December 31, 2012

Liars and Thieves of The US House of Reprensible Reptiles

Is anyone drinking tonight?

I'm so pissed and bone weary of the Fiscal Fucking Cliff and the House thugs who just fucked the middle class one last time for 2012.  I have a theory, I want to check it out with the brilliant crowd who regularly peruse this place:

I think Bitch and Boner (and I think Eric Can'ter stuck his pencil dick into it as well)  decided that they were so flippin' outraged that the American people would not only put a Democrat in the White House (they THOUGHT they taught us with the Clinton fiasco), but had the utter gall and outsized balls to choose a BLACK one that, as punishment upon the electorate, they decided to make the next 4 (or 8 if the electorate can't figure it out fast enough) years unbearable, exceedingly difficult that they would totally emphasize an historic lack of any bipartisan effort as a punishment upon us, We The People.  They consciously and outwardly agreed to teach us a lesson that is that when we DARE to put ANYONE NOT WHITE MALE AND REPUBLICAN in the White House again, EVER, that our lives will taste like dirt.  They decided that this is just punishment and that they would teach us that lesson, and we'd eventually GET IT and never DARE to try such a stunt again, not if we want any form of functional government whatsoever.   And the country can be damned, while the whole world watches, that they are in charge and will be forever no matter WHO we elect.  It was a deal.  That was THE GRAND BARGAIN, and if they could, they'd haul us all out to the back wood shed and have us all whipped to within an inch of our lives so that we would never ever forget the consequences for electing anyone who is not a WHITE MALE REPUBLICAN.  I believe this is true.  I'm not being clever for comment's sake.  I actually think they did this in some form, and are doing it and will continue to do it.  It's called a "coup" when it's happens in other countries.   All they need to completely pull it off is for the US military to back them and take up arms against anyone who doesn't.

That's what I think, it's my opinion and it deserves being looked at as an actual possibility.

It might not have happened if dumbya would have been prosecuted as he well should have been.   Sending him and his fellow regime mates to The Hague first thing in 2009 would have alleviated a whole lot of bullshit from this crowd and for this nation.  AND IT STILL CAN AND NEEDS TO BE DONE, but NOW Bitch, Can'ter, Boner can go with the Bush regime to be tried for treason, and gross violation of the Constitution they swore to uphold but have instead used to scrape off the bottom of their shit stomping boots.

And I have to say this as well:  I am sad, disappointed AGAIN, and angry that MY president just let all of this happen, let them take us through this knothole backwards, stress us all out to this extent and put this burden on our backs for Christmas.  I'm pissed that he didn't, after the rousing re election we gave him, just slip on down the stairs one night, say on Christmas Eve, and gift us all with a signing statement (ala W., for whom that was just an afterthought to an average day's work), ridding us of the Fiscal Cliff threats and stress and headaches and sleepless nights, and putting several other issues permanently to rest along with it, while he was at it afterall,....And stick another economic stimulator relating to infrastructure into our collective stocking, eat a cookie and go back to bed.   We keep handing all the power in the world to him and the dems and they just let it get lost under the bed with all the other dust bunnies............We hand them a giant fucking stick with expressed instructions (called "A MANDATE") and they fuck around and see how far they can throw it, or they whittle it down to a tooth pick and argue over whose teeth get picked or they use it for kindling and light a fire in the hottest August on the hottest day on record, or they stick the stick in a corner and forget it's there.  Why?   Why can't we get DEMOCRATIC RULE with these elections???

Is anyone out there listening?  How about drinking?  Buehler?  ANYONE?

Bitch McConnell's errand boy.

I'll join him~

December 25, 2012

Heartfelt Blessings.........

For you on this holiday, or for this season, Happy Winterfest!
We at WTF honor you, our readers.

Don't worry about him, he'll get over it soon enough.

December 23, 2012

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This Is John Boehner’s Song.........


