July 30, 2012


The biggest hugest most gargantuan mistake in the entire history of Vice Presidents in the United States called the OTHER biggest hugest most gargantuan mistake in he entire history of Vice Presidents in the United States a, ahhh, welllll, er ah a MISTAKE. And who should know better?? Except for the other one.

Apparently, neither one has any idea of the concept of self awareness, nor a mirror.

I think, personally, they should run together, a Palin/Cheney ticket, if you will. There isn't a full heart or an undiseased brain between them. And as all repubes would agree, no two political animals in the world could screw over the country like those two. And THAT IS the repube national agenda, is it not?

One of these days I'm going to conquer my gag reflex and share with you all just what Dick (dick) Cheney means to me, on the deepest levels. I just need to get rip roarin' drunk as a skunk to even approach the subject matter in an open and honest way that won't end with black ops helicopters in my front yard and Seal Team 13 "disappearing" my home, friends, neighbors and family.

July 29, 2012


Hey, lookit you guys! Trending on Twitter right now:


even if you don't twat, there are some great ones up there. Would be great to see what you guys have.....or just have fun reading......

I'm just sayin'..........

July 28, 2012


This is so worth the 3:50 of your time. Gotta get thru the ad first. You know. This is America. Ads in places we didn't even know we had places.
This is truly spectacular.

Please enjoy.

How could anyone have anticipated..............

Because Mr. siri works on Friday nights, I tivo'd and we just watched the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics and would like to say:

Imagine my astonishment!

I was so very shocked, dazed and cornfused that the Brits actually had ANYTHING together at all! I was sure we'd see explosions, terrorists, death, destruction and athletes trippin over themselves and falling all over the stadium, causing ambulances, mobile emergency rooms and triage centers, Flight For Life squadrons, heroic rescues, fires all over Greater London, live as the venue blew up, killing thousands, including the Royal Family, James Bond and Sir Paul, surmising all the deadly destruction from the most helpful overview we got from SOME PARTY'S presidential hopeful's wise and astute observations of just a 4 minute preview of the preparations. Talk about shock and awe when it all went spectacularly, safely and perfectly in every way including the thousands of ways we never even hear of, DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT.


What an eternal moron from hell's outhouse Shit Robme is daily proving to be. Either he's evolving in that way in his "humanhood" or he was just flat born and silverspoon fed that way his whole greedy fuck life. Frankly, he looks and actually seems to be "somewhat", what's the phrase???....AH! Right. SPECIAL NEEDS!!! He looks Special Needs to me and his mouth is marching right along side in harmony with that suspicion.

(And how bout if we don't use this post as a next logical step and obvious link toward pointing out perceived problems and/or perceived "similar gaffs" from President Obama, hmmmmmm????? How about we apply that as a general standing policy re comments to anything I ever make or write about any rethuglican, sitting or even dead, or otherwise? EVER??? HMMMMMMM???)

Khrist on a Krispy Kreme!

Way to go!, London. You did your nation proud!!

Un Arms Trade Treaty

Happy Caterday, loyal and extraordinary readers. We value you beyond the concept of value.
Enjoy the day!

July 26, 2012


AlQueda donates millions to Robme's super PAC.

OK! Not really. Or rather, NOT IN THE NOOZE, but likely happening.
You KNOW they'd MUCH RATHER deal with Robme's shit and stupid rather than Obi's dead on SEAL teams. THAT'S not even a secret fantasy!

Idiot managed to totally offend the entire British Realm with a few malchosen words re their long, hard and expensive preparations to host the world's Olympics this year.

I REFUSE TO BELIEVE that Americans are really going to be "OK" with having another non brain engaged inarticulate moron dominating a mic and stage after we barely JUST go rid of the KING OF GAFF Dumbya. NO ONE is going to be OK with the eternal embarrassment and humiliation of loosing another compete crass, unethical, uneducated idiot on the world in OUR NAMES!

