July 31, 2013

I just had to build this........

I can NOT be the only one who sees the resemblance.
 Anthony Weiner Totally Looks Like Nudy Bird
tankz, jd.

I'm heart broken over Anthony!  I had SUCH high hopes for him.  And he's left me dejected, disappointed, betrayed, bewildered.  And pissed at THE STUPID of his whole/hole life, campaign and family.

Even Nudy Bird kept his prick out of it.

How his wife can not break out in hysterical laughter every time he bares it is just beyond me.   Do we have a sense of Huma over this??  Yeah.  Right after the tears.


July 26, 2013


Anthony Weiner's baby pic???
I don't know, but have about 2.5 martini's and TELL ME if this doesn't look just like the Weiner Tweeter hiz own self.  On the Friday night I'M having here in the Mile High State I'm lookin at a spittin' image of him.


Dude!  Shit!  Just be GONE.................I think he should just take off his pants on the campaign trail as well as the floor of Congress.  That way everyone can say that everyone's seen it and be done with the bullshit.
I loved Weiner.  He was an authentic very effective and totally real Progressive, was a powerhouse on the floor FOR PROGRESSIVE POLICIES.  He called out dumbya for, well, being dumbya.  Over and over and over and over..... He was truly remarkable and effective.

But it's the same damned thing here with Weiner as it was with Bubba Clinton.  I don't care about someone's side kicks or side dicks, really.  It doesn't bother or even surprise me one bit.  Just wipe off the spooge and move onto DefCon "whatever's in vogue for the day".  But when you are a total idiot in choosing your playthings, well, you cannot be trusted to rule.  I don't care how many times your wife forgives you.  And I read that some Weiner's sweet chickys were tickling THE Weinzy Weiner AFTER HE RESIGNED????  I don't want you to be in charge of anything that has anything to do with governing.  Bill picked a complete big mouthed bimbo, which I'm pretty sure were his only requirements.  And I can't see Weiners face any more without marveling at the resemblance between his dick and his nose!!  SERIOUSLY.  Have you guys (and that includes the ladies who read this blog) SEEN THAT???  omg,  If you haven't, well, it's just uncanny.  It's done totally nothing for me personally, but it sure has made me take another double take at the noses of men!  Can't help it.  WEINER did that to me.  Of course I can't prove that it is the norm, but no one can disprove it either. 

The pictures come courtesy of gossip blog The Dirty .


 There WAS a reachin' for the stars rock hard and shiny full on frontal.  I can't pull it up now, will keep looking.  I don't know WHY men want to share their dicks thruWho posted them Thursday morning claiming "New York deserves better leadership than this."photos with pride

July 18, 2013

Live War as Entertainment.....................


From NatGeo.   Ya know, like many of us I was raised loving National Geographic.  But I noticed in 2006 that there was a messaging problem with the NatGeo television program.  They were pro things that I'm against.  Like war.  They shill for chicken hawks and there's a corporate spin going on here and there on that program.

But THIS!!!   That's a clusterfuck too far.  I started sniffing around on the net to see what's up and who owns NatGeo.  And, as they say, Lo And Behold, grip your seats and prepare for in influx of PROFOUND SADNESS,  it's a subscription television network owned jointly by the National Geographic Society and News Corporation (read Rupert Murdoch).  Have any of you noticed their pro-right agenda?  And I don't know how long it's been that way either, just that I noticed and paid attention in '06.

Yeah, the same evil chit that is Faux Spews has eaten and crapped out my ex-beloved National Geographic.   I don't know how that happens.  How does something so wonderful and educational and displaying so much of the beauty that is our planet here be associated with, let alone OWNED by an inherently evil fuck the likes of Ruptured Mordor, the sole survivor of Beelzebub's tortuous offspring.

OMG he's a pariah.  A filthy old smelly leprous offscouring outcast and reject from the hearts and souls of humanity.  His long dirt nap should be bout ready to happen right around NOW, right?  Of course there's an evil wicked spawn, who I've heard is actually worse than the father if that can be possible.
What a heart breaker.

