi for Speaker. He's actually been more regularly with Pelosi than Jim Marshall (D-GA). We can pick this guy off and get a real Republican in that seat.

"Again, changing the letter next to your name does not magically make you one of us."
Actually, it does.

The war on Christmas

Evil Godless librul fascist nutwork Fox ‘News’ wishes its viewers "Happy Holidays." Why do they hate Jesus?

Patriotic pitbull Fucking coward puts press in 1st Amendment Zone

Palin – or Stalin? Chickenshit “rogue” calls on her armed brownshirts to eject bloggers, reporters from book-signing photo-op.

Almost as soon as I had my picture taken I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around and came face to face with a local police officer who quickly informed me that I was on the "banned list".

"I am on the WHAT list?" I asked.

"The banned list sir, I am going to have to escort you off of the property."

Sarah Palin has done everything she could to keep the media as far away as possible during this book tour, however I do believe that this is the first time she actually had anybody listed by name.
Sounds vaguely communist to me… Of course, she CAN see them from her house, but still.

Bonus: the reader comments from the Frontiersman, Failin’s local noozepaper.

December 22, 2009

All my orifices are clenching right now

Hmmmm.... what should I get him for Christmas? A donation in his name to The Human Fund, or a gift certificate for a prostate exam?

I'm sorry, this both appalls and delights me.

Senile-American can't remember shit

Last week a disgusted John McCain claimed to never have seen a senator denied a few extra moments to finish his remarks -- except for that time he himself denied another senator a few extra moments to finish his remarks.

Flashback to October 10, 2002...

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator’s time has expired.

Mr. DAYTON. I ask for unanimous consent that I have 30 seconds more to finish my remarks.

Mr. McCAIN. I object.

Repuke moral values

Average hockey mom wins the dubious honor of telling the biggest political lie of the year, quits before the award ceremony.

A panel of experts ruled [Sarah Failin's] claim that the Obama administration was planning to introduce death panels "the most misleading statement of 2009."

December 21, 2009

"Hee! Santy Claws will never see me! And then, that eggnog will be MINE."

Just in time for Catmas

Sing along with Simon's Cat:

December 19, 2009

"Haarrrrk! Teh hairy angels sing! Hairballs up my throat I bring!"


A gallery of old barns (via Biomes Blog).

Behind the scenes

... with Richard Gere's house band:

Seen at Dependable Renegade!

Popular, beloved hockey mom given the heave-ho

Why do Canadians hate hockey?

Sarah Palin is booted from her scheduled $200,000 speech at a Canadian socialist hospital fundraiser following a huge backlash.

The dumbasses at the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation received about 60 angry calls and e-mails from residents since the event was announced last week. About 10 people said they would not be donating to any event in which Palin has a role.

Palin is an out-spoken conservative critic of new public health care plans in the U.S. and is scornful of Canada’s universal health care system.
WTF were they thinking? Morons.

I'll have a blue... no, red... Christmas

The Glenn Beck family Christmas card, via BuzzFlash:


The doughs for gingerbread and for sugar crisps are chilling and shortbread is next, once the butter softens. Tomorrow it'll be chocolate & peanut butter cookies and hopefully rumballs, if I can pry the bottle away from the BF. I haven't baked cookies in years -- I'd forgotten how much fun messy it is. : ) And raw cookie dough: nommmmmmmm.

Waiting for the big snow to start! What're you guys up to?

December 18, 2009

Tree with furry ornament.

The Jingle Cats perform "Silent Night"

You're welcome!

Why do repuglicans hate our troops?

Why do repuglicans hate our troops?

"This morning the Senate Republicans tried to filibuster the Defense Department appropriation bill -- that is to say, the funding for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan -- so as to cock-up health care reform. The hypocrisy of this is just blood-curdling. These are the people who scream about patriotism."

I bet each one of those fuckers was wearing a flag lapel pin, too.

Christmas flop-sweater into the rum & eggnog again

Glenn Beck misses "the good old days when Russia was a radar blip from nuking us, hot dogs only cost a smile, black people weren't sensitive about mistreatment, and everyone felt as great as they did the day after 9/11."

"The difference between a Glenn Beck conspiracy and the coronation scene in 'Carrie' is Carrie didn't overreact as hysterically": a tour de force.

Idiot compares teabag rally to historic massacre

If only.

