August 28, 2012

Ann Romney addressed her hopefully future minions.....

and she said, ""Tonight I want to talk to you from my heart about our hearts. I want to talk not about what divides us, but what holds us together as an American family ... Tonight I want to talk to you about love." at which point she swung fully around from the waist, bent low and grunted as a huge pile of steaming reeking turd belched forth from her anal cavity and in one magnanimous swing, flung the stench filled pooh into the cameras and the crowd, and the crowd went wild with imitation. Hurricane Ivan made a last minute unpredicted dodge and swept away from Tampa.

or something.

IF SHE THINKS she can even BEGIN to make an indentation and effect upon the Pubes in attendance after that LAST RNC'S Hoochy Coochy SHOW, and the INTRODUCTION (infliction) OF BIBLE SPICE to the world, she needs to mount her sturdy steed (and I DO NOT mean Spitt "NO! We Are No Longer Producing Children, So Dry It Up!!!" Robme) and trott on back to her personal physician to discover what OTHER diseases she might have laying dormant in her system, effecting her ability to intelligently choose a life partner.



Tampa, FL

Well, there they are. All gathering in one place. And there's coming also a full blown HURRICANE! So, we're all set. Popcorn's popped. Bar is stocked. Party hats, confetti and tooters are distributed to all the guests. RIGHT?? There's a 52" HD flatscreen in EVERY room, including the restroom. We're set, we're partying and we're waiting. Let the storms begin!!! We COULD watch and party and watch and party for the entire 4 days and after the farewells to Tampa we could wake up and there'd be NO REPUBLICAN PARTY ANYMORE, ANYWHERE. Right? I mean the first 2 facts make for an obvious #3 conclusion? Right??
I need more coffee. I woke up in my fantasy world.
It's a cruel hard and heartless tease to put all the Rethuglican party leaders in the same location of a potential Level Five Hurricane and they don't get blown away to no one cares, just AWAY!
Maybe I'll throw some Kahlua into my coffee, and some vodka. And drink it with the accompanying breakfast blunt, eh?
THIS KIND OF OPPORTUNITY WILL NOT OCCUR AGAIN. We can only sit and watch it not happen.

August 24, 2012

IMPORTANT! New Rule from Bill Maher...

rainbow and unicorn

LOL! From here.

"The symbol for their party shouldn't be an elephant -- it should be a unicorn."

Hysterical? YES True?? Absolutely! Of course, the absolute BEST symbol for the thugs would be NOTHING. Cause they'd all be gone. Somewhere else forever.

wish wish wish

August 23, 2012

Any Texans Out There????

It's OFFICIAL. Nutz are crawlin outa the woodwork by now.

This is in Lubbock County Texas. I am ON THE FLOOR, LMAO, and in utter astoundment! Get this. On the local Fox News Channel 34 in Lubbock (NOT a small hodink town, mind you), local county Judge Tom Head has announced that if President Obama gets elected for a second term he is currently preparing for all out and out civil war. He is dead on serious. He's GOT to be getting his entire entertainment buck from Lush Limpbough and Glenn Beck the Ill, and their ilk. He is currently seeking, and these are his words, "no rookies,” Head said flat(headed)ly. “I want trained, equip [sic] and seasoned veteran officers to back me." The West Texas judge’s proposed tax increase is to help the sheriff’s office hire a law enforcement large enough to protect the county and to drive away the invaders.

You gotta hit the links, go over and read it for your own self, I can't type this out, I'm just laughing too hard.

He's been ruling from his bench since ot 99 and NO ONE THERE PICKED UP ON HIS LITTLE "TICK", ???? Full blown mental insanity of the 3rd degree maximum illness factor of 1million bazillion time for the 50 gallon drums of Prozac and LSD TO CALM HIM DOWN.

Texas is SUCH a colorful place, isn't it?? ' wonder if he'll run for guvnor when Rick Perry finally rides off into the sunset. I'b bet on it. JUST THINK what the grrrrrreat monster creator KKKarl Rrrrrrrove could DO with such a blob of mindless raw material.