I KNOW there are those who were OK and actually proud of the Chimporer in Chief's stupid and constant mistakes on the world stage, and they were rightly referred to as "the 29%ers". They are still around, and likely all glad and applauding Robme's horrific ignorant remarks to our strongest ally in the world. Someone (I'm sorry I didn't note who!) tweeted today that that was how he handled our greatest ally, what will he do with China??!! NO XHIT!!!

Certainly the majority of Americans will see to it that we do not EVAH have to endure another term of blatant brainless gaffs spewed in our names all over this world AGAIN!!!


Buehler??? BUEHLER????? Don't make me blow my brains out!!!!

July 25, 2012



oh! and i like poop news too. the more they discover from old shit the more we'll be able to understand and learn about all the new shit.

right? i mean disease wise.

ya know?

Prickley pear was a food commonly consumed by ancient Native Americans.


Planets take shape in the dusty disk around a young star in an artist's conception

send along any new space stuff you find. I'll put it up with an acknowlegement (IF you want).
Also, tweet and retweet new posts please? I like parties to GO BIG, get outa control and way exceed the invitation list's "bring 10 or more friends" requests. (usually means more drinky poos!)
I'm siri2k on Twitter, siri on FDL. And siri2k or siri2k1 on liberal websites. Pop up, say hi. This site has THE BEST readers anywhere on the webness. Just ask yourself!

Sun picture: one of the week's best space pictures

From here.

July 24, 2012


Greenland Ice and NASA scientist's mind's melt at same rate as hi res photos show the NEW Greenland. (You know. The one with NO ICE).

But global warming is a hoax, and scientists are all mindless masturbators and James Inhofe has the unique distinction of actually living in another space/time continuum than the rest of us, and is squeezing the ignorant puss from his diseased putrid vacuum where he used to house his 7/billionth of a brain, thereby polluting THAT ONE too!!!

Turdtongue Inhofe is another one who dwells very very near the top on my list of "Total Wastelands of Energy, Space and Oxygen Who Need To Be Relocated To Another Galaxy Far Far Away Immediately If Not Sooner!!", better known internationally as TWESOWNTBRTAGFFAIINS.

July 20, 2012


"I've crawled out of the swamp*. And, I'm not crawling back in!" the worst president EVER chimperor said. "I'm interested in polutingfurtheritics. I'm a supporter of the shit monster Romney. I hope he **does well. But he can do well without me."**

* fetid sewage slime pool I fed, shat it, spit on and vomited in thereby created and called the new and rotted cesspool when I left the cave world of backwater texas and took my shit eating herd of backwater Deliverance redneck hicks and moved us all to and newly defiled cement pond that is still WashDC.

**trashes what I left of the muck to trash further and thoroughly continues trashing things and bringing down what was the greatest country in the world and making it a third world shit hole for anyone who's not a bazillionaire AND does so in my turd sweated name without my actual further diarrhea and sputum input.**

or some such vile crap gravel falling out of his mouth.....



gawd i hate him and the horrors we are still dealing with because of him!!

July 19, 2012


I DO believe we've been adequately ADDRESSED to the very limits tolerable by fakeQueen Anne, of a Thousand Paydaaz. We been TOLD! High falutin BEYOCH climbed down from her CUNT PERCH and ACTUALLY SPOKE to "the little people", otherwise known as ABC News, wherein Her Highest Colonic INFORMED us that The ROYAL "THEY" (meaning HRH and her constant and perpetual related's and entourage) have indulged us far more than warranted and to the actual maximum, please step lightly aside and be so far away as to not even come close to catching a whiff of her 36 carrot ass in the perfumed winds of the Planet Romney, where ruling is simply the only AND best way of keeping the unwashed masses at bay!

Madame Cuntly said to ABC news anchor Robin Roberts "We've dealt far more than could ever be expected with "the little people" and now must focus on washing and cleansing and praying our way out of the disgusting tarnish of doing so".

Yep! King and Queen Romney are showing just EXACTLY HOW their ruling of this (used to be a pretty damned nice country) their Kingdom shall be!

Then again, maybe that will be the last straw I thought Telecom Immunity was going to be.