"It's the charge of the light brigade!" Rep. Michele Bachmann yelled to an assembled crowd of tea party activists Tuesday, which responded with rapturous applause. Bachmann apparently didn't know she had compared them to a unit about to die in battle in one of the most spectacular blunders in military history. Not counting the Bush/Cheney Iraq war.

"Oh, what did I say this time?" the total embarrassment asked when informed of the comparison.

The Disasta from Alaska quits something else

Serial quitter Sarah Palin’s record remained perfect as she announced Thursday night that she ended a Hawaiian vacation early.

Damn Asiatics. Plus she ruined a perfectly good hat for NOTHING.

Sweet merciful CRAP.

Hero cockblocks attention whore

'He's not good enough, he's not smart enough, and gosh darn it, people don't like him.’

Sen./douchebag Joe Lieberman was holding forth on Medicare on the Senate floor when his allotted time expired. As is standard practice, Lieberman asked the chair for a few minutes of additional time to conclude, "without objection."

But the presiding officer, one huge-balled Sen. Al Franken, said no. "Sit down and STFU. Seriously.”
What? Oh. Well, he should have.
”In my capacity as Senator from Minnesota, I object," he told the shriveled quisling.

Lieberman laughed. "Really? Okay, I don't take it personally."


But John McCain did. Rising to defend his asshole buddy he told Franken that in 20-plus years in the Senate, he'd never seen a member denied an extra minute or two of floor time.
And by “never” we mean “like just two hours ago.”
"I don't know what's happening here in this body," McCain said, retying his onion to his belt, "but I think it is wrong. Joe Lieberman is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot and a communist, but he is not a porn star.”

December 17, 2009

Sorry! I'm still here. I've been avoiding politics because those

assholes keep harshing my holiday buzz.


Simon's cat's first snowfall --

Oh, and...

Don't get me started on THIS guy:

Rethug moral values

Old and busted: visiting ACORN as a pimp and prostitute.
New hotness: using the repuke voters database to stalk women:

More misconduct has been alleged against Arizona Republican Party executive director Brett Mecum, who is now the subject of a criminal complaint alleging he used the Republican's voter database to stalk a young female graduate student...

None of the women were willing to speak on the record. Some were afraid of Mecum. Others were afraid of hurting the party. Each, for her own reasons, was afraid to speak out. In fact, the only woman who feels safe enough to file a formal complaint against Mecum did so as she was moving out of state.
Of course, the RNC is standing behind their man. Just far enuff back that it doesn't look gay.

December 11, 2009

Wait, let me fix that for you...

Repuke family values and the sanctity of marriage

Governor of South Carolina leaves to spend more time hiking the Appalachian Trail with his Argentine mistress.

Leaves his family:

The wife of adulterous a-hole Mark Sanford (R) announced Friday morning she is filing for divorce, saying in a statement that she decided to dissolve her 20-year marriage after "many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation" with that horny, shriveled faithless bastard.
Why does Gov/scumbag Mark Sanford hate Christmas, Republicans?

** snicker **

Weeping hypocritical stupe does something stupidly hypocritical again

John Boehner, who recently decried "empty, meaningless Congressional resolutions," introduces a resolution that ‘strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas.’

What... a... boner.

December 10, 2009

Rethug moral values

Rod Jetton, the former Missouri House Speaker arrested for beating and choking his date-rape-drugged mistress Monday, fought to keep a ban on gay sex -- which Jetton called "deviate sexual intercourse."

Repuke values & morality

South Carolina legislature votes against impeachment of "reprehensible," "arrogant" and "indefensible" adulterous lying asshat Gov. Mark Sanford.

Awesome overload!

Rep. Grayson to Cheney: "STFU"

"It's just too bad that it's too late to impeach him," Grayson answered. "That's all I can say."
On Dubya: "I remember Bush Junior kissing Prince Abdullah... Maybe if he'd let him get to second base, gasoline would be a dollar a gallon."

Sweet buttery Christ...

Hitler, model-train aficianado, goes off the rails:

Falsifying data, being a double-dip

Jon Stewart pwns Fox Noise AGAIN:

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December 8, 2009

The secret life of cats, II

6 Adorable Cat Behaviors With Shockingly Evil Explanations.

Repug moral values

Senator Chuck Grassley hurting GOP's chances with women at bars.
: ) From The Onion!

