February 29, 2004

Reboob hypocrisy watch
Clear Channel, who dumped Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge - after both criticized the Bush misadministration - has just added hateful pukebag Michael Savage to its lineup at KPRC in Houston.

Savage was fired from MSNBC last summer after he referred to a caller to his cable TV show as a "sodomite" and said he should "get AIDS and die."


  • Ballsy sculptors face stiff penalty for erecting wood carving of a penis.
  • Actual headline: Rosie weds longtime girlfriend, slams Bush.
  • Lance Armstrong may take his ball and go home.

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    The Texas Souffle
    "He was just a rich kid who had no respect for other people's possessions."

    Bush remembered in Alabama - not in the Guard, but rather as one who bragged about drinking, dating, tennis, who wrecked his landlord's home, and still owes money.

    Has the interweb been slower'n sh!t the last two days, or is it just me??

    Not a square to spare
    Bush officials act as though they own 9/11, even while refusing to own up to any 9/11 mistakes.

    The White House seems more worried about the public's finding out how much it knew and how little it did before 9/11 than it does about identifying and fixing security weaknesses.

    After trying to kill the commission and then trying to put Dr. Strangelove-Kissinger in charge, President Bush and Dick Cheney have done their best to hamper the panel that's the best hope of the 9/11 widows, widowers and orphans to get justice.

    "This is not no-fault government," said Lorie Van Auken, a 9/11 widow. "You don't just let people go on doing what they're doing wrong."

    It is a triumph of chutzpah for Mr. Bush to thwart the investigation into 9/11 at the same time he seeks re-election by promoting his handling of 9/11 and scaring us with the specter of more terrorism. He's even using 9/11 memorials as the backdrop for his convention in New York.

    - - snipped from a hot column by Maureen Dowd in the NY Times.

    Extra! Handy chart compares Bush's pre-9/11 vacation time versus time to be spent with 9/11 commission.

    February 28, 2004

    Bush replaces experts with political stooges on medical advisory panel
    What an unspeakable tool.

    ABC News reports that the fascist punk has 'reshuffled his advisory council on cloning and related medical issues, adding a prominent neurosurgeon known for his work on conjoined twins and two conservatives who have spoken out strongly against cloning.'

    And the silence is deafening
    A $10,000 reward offered by the Doonesbury comic strip for proof that the Lying aWol Wonderf*ck served in the Alabama National Guard during the Vietnam War still goes unclaimed, cartoonist Garry Trudeau said on Friday.

    Calif. court refuses to stop gay weddings
    "Bush can suck my d!ck!" scream thousands.

    No, really
    Bush budget seen sparking 2.75 trillion dollar deficit, The Duh Institute reports.

    'Republicans will start writing a 2005 budget facing the daunting news that Congress' number crunchers think pResident Bush's plans would yield $2.75 trillion in deficits over the next decade. In an ominous note, the congressional deficit estimate for the decade has grown by $119 billion since only January, chiefly due to increased estimates of the costs of the Medicare and Medicaid health-insurance programs.'

    What another crappy night last night. I've been so stressed from work - mass layoffs, surprise reorganizations, extra security guards - that even extreme amounts of alcohol don't help me relax anymore. Blah.

    Joe Lieberman's good for something
    House speaker Denny Hastert agreed Friday to give the independent panel investigating the Sept. 11 attacks more time to finish its work after Sens. McCain and Lieberman threatened to hold the highway bill hostage.

    Meanwhile, people are writing in about Prince Chicken McLiar's decision to allow 9/11 commission to interview him for only 1 hour:

  • Bush, wanting to get the bottom of 9/11, will talk about it for ONE WHOLE HOUR!
  • One hour? He spent more time talking to auto mechanics at the Daytona 500.
  • It pretty much sums up how he feels about the significance of 9/11 and all those who died that day.

  • February 27, 2004

    Get 'em while they're hot
    BuzzFlash has the Bush pants-on-fire doll!

    You ain't working here no more
    Mass layoffs set record in January

    The Bushmoonie Times is reporting that there were more mass layoffs in January in the US than in any previous January for the nine years that such records have been kept.

    Dancin' with myself
    Tool's tv show to be retooled

    Former comedian and Rove cabana boy Dennis Miller's crappy tv show is getting "tweaked," the NY comPost reports.