July 18, 2012

July 16, 2012

A Monday Morning Twat for the Ages:

Marcy over at emptywheel.net made this point on Twitter this AM. And I think it's HUGE!

"Remember that McCain picked Palin (yes, over Mitt and his 23 years of tax returns) to change the narrative from his 10 homes."

If there's ANYONE out there who doesn't know who Marcy Wheeler is, well, you need to catch up, you're missing out on genius on the intra webs. Go there and read a little. She's a national treasure. One of our best and brightest, and we're lucky to have her. I hope your day goes smooothly!

July 14, 2012


Gappy toofed Condi. I didn't know why I was hanging onto that site, except for that it always makes me laugh. But now, SHE WHO SHOULD BE in an international jail somewhere is back all over US news, and that just thoroughly disgusts me. AND it's another major international embarrassment. Where are the "round up the war criminals" people? They were wherever they were needed after WWII. What? Were the invasion and occupation and total destruction of Iraq including the murder of over 100,000 Iriqi citizens not a BIG ENOUGH DEAL?? WE can't really do much from over here in the belly of the beast, without getting charged or not and jailed or killed by government operatives en mass, or DISAPPEARED, but weren't there international people who were keen to act on principles that America ensconced even though it was some whole distant crazy idea of some honorable and educated men who started the place AND HAVE LONG SINCE DIED? Where are they? Do they have bigger fish to fry or fucking what? Bitch is IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Someone get her and drag her gap toothed ass to the Hague and at least the the judges there take a look at her. Now here she is again. Bitch VP potential??? She has the char of burning children, Iraqi AND American all over her fucking hands for fucks sake!!! SHE LEAVES FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER THE DAMNED PLACE!!! What the hell, THAT is NOT ENOUGH? Enjoy the site! I think I'll just go throw up for a while.


July 11, 2012

from bluntcard,com

No chit!!!!

July 10, 2012


I love how they made God's gun invisible in this pic!!

This is horrible. It's 12 different ways that cities and towns around the US have cut budgets, trying to make ends meet. They are simple one to 2 sentences on each pic. It's amazing and Mr. siri and I were cracking up reading these "solutions". Each and every one getting stupider and stupider with the count. We vote for #7 as the best all time GOVERNMENT FAIL!!

NOT for the first time, we deemed Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona to have pulled the stupidest move to save money for her state. "Blondie" SOLD the state capital. Yeah!! No CHIT!! And get this: the largest part to the deal, those who bought MOST of the capital are: TAAAADAHHHHHH!!! Wall Street investors, no less. And it got "bundled" into a commodity package, so no one really knows who owns it now.
LOLOL Or what part of the building is owned by say Goldman Sacks o'Shit and Skank of America or Chitty Bank. Is that like the upstairs west wing bathroom is paying it's rent to Chitty Bank, while the basement utility room's money goes to Skank of America..........or? HOW IS THIS FIGURED??? (I hope to God Matt Taibbi got ahold of this.)
And ANY ONE OF THESE THEIVIN' BANKS have the ULTIMATE NERVE to scold any of us on how we're trying to handle OUR bills and payments. All you folks in AZ sure do have a load of ammo you can use on any bill collectors calling you up these days.
This whole place (US of A) is just falling thru the holes, n'est pas???

July 7, 2012

Old (and not so Old) Friends........Tink Tink Tink Tinks Tinks tink........

A "heads up" and an FYI for you awesome loyalists, Maru is good. She dropped me a note and we don't have to worry after her. She's fine, and she gave me her blessings to feel free and do what i do best, BITCH MY HEART OUT, bust the clowns and drama queens who are butting in on the ruling of our country, and be on the side of GOOD!, do no harm, cause no evil...........well, i believe i went too far with that last one, but u get it.

We are Obama supporters in here. And even if we weren't, we WOULD BE Romney Nay Sayers (putting it lightly) because WE ARE SANE IN HERE. (for the most part).

