October 18, 2010


Remember yesterday when I said none of the cats were eating the houseplants?

Prez Obama to appear on MythBusters

No, the episode won’t be about his birth certificate. Or that he's a Muslim. Or hates America. Or that he's never been bipartisan. Or that he thinks he's Jeebus. Well, the Muslin version of Jeebus, anyway. Or that his terrist fistbumping baby-mama wife hates whitey.

The President’s appearance on Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, airing on December 8, will focus on the legend that Archimedes set fire to a Roman fleet using only reflected sunlight. According to a White House press release, Obama’s appearance on the show will “[showcase] his personal commitment to inspire young people to excel in math and science,” and will be announced Monday at the White House Science Fair. In each episode, the MythBusters crew uses science to test an urban legend.
Or that he's indoctrinating our schoolkids. {snort}

Take yourself by surprise: that way you won’t see it coming

Heh: Vanity Fair interviews George W Bush, former resident and author of Six Urgentous Decidering Points.

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October 17, 2010

Sweet but damn tart Concord grapes. Yum!

Whee, a break! Things are crazy here. The good part (?) is they don't give me a chance to watch the news. All I know is that, as usual, the Dems are pathetic, prone little pantywaists, the gpukes are unspeakable asshats, and the general public have the memories of a sieve.

So what's new? I have a female baby zebra finch who hasn't died yet, Mr Puffersons is still with us, and the cats haven't eaten any of the houseplants yet since I've brought them back inside. NJ will be posting applications next week for anyone interested in growing medical marihuana, so hopefully I'll have a new job soon. LOL.

October 4, 2010

Restoring Teardrops

Teary eyed rodeo clown Glenn Beck kicks off his "Restoring America" tour by selling 700 tickets for an 8,000 seat venue.

According to the Asbury Park Press, “A crowd of about 700 people, comprised mostly of Tea Party supporters, gathered at Six Flags Great Adventure on Saturday to help kick off conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck’s “Restoring America” tour. Spectators paid $50 for a ticket or $125 for special VIP privileges to listen to speeches by various conservative and libertarian activists, radio talk-show hosts and musicians in a six-hour event.”
Proving that it’s a lot easier to pretend to fill an open area in Washington D.C. than an area you have to sell tickets to fill.
Beck’s problem is that he has asked the same dwindling group of people to open their wallets for him too many times. $50 a ticket? Is he kidding?

Freedom is Just Another Word......

Proving once again that Rushthuglibots believe that only THEY should be allowed to have sex, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) believes that besides gays, sexually active single women should be barred from teaching in schools.
No mention of sexually active men.....hmmmmm. Perhaps they should go to Larry Craig's office?
It's a total shock that he hasn't come out against gay men as hair dressers.

Smaller Government!!!!!

Is THIS what Teabaggers really want? Seriously? Good luck with that, asshats.