    It's not easy being green

    What do you get when more than 60 of the world's top scientists, 20 Nobel Laureates among them, get together and write one of the most scathing, damning reports in the history of modern science, aimed squarely at BushCo's thoroughly atrocious record of cover-ups and obfuscations and outright lies regarding the health of the planet?

    What do you get when those very scientists, a highly respected, nonpartisan group called the Union of Concerned Scientists, go on to claim that no other president in modern history has so openly misled the public or been so flagrantly disrespectful of scientific fact and mountains of irrefutable research, deliberately and systematically mutilating scientific data in the service of its rather brutal, pro-corporate, antienvironment agenda?

    - - Mark Morford.

    "Gays! Kerry protested the Vietnam war! Tax cuts!" - - WH spokes-hamster Scott McClellan.
    "Mel Gibson! The Passion!" - - news media.

    It's flooding down in Texas
    'The release of more than 40 subpoenas Wednesday revealed the vast scope of a criminal investigation into the campaign fund-raising tactics that fueled the 2002 Republican takeover of the Texas House. Among those named in the new court records were a top aide to Gov. Rick Perry, state Rep. Bill Zedler and the daughter of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.'

    I bought the law
    Tell me THIS doesn't look cheesy:

    Supreme Court "Justice" Antonin 'Fat Tony' Scalia was the guest of a Kansas law school two years ago and went pheasant hunting on a trip arranged by the school's dean, all within weeks of hearing two cases in which the dean was a lead attorney. The cases involved issues of public policy important to Kansas officials. Scalia later sided with Kansas in both cases.

    It's our party and we'll cry if we want to
    Rethugs still stonewalling over inquiry into CIA leak

    "Mr. Chairman, we have every evidence that a cover-up is going on, plain and simple. Someone high up in the Bush administration deliberately disclosed the identify of a CIA operative. If the president really wanted to find out who it was it would take him about five minutes to find out." - - Dem congressman Jerry Nadler, hero/patriot.

    It's a good thing
    The securities fraud charge against Martha Stewart has been dismissed!!!

    February 26, 2004

    WH to 9/11 panel, country: "#uck you"
    Bush and Dick will not only blow off the entire panel, they have placed strict limits on the interviews they will grant to the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks.

    They say they will meet only with the panel's top two officials and that Bush will submit to only a single hour of questioning, the unspeakable pussy.

    Seen on the web: comments on the 9/11 commission timeline and the White House not testifying:

    I thought Bush was elected because Clinton was hiding the truth and blocking investigations.
    Move along folks, nothing to see here..
    I thought republicans were the party of personal responsibility.
    Shows the absolute lack of regard this autocrat has for normal people.

    This explanation was given by Hastert's spokesman:

    He thinks the report is overdue and we need to get the recommendations as soon as possible. He is also concerned it will become a political football if this thing is extended and it is released in the middle of the presidential campaign.
    Aren't you supposed to at least pretend that you're motivated solely by what's best for the country? But here we have Hastert's spokesman blithely admitting in public that he doesn't want to let the commission do its job properly because it might be politically inconvenient for the president. They don't even have the good grace to lie about this stuff anymore.

    And my favorite: Coming from supposed "leaders" of America, this is sad. From self-proclaimed patriots, it's pathetic.


    Smith & Wesson chairman resigns after newspaper reveals previous 10 year jail stint for armed robbery.

    God bless America
    Not content with holding prisoners without charging them, the fascist govmint under the Bush cartel might keep prisoners at Guantanamo even after they've been cleared.

    Pentagon officials have confirmed that Guantanamo detainees may still be kept in detention, even if they are found not guilty by a military tribunal.

    Blair faces UN spying charge
    Even though 'Washington wanted Britain's help to bug the offices of delegates from the Security Council's "swing nations" -- Chile, Mexico, Cameroon, Angola, Guinea and Pakistan,' it's WH poodle Tony 'Piddles' Blair who's in the hot seat.

    Iraq has become a political nightmare for Blair. Ten months after Saddam Hussein was toppled, none of the banned weapons he claimed Iraq had primed for use has been found. The premier's public trust ratings have slumped and many in his Labor Party feel let down to the point of mutiny.