Some history: Maru founded FYI from the dirtiest and most grueling testing grounds of the trenches during the Bush Wars, the first decade of the New Millennium. We do carry on in that Great Tradition, keeping the current AMERICAN BORN PRESIDENT and our ELECTED BY THE MAJORITY leader in office, and continuing to push for the right (read "correct") and honorable prosecution of the war criminals who walk among us, who have besmirched each and every American child of the free world with their cruel and illegal acts and crimes against humanity! We here at FYI stand united in the dire and forever wish to see George Dumbya Bush ultimately suffer the traditional consequences of any common thug of a war criminal, and his buddies and cohorts along with him. WE KNOW THE NAMES! That's US, who we are and where we stand and those who don't agree are particularly encouraged to continue to peruse and frequent this hollowed place. DO return and lurk quietly. YOU MAY LEARN SOMETHING, but assuredly one of two things will happen: You'll IMPROVE AS A HUMAN BEING, becoming more informed, truly advancing by several points your personal IQ, and set upon a righteous path, OR STFU and pick your nose in utter cornfusion trying to finger out how it is that you are SO TOTALLY wrong as to be left in the dust of the higher intellectuals who frequent this tight knit community and consistently correct and intelligent abode.

Maru's doing great, busy with family and life and we are all in here alive and kickin' and encouraged to push on for the higher good in this humble little universe. That's the awesomeness of now, the current zen of WTF, and YOU are a needed part of it all.
Let the games (read "bitchin") begin! It is We who have missed YOU, each and every one.

How free ARE you?

Chris Rock.
"Happy white peoples independence day, the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks."
This place where I live is surrounded by reservations. The population count reads 1/4 of folks are all Native Americans. My mate is 100% Native and I do have traceable Cherokee blood in my line, a woman named Naomi from a few generations back. And we (my hubby & our friends), tongue in cheek, refer to the day as "fireworks day", Thanksgiving is typically called "Invasion Day", it's all in a joking manner, you get the idea. Then Rock comes right out and says it and it's funny, and it's true, and it's relevant. And it gets discussion from around the blogosphere. That's a good thing. Who doesn't laugh at Chris Rock? It's worth noting that in this case, the conquered people, population, keep a sense of humor about what happened. These are and have always been people who are easy to laugh and like to keep things light. Other minorities, maybe not so much, but everyone loves fireworks. And the love of fireworks usually over rides those other feelings of general discomfort if not total outrage at the reality of SOME folk's independence. Not all, but SOME. Thanks for the reminder Chris. The inequality within this issue needs the spotlight at least once a year. Savvy??

OH! And it's Caturday. U kickin' back with those little MASTERS of the Chillax??
*smilin' at u*

July 4, 2012


aaaaah CHOOOOOU!!!!!

Hey, wow. It's a little dusty in here. What happened to the previous occupants? Prolly had to double down on livelihood chit like everyone else after the Great Wall Street Con, Coupe and Clenchfist Coochclincher. (Say THAT 4 times fast). I haven't been around either, second job and selling anything that isn't edible or waterproof. And wherever u r, I hope u are enjoying the financial recovery that I keep hearing about BUT CANNOT FIND OR SEE ANY FRIGGIN' WHERE. But MOSTLY I hope you are having a fun 4th of July, and can have and see fireworks. They are non existent here in Colorado and for good reasons. The whole place is ablaze and if it's not on fire it's maximum combustable. We in the south western regions had like NO SNOW all winter. And no spring, so no spring rains. So, fireworks prohibited totally. We may never get them back either, the globe warming and such. I know, I know. I AM a believer in that and I also blame mostly one single source, MANKIND. There are too many of us. There just are. We're breaking the back of the Mother and over population is never even spoken of.
But I'm still standing, as are YOU!, and I believe I'll dust a few things off in here and locate a desk and chair and say something here and there. Let us all hope it's relevant and doesn't piss too many peeps off. Maru, wherever u are, I hope u and the babies are having a great 4th. And also to ALL Y'ALL out there who come here for some verbal relief or something, I hope your night is a good one. Let's all have a drinky poo and toast to WTF and to each other. We're still around.........That's HUGE!
hugz & all,
Happy 4th!!!

mo here.