August 22, 2012


Y'know, there's about ONE REASON all this happy crap regarding abortions is going on in the GOP right now, and if anyone here could give ol' KKKarl a call and get an honest response outa him he would tell you..................There will be zygote mania goin on on the right forever because if they're screaming insane about this non issue, NO ONE GETS AROUND TO ASKING THEM ABOUT THE MONEY. THE money. The money that was here, in American hands, that disappeared into the black hole of Wall Street, (bonus's, parachutes, gifts, loot, stash, retirement packages) in huge packages, that kicked into high gear in around 2007 and continued to swirl around the bowl of those greedy fucks who played fast and furious with investors money, gambled and lost. If they can keep American minds, hearts, mouths and inquiries at bay long enough to get another Theif In Chief in the White House, well, then it's a rosey sunny pay day, now isn't it? And all the talke and distraction and cornfusion and garbage about the unborn and rape and birth control will keep the country focused in another direction while they loot and pillage the national treasure, what's left of it. They foster and encourage in every way possible the printing of MORE fiat money and avoid the conversation all together, now don't they?

Thievin' bastard fucks!

I got this pic from Digby. You guys DO GO OVER TO HULLABALOO, DON'T YOU??? It's one of the top 5 all time best political blogs and has been since crooks put a chimp in the presidency of the United States and allowed him to break things, swing around and fling pooh all over what WAS a pretty good country, one with dignity. And I think that's what Digby's name is all about, "DIGNITY". you guys who haven't been there REALLY need to check her out. She's a political psychic who THANK GOD is on our side, and a brilliant Progressive, like all the readers who come here! She's FAMILY. This pic came from HER SITE.

Talk about a game changing DAY OLD VOMIT:

Digby says the Aiken removed this from his website when he went a light year too far and even incited the wrath of his own party.

SICK FUCKS, waste of oxygen. We stand with FRAUD! From some worst nightmare dank and filthy corner of hell, I'm thinkin'. "Fraud" and his ILK!

August 21, 2012

The Answer Man

ROBERT B. REICH, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, was Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Time Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the last century. He has written thirteen books, including the best sellers “Aftershock" and “The Work of Nations." His latest is an e-book, “Beyond Outrage.” He is also a founding editor of the American Prospect magazine and chairman of Common Cause as well as being one of my favorite intellectuals and "splain me, Lucy" guys in the entire known universe.

And THIS is his website and it's packed full of information to help us all understand more precicely how we are all getting so screwed over by our government.



OH! And I love listening to him when he does Bill Maher. He's bright, thoroughly answers questions, has a sharp wit and is always the smartest guy in the room,
I'm an unabashed fan.

August 20, 2012

Back Water Hick Singer Exposed for the Misogynist Racist AssHat He Truly Is.....

Hank Williams Jr. can immediately leave the building and go find some country in this world where his ignorant back water lack of intellect will be accepted. I think Africa has some hate loving governments where he will be welcome and God and Universe and the rest of us know that he and his ilk won't be missed one single iota here in the United States. Please take yourself and succeed from the Union and get the FUCK outa Dodge. We don't want, don't need and prefer LIFE WITHOUT YOU, and take your barefoot ignorant hick buddies and peers along with you. Shit stomp in some other zip code you infernal asshole from hell.
I never DID like your dumb ass rendition pretend of music with meaning.
Gasbag suck shit HICK FROM HELL.

The NEW Understanding.........................

Since there are "levels", "degrees" and "TYPES" of rape, I would suppose there are also "levels", "degrees" and "TYPES" of castration, eh Mr. Aiken????!

OK. Well, LET US BEGIN TESTING THIS OUT, STARTING WITH YOU??! Let the crap-happy ball busting dick yanking begin! Eh, MR. AIKEN????

Fuckwad in need of a FIRING SQUAD, AIMING DOWN BELOW. Let me introduce you to my pet honey badger, woman hating rape supporting uterus shooting buttmunch.

August 19, 2012

F**KING WHO?????