You, RUPTURE make the baby Jesus cry and throw his bottle of Xanax at the wall, hitting his rosary and shattering his dreams for all of us and the world we inhabit...........
You pile of raunchy rotting shit, YOU! 
Mordoc running/ruining National Geographic is every bit as poisonous and incomprehensible as back in 06 or 07 when the evil Liz Cheney, the wife of the baby burning war criminal Dick (DICK) Cheney took to a turn of hand by writing, remember this?,  of all things!......A CHILDREN'S BOOK.  Like ANY mother would want to read a book written by a war criminals wife!   I'd include a link for those of you who maybe didn't know this, but I don't want to provide even a speck of promotion to the hideous creation and spit sprayed vomitous Hell

July 16, 2013


OMG I wish it were an out and out physical boxing match with the right wardrobe malfunction that proves that there are DANGLIES down there on "her".  And it'd be at least entertaining to see Rove have an apoplectic fit right there in the ring, er, on camera and have to be hauled of re Maru's pic above.  That's sadly not to be, but the beetle battle in a puddle wuddle is likely to be all kinds of cannibalistic voyeurism for we, the Rational Majority!  I'll serve the drinky poo's and Fly and Undie got the popcorn and bacon wrapped jalapeno's, great fun for all, which incidentally should be over a million spectators.  (Best get to poppin and wrappen', guys.)

And get this!  Bitch had to give up her BLOW job at Faux Spews.   And she'll no doubt be a back stabbing burner and plunderer and totally remain aligned with however the powers that be there rule HER ALIGNMENT.  Puppetry at it's most blatant, well, you know.  We had absolute WAR CRIMINALS in the White House and couldn't get rid of them just but decade ago.  That in itself pretty much clears her to move right ahead with her Doberman instincts to kill.  Starting with Rove oh please oh please oh please??

July 15, 2013

AAAHHHHHH!!, BUT WAIT.................

We have the promise of a future blue sky, the smiles and embracing of the NEW FOODS, that we cried for and now celebrate with their renewal, a new beginning.  A sunrise of smiles.............................
the crap is back.

And just for YOU!!!  Just try and guess WHERE they are back.  Cummon!!  JUST FOR YOU, guess where!

walmart twinkies

2 years after nuclear disaster

Mutated tomatoes next to a normal one < (tangomango13 via Reddit)

Go here for article and pics.

I hate to be grusome here, but those same changes to innocent bystanding vegies will and are also manefesting in born and not yet born humans at Fukushima.  And it continues at Chernobyl as well.  By the grace of God I'm not seeing THOSE pics.  Those people affected by the horrors of exposure to nuclear radiation are kept behind closed doors and silenced, but believe me, they "live".

We'll be taking our spoonful one way or another, yesireeeBubba.  Bluefish tuna are radioactive and making their way into California harbors and fishermen's nets and onto our tables.  And the "scientists" laugh!, laugh! I tell you, BBWWWAHAHAHAHHHHHHAAAAAAA  (evil laugh).

I send light and well wish's to the children and the children's children who are coming for their turn on this planet.  Or what's left of it.

And those in charge of nuclear reactors can hang their heads in shame, or, uh, well,
maybe not.

Mutated corn < (tangomango13 via Reddit)

July 6, 2013

In Wyoming, a Cheney Run Worries G.O.P. (???!!!)

Well lemme tell ya bubbah, the Democrats aren't totally thrilled here either!!

Yes, it's as gross as it is true.  Baby Dick fancies herself a comfortable government job where she'd earn a decent paycheck, have total celestial benefits for life and not really have to do too much..........or be like her daddy and toil hell bent on the destruction of the world ASAP. 

She's a dog and is ALWAYS  on the wrong/evil side of everything.  Let us all hope that this article proves true and she rips a galactic sized tear in the fabric of Wyoming's GOP, causing debris and dead bodies in her wake.  I'd pay to see a democratic Wyoming.

Liz Cheney.  First day of First Grade. 

July 5, 2013

I think we ALL know who to thank.

From here.

Today, 4/5/13!

BAGHDAD — A suicide attacker and a car bombing killed at least 19 people and wounded 38 in separate attacks Friday targeting Shiites north of Baghdad.,,,,,,,,....

Hoping to stem the violence with a sign of solidarity, both Sunni and Shiite worshippers gathered Friday at Abdul-Qadir al-Gailani Mosque in downtown Baghdad to kneel and pray side by side. As they prayed, the mosque remained under tight security.


I LOVE my country.  It's the government I have a problem with.
Anyway, I honestly hope you and yours had a great 4th.

July 2, 2013

Snowden is an American Hero......................

It's tragic to see him chased by the administration I voted FOR.   I swear it had got to be something in the water or the vents maybe?  Everyone who inhabits that largish white house on Pennsylvania Avenue turns into flat headed thugs.  Snowden is a hero, should be acknowledged as such and given one of those little fancy pins presidents can give out when they feel moved to do so.  Is it Medal of Honor?  I can't remember what they're called, but Snowden sure and hell ought to be given one.<center>NSA GOES... NSFW?</center>