This Is John Boehner’s Song, It Doesn’t Last Too Long

John Boehner takes a drag off his Camel Ultra Light cigarette, looks to Pro-Growth Republican Jesus and weeps with his whole face, allowing his body the freedom and liberty to process the aching pain of rejection. In this moment, staring into the crisp Ohio winter breeze, John Boehner wonders where it all began to go wrong for America’s love of John Boehner. 
It wasn’t his failure to adequately use the word “Democrat” every chance he had, nor could it possibly be his unwavering advocacy for States’ Rights-Only country clubs.  He was supposed to be a Speaker of The House Of Representatives for all time! A true champion of terrible people who already have everything. Someone schooled for life in the art of being as big of a dick as humanly possible without ever having to apologize to anyone. It was all coming together just a few short years ago.
Like President Obama’s historical election signifying the country’s hope for the future, John Boehner ushered in a new historical standard for the country’s faith in lowered expectations. And now, when he needs lower taxes on the wealthy and the destruction of Medicare and Social Security the most, the only friends he has ever known, crazy people,  have abandoned him in his darkest hour.
He takes another long-winded pull off his cigarette, looks out into the quiet American Midwest landscape that he has fought for years to corrupt and poison. It’s nearly at peace, now. The years have not been kind, and although there is a glimmer of light throughout the land, the early winter evenings quickly give way to the darkness, and in this moment of profound introspection, John Boehner asks himself a serious question all alone out there in the yard– a question befitting a man who is third in line to the presidency in the midst of negotiating his own life or death political hostage crisis with the future of the country at stake: “If I were stranded on an island with my party right now, what would Eric Cantor’s face look like as he bit in to my still-beating heart and raised it up over his head in some melodramatic offering to the Cannibal-God of Republicanism?”

Obi Marvels @ Dumbya's "Mind"..........

or lack thereof.

 President Barack Obama Finds President George W. Bush's World Map Showing his Foreign Policy Strategy

December 22, 2012

From Cletus Stump on Twitter..........

Teacher Interview Of The Future: "Miss Wilson, you have impeccable credentials. Firm up your marksmanship & you can start this fall."

December 21, 2012


We're WAITING!   I'm wearing my best Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' clothes, blogging from the center of my own back yard, watching the skies, keeping an eye on a compass for a shift in the magnetic field and holding a 8ball in one hand and my great aunt's rosary in the other (don't ASK me why.  I was thinking it'd be kinda cool to get to the promised kingdom with some new jewelry). 

How long do we have to wait?  When do we get to declare it too late to count?  I need a drink and some lunch, and I gotta go check email and pee.  I'll try and make it back a little later, but I have chit to do.  WHY CAN'T THESE STUPID MASS DESTRUCTION THINGS EVER BE ON TIME??!

What's the shittin' use if you gotta wait and wait and wait till you're bitchin about it?   I HATE LATE!! 

Christ.  Yeah him too, he's UNFASHIONABLY late!  These far right whacked out Evangelicals are NOT going to be in a good mood tomorrow if it get's here......there's gonna be some mighty bitchin' to be done around here and on the global scale.,..I tell you what!


It would seem that our little haven here, this blog, is being inundated and pestered by an assortment of shitbots.   If you know of a solution to this please share it?  Otherwise we all have to deal with crap clogging up our comments (which, by the way, are my favorite part of blogging!).


December 18, 2012


I'm kinda proud of my state, I must say.

WE FINALLY LEGALIZED POT!   That's huge to everyone I know.  Esp. Mr. siri.  Who no longer needs a medical card.

And, check this out.  I'm proud of my governor too. 

And all y'all come here someday.  Visit when you can.  It's beautiful as well as displaying some common sense solutions to national problems.


In an effort to lighten up.....

Just a thought.......

Who is Adam Lanza's doctor?   I read he had one and has had several during his life.   What got missed?   What's the story there?

Just a thought.

December 9, 2012


I hope you're having a productive and/or relaxing Sunday, and a joyous season all the way around.

I LOVE reading your comments.  WTF readers are THE wit and funny intelligence of the whole entire world wide webz.


December 3, 2012


Just in time for Christmas shopping!


VAJAYJAY constructed of birth control pills, made to wear on your head!
A product I could actually use!!!