Rhetorical, but WHO THE SAM'S HELL IS THE AFGHAN HOUND that hangs onto Sheldon Addleson's arm and climbs onto his lap wherever he goes?? You know the one. She's perpetually drooling. i HAVE pic somewhere here, ummmm ........ just a sec.............

wtf??? ALLLL that money and she can't buy a haircut?? really???
wow. Homely John Denver-looking sweat house bowtie wearin' drooler!!! ICK! LIKE Sheldon's not enough of an assault to the eyes?? We what, NEED THIS??? Where's my bucket?


She was a hero of mine. She wrote a book titled "Having It All" in the early 70's or perhaps the late 60's. I'm not sure about the copyright date, but I read it in paperback form, like in '74 or something? It changed my life and she was like a mother I never had. She taught me so much about myself, accepting myself and allll about accepting, loving, enjoying and re creating my female human sexuality, and she just brought me into the "now" of my life. I loved her.

She actually wrote to me, she knew me and remembered me and my name. She was the mom I never had. I loved her dearly and I do believe she did that to millions of women in her lifetime. I knew her health was fragile and I tried and failed to prepare me for her passing for decades. She made a major contribution to this entity of a human female, me as well as to this old world. I loved her dearly and am sad she's not here anymore, but I'm certain she'll be one of the ones applauding my arrival when I cross over.

I am, in my heart, glad to share this with you. She was HUGE in my life. She still is and she'll remain so till I get there where she is now.

FYI, being a Cosmopolitan woman MEANS being able to walk into any situation, party, board room, gathering, event, anywhere at any time and being comfortable, desireable, and having enough of an intellect and experience to participate in the conversation and make friends, make admirers and find friends and admirers. To be able to party in ANY group of people any time, any where. And TO ABSOLUTELY look your best, be as attractive and sexy looking as you can and are when you walk in. I love that definition and living up to it is and has been a riot of fun and parties and new friends and a plethora of old friends.

Bye-bye, Helen Gurley Brown. You changed my life and still influence my decisions! I love u dearly and will never forget all I learned from you as I try to teach those things to the younger women I encounter in my life.
She earned SOOO MANY FEATHERS on her angel wings!

Blue Margarita

*smilin' thru the tearz*

Happy Sunday!

Yes, it IS a tad "barbaric" to be drinking beer on a Sunday morning. I don't think that we should let that stop us, however.
ALL y'all totally ROCK. Thank you for being such loyal pop-ins. YOU are the breath of life for this place and WE appreciate you.
Now let us DRINK UP. Plenty of time laterz for that nap. hehe

August 17, 2012

THIS buot sums it up, eh?

Mandibles Mitt Romney, talks out of both sides of him mouth. (Can lie faster that way, forked tongue is next.

Dirt bad shit face asswipe. It is NOT my intention to be subtle here. This guy lives to screw your future and the future of your offspring, and theirs.

August 16, 2012


WHY it is that we're involved in and oft consumed by, but ever watchful of the politics of this country, our home, our place of birth, God kissed daily place: amazing!

I hope you loved this as I did. jd from Texas gets the kudos for sending this to me, something I think he KNEW I could NOT not share.
Thx!!! jd, the amazin' Austin guy!


August 14, 2012


to be rollin' into Tampa, FL for the flyin monkey cornvention later this month. Food is already being flown in from all over the world, multitudes of warehouses have been rented and are fast filling up in anticipation of the big ROLL OUT soon to submerge major beach resorts along the Florida coastline. Yep, it's Crisco Crispy the mighty and unstoppable million man march in one humongously nasty and toxic individual. Mama's are already running with their offspring as sheer panic sets in over the horror of a personal appearance of the Jerk of New Jersey, Krisp Krispey, China and Japan have already offered to send grain and whatever else is needed to avert a catastrophe bigger and more horrifying than Katrina ever even THOUGHT of being. Watch here for more coverage, though full coverage is of course, naturally impossible for the monsterman and his conveyer belt of gluten caloric laden food stuffs and feeding tubes. Watch out Tampa. He consumes all that energy and caloric intake by spewing forth gobules and refrigerator sized chunks of GOPutritude bull shit disguised as policy. He is to the food truck what Dick (dick) Cheney was to the mobile medical emergency center for one. Ane as an extra burpeebonus, he's as nasty tempered as he is huge. WHAT FUN! Yeah! Lets invite HIM to our next party gathering!! lol
What a bunch of ignorant idiots. Wait till he starts consuming the posters and signage in search of new bodies to fill his gullet. What a fuck face fat ass. I'm SO glad he's theirs, and NOT ours!