Like I can so totally relate to her!!1!

Queen Bee-yatch silently puts up with signing things called “books” before being allowed to retire to her private jet for bourbon and moose jerky.

"She's a lot more relatable than the stereotypical old rich white male," said one furiously-masturbating mouthbreather waiting in line, clutching a copy of "Going Rouge."

The former Alaska governor arrived just before noon. Wearing her trademark red, she took the stage joined by her husband Todd and carrying their prop son, Trig.

Palin did not address the crowd and did not take questions from reporters. She started signing books immediately.

Fans wanting a signed copy had to purchase it first, from Barnes & Noble, the event's sponsor.

Giving back to her fans

The Average Hockey Mom and her entourage charge peons for pics.

Crowds of dumb, deluded zekes, silently dribbling in the cold at American Quitter tour stops, have been told that no personal photos with Mooselini will be allowed. Instead, they must use the Palin camp’s personal photographer, who will take pictures and then sell them to the fans.

Beloved icon strafed by America-hating demoncrap*

Fox Nooze: Man arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin

Planet Earth: Man arrested for throwing tomatoes at police

A man was arrested for allegedly throwing two tomatoes at Sarah Palin from a second floor balcony during a book signing event at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Neither tomato came close hitting the walking vegetable, but did hit a police officer in the face.

The idiot may face charges for assaulting a police officer.
Jeremy Olson, who police identified as “a local man with no permanent address,” was of course labeled by the rightwing blogodrome as a “leftist kook” and a “crazed Palin-hater” was “probably jealous of Palin, like many Liberals are.”

*No relation to the beaner-loving nazi who fired at the country house of Lou Dobbs during hunting season last month.

Rethug Christian values and dedicating themselves to God

Chip Pickering, a republican who served 12 years in the US House, has been accused of attacking the opposing team's coach at his son's soccer game Sunday in Madison, Miss.

The rival coach, Christopher Hester, was wearing a neck brace when Pickering allegedly attacked him.

Bonus: Pickering, a C-Street regular, was involved in a very public adulterous affair before resigning from Congress last year.

Repug family values and the sanctity of marriage

Former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton is facing assault charges for allegedly beating the shit out of his mistress while having sex. A female mistress.

The Scott County court clerk confirms that a felony complaint has been filed against republican Rod Jetton, who “recklessly caused serious physical injury” by hitting his inamorata on the head and “choking her resulting in unconsciousness and the loss of the function of part of her body.”

The affidavit claims the assault occurred during the night and into the morning of Nov. 16. It says Jetton and the victim agreed on a “safe word” “to use as a stop word during intercourse.”
Though, as Wonkette points out, a “safe word” is hard to utter when you’re being CHOKED TO DEATH.

Bonus: Jetton, who has filed for divorce from his wife, has three children and “attends Methodist church regularly.”

Godless commie organization: 2000-2009 warmest decade on record

The fraudulent activist hippies of the United Nations say planet getting hotter, is more than 6000 years old.

This decade is very likely to be the warmest since record keeping began in 1850, and 2009 could rank among the top-five warmest years, the U.N. weather agency reported Tuesday.
But come on, who are you going to believe? The UN, the World Meteorological Organization, NOAA, GISS, NASA, and the UK Met Office, or Sean Hannity?


This week’s Top 10 Conservative Idiots is a sleighful of win.

December 7, 2009

Our snow this weekend.

Headline of the day

Don’t try this at home:

Struggling to decide on a Christmas present for your wife this year? Have you considered paying someone to shove a large refrigerated metal device into her genitals?
-- from Fark. Actual story here

Quote of the day


"Sooner or later, 69 will be in your face."
-- creepy sports/sex broadcaster Al “Mr Obvious” Michaels.

Uh…. what??

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-wUT?): If only Republicans had full control of the government, they would fix everything.

”I dream some day of the Republicans having 60 votes. I’ll tell you one thing, I think we would finally have the total responsibility to get this country under control and I believe we would. But we never come close to that. There are essentially no checks and balances found in Washington today, just an arrogance of power with one party ramming through unpopular and devastating proposals on after the other.”
In other news, Orrin Hatch is goddamn FUCKING SENILE.

Look who’s talking

Teabaggers: "Embarrass the white race… that's what this administration does."

The rest of the planet: “Jeebus God.”