    "Until the boil of the truth about Iraq is lanced, the prime minister can never put this behind him," Labor MP Jeremy Corbyn said. {!!}.

    Actual headline
    Rumsfeld Says Osama Will Probably Be Found One Day

    - - link.

    760,000 jobless - and counting - denied aid
    The misadministration fiddles while the country burns.
    “Despite his repeated expressions of concern for the unemployed, President Bush has so far ignored the plight of three-quarters of a million individuals who have gone without unemployment aid," said Isaac Shapiro of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

    "Gay marriage!" yelped sweaty WH spokes-hamster Scott McClellan. "9/11!"

    The fix is in
    Jebus. If THIS doesn't look sleazy and underhanded, I don't know what does.

    The Bush family lawyer has been hired to conduct an internal probe of Halliburton's involvement in corrupt payments made in Nigeria at a time when Dick 'Chicanery' Cheney was CEO of the company.

    Lawyer James Doty has very close ties to the Bush family and the misadministration, and has represented both Drinky McDumbass and his father, Bush-the-only-slightly-smarter. Last year he was even on the 'short list' of candidates to replace Harvey Pitt as chairman of the SEC, and at one point was alleged to have vigorously serviced talc-ed, wrinkly matriarch Barbara Bush while numbnut-the-elder was off on one of his week-long binges.

    Public interest activists have questioned the independence of the Doty investigation. "It's obvious that a firm that already has had a long-standing, close relationship with both the company and top members of the administration is incapable of independently investigating a case that is as complicated and potentially controversial as this one," said Charlie Cray, director of the Center for Corporate Policy in Washington, D.C. "Unscrupulous punk bastards."

    February 25, 2004

    Hastert says he won't extend 9/11 panel
    When the shoe is potentially on the other foot, Republican Congress has no interest in extending an independent investigation.

    Let freedom ring
    Clear Channel has just dumped Howard Stern's radio show - coincidently, right after he spoke less than warmly of pReznit Disaster Monkey.

    John Kerry: setting his voting record straight
    Slate catches Bush and his handlers lying again.

    Dick, Dumbass and Rice: new dish, served with chickenshit
    National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice apparently has better things to do then publically testify about the country's biggest national security failure since Pearl Harbor.

    "I can't understand why these elected officials, particularly the president and vice president, aren't willing to come before the American public and testify," said Kristen Breitweiser of New Jersey, whose husband, Ronald, died in the World Trade Center. "That raises a concern they're hiding something."

    Good news!
    Wow - via Bohemian Mama: The prosecution decided to drop the charges against whistleblower Katherine Gun today because 'there was no way they could try her without jeopardizing the secrets of the US and the UK - and revealing that what she leaked was absolutely true, and because no jury would convict her.'

    "One wonders whether disclosure in this criminal trial might have been a little too embarrassing," - - the Human rights group Liberty.

    Somebody's got .... issues
    "Americans have been tolerant of homosexuality for years, but now it's being stuffed down their throats." - - - Rep. Tom 'Bugsy' DeLay (R-Insane).

    It takes a village - idiot
    Helpful, not too cynical Farkers come up with some new Bush/Cheney campaign slogans:

    One Bush, one Dick. Because the Bible says so.
    Deutschland ueber Alles
    Elect us, so we know what that feels like
    Bush/Cheney/Nader 2004
    Bush/Cheney 2004, because you weren't using those civil rights anyway
    Bush/Cheney: Because Truth is Overrated
    Just Bush. We can't find the other guy.
    Bush/Halliburton '04
    Bush/Cheney in '04: Because we've already bought it anyway.
    Civilian Deaths Kept Under a Quarter Million in 1st Term - Bush/Cheney 2004.
    Bush/Cheney '04 or gays will anally rape your kids.
    On all fours for 2 oil whores -- Bush/Cheney 2004
    Bush, God's Squeaky Toy

    Seen around the web

  • Gays in Austin come out in support of adulterer/assdriller Rick 'family values' Perry.
  • Rare Roman coin of 'mystery' emperor found in Britain.
  • 'At that point, I said to myself, “Mel Gibson has lost it."'
  • All US military personnel are now required to wear a small colorful target on their right shoulder at all times.
  • To help balance budget, Greenspan urges Congress to cut social security benefits rather than eliminating Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy.

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    Great moments in television
    We rejoin Paul Begala, effortlessly bitchslapping humorless Rovebot Fuc Tucker Carlson on Crossfire:

    CARLSON: According to a report now being prepared by the bipartisan September 11 Commission, German intelligence officials asked the US government in 1999 to track a man they suspected of terrorism. They included his name, as well as his phone number. No one from the Clinton administration ever responded.

    BEGALA: When Mr. Bush was warned that al Qaeda had a plot to hijack American planes...

    CARLSON: You're just ignoring all of that. OK. Great.

    BEGALA: ... did he improve airport security? No. Did he put out a word? No. You know what he did? He went and played golf. That's what our president did when they warned ... (crosstalk)

    CARLSON: You know what? You didn't respond to any of that because you can't.

    BEGALA: Hold George W. Bush as accountable as anybody.

    BEGALA: We'll come back after this break and put our guests through what we call "Rapid Fire," where the questions are shorter than one of Newt Gingrich's marriages.


    'God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!'
    Disgusting humanphobe Jerry Falwell and others discuss the fascist punk's gay marriage ban:

    "Those who do such things, and those who think they are amusing - or innocent - are worthy of death." - - some creepy, self-righteousness, Bible-spouting 'Christian' writing in an Alabama paper.

    "The Constitution has often been amended to expand and protect people's rights, never to take away or restrict their rights. By endorsing the shameful proposal, President Bush will go down in history as the first president to try to write bias back into the Constitution." - - Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.

    "Marriage has been set up by cultures in the past not to affirm the love of one person of another. If that were the case, mothers and daughters and fathers and sons could be married if all it was about was affirming love between two people." - - the rather frightening, stepfordish Rick 'man on dog' Santorum, R-Anallube.

    "It's clear that this is a football that is -- he's using to kick off his 2004 campaign, frankly, to divert the American people's attention from nearly 600 dead in Iraq, $200 billion to be spent in Iraq, an economy that is not producing jobs. And let me say this. If President Bush was sincere, he'd propose an amendment to ban divorce. That would help marriage." - - Elizabeth Birch, director of Human Rights Campaign.

    9/11 families action alert
    Tell Congress to extend 9/11 commission deadline

    "Two weeks ago, thanks to public pressure from 9/11 families, the White House reversed course and issued a public statement agreeing to a two-month extension to the 9/11 Commission’s deadline for issuing its final report. Unfortunately, this statement appears to be a publicity stunt, because in the past two weeks there has been no evidence that the White House has done anything to make this promise a reality. The White House’s allies in Congress, including Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert, continue to oppose any extension. If an extension of at least two months isn’t enacted by Congress, the Commission will not be able to finish its work." - - from 9/11 Citizens Watch.

    An evildoer! Bombing his own people!
    But he doesn't have oil, so who the f cares.

    'In the remote Darfur region of western Sudan, a human disaster is accelerating amid uncontrolled violence. The United Nations' undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs has called it probably "the world's greatest humanitarian catastrophe." Doctors Without Borders has observed "catastrophic mortality rates." And yet, so far as most of the world is concerned, it isn't even happening. There have been what Amnesty International calls "horrifying military attacks against civilians" throughout Darfur by the Sudanese government and its militias. The government has sent bombers to attack undefended villages, refugee camps and water wells.' - - from the WaPo.

    Perrys spend night at the White House
    Governor supplied with rubber sheets.

    Texas Gov. Rick 'sanctity of marriage' Perry, hoping to scotch rumors of his flaming illicit gay forbidden-manlove affair, took the wife along to DC on Sunday and Monday for the governors association meeting. They also stayed overnight at the White House, though sources say the governor was in a separate bedroom, and as far away from Bunnypants as possible.

    Must read
    Claim vs. fact: pReznit Lying Warmonkey's speech to the governors.

    Gay marriage! Gay marriage!
    A helicopter crash in Iraq has killed two more US soldiers in Bush's war-for-04.

    Not pissed off yet? How about scared?
    Reboob bill rearranges presidential succession.

    Fascistic neocon hardliners would be in control should the 'president' become incapacitated {Ed.: snort} and the vice president trapped in his undisclosed bunker.

    Legislation introduced this month by Senate republicans, including Texan