Here it comes. Good luck maintaining a safe or any other kind of distance from he who is everywhere at one time, always. Puke face fat fuck embarrassment to the US and mankind in general!

I like to keep my cred about as long as my dick

Paul Ryan

it's just easier that way!

August 13, 2012


Per THE KRUGMAN, speaking about All Rayon AKA paul ryan AKA VP Candidate nose Pick:

He's a hard-core conservative, with a voting record as far right as Michelle Bachman's [sic], who has shown no competence at all on the numbers thing.

I KNEW IT! I TOLD YA! I KNEWWWW Rayon was a hack. I just KNEW he had NO acumen re numbers, math, adding, subtracting, ANY OF IT! He can't keep a checkbook, never prolly made it thru algebra 101 and can't calculate nickles for parking meters. He's "numerically challenged" in the worst of ways. If it required math to walk, he'd be living in a fetal position on the floor of his childhood sty. He's a mathematical moron who doesn't know what a budget is and can't count on his fingers or his toes. And he is, or which naturally makes him the "architect creator" of the GOP budget to knock out the deficit and save the nation and the world for posterity and forever that's as fantasy ridden as hobbits doing porn on Magic Mountain.


August 12, 2012

Loveit JD

Ya GOTTA love Johnny Depp. What's not to love?? Stunningly brilliant actor.

August 11, 2012

AAAAAnd We Haaaaave..........


Dumbshit plastic boy Snitt Robme chooses the other robot who the pukes throw out into the nooze on a regular basis for his terrible acumen for numbers: Paul Ryan (All Rayon to those who know him). The Robme/Rayon ticket is hereby thrust upon the world and all of Europe and the rest of the world continues to laugh at what is the continuing comedy puppet and stage show called American Right Wing Politics. And I'm driven to the bathroom in stark embarrassment like I have not felt since Chimpy McMonkeyBoy held the reigns on the US and world politics that were his lectric pony for 8 long years FROM HELL!!!. The new VP pick is not Sarah Palin, BUT would be if it had the boobs. This idiot is at least semi articulate in his raving stark mad policy ideas that typically amount to genocidal policy for all. It's the same old Rethuglican refrain, "ALL FOR THE RICH AND THE REST NEED TO DIE AND GET OUT OF OUR WAY!". End of story.

ONe has to wonder whose flipping brain fart this was since we all know that the The Snitt Robme No Thousand really doesn't come up with "ideas" like normal people. He's just programed to spit out a response here and there built especially for the occasion and moment and immediately thereafter discarded in the Snitt Mark Nukulator for permanent disposal. Some jack ass around him planted this most very poor idea into his swiss cheeze brazane and let it fester into a steamer of a statement resembling a choice creating a long loud cheer from those who were suspecting that there was actually no life there at all!!

Now what? We all sit back and wait for it. Wait for THE STUPID to burble forth till our brains burn....Not to worry, it's not gonna be a long wait. That's what wieners do. Screw and burn ya and take it to the bank laughing at ya.


I'm sorry to have been so strikingly absent, you guys. It's been crazy weird here on the planet siri. I'm going to get in here this weekend and straighten out some BULLCHIT goin' on around our "beloved" government and the idiot savantless whose blind eye is set upon OUR White House, there's some BITCHIN TO BE DONE HERE!
I'll be at it over the weekend.
Thank you all so much for hanging in. And believe me, I KNOW I'm no Maru. I miss the hell outa her too, no body does it better. I do not presume to ever take her place or keep abreast of her footfall and contribution to the ongoing, I'm just trying to breath some life into this, her baby, this astoundingly awesome blog she created, all in the hopes that she'll get back home here soon. So thanks for bearing with my falling so very short attempts and thank you all again for your loyalty. Maru loves her peeps, don't doubt it for a minute.
Catchya'll on the rebound.

The pic is of Volcanic Lightening. Blow away zone re the photog! MORE OF THE SAME HERE. I dig the hell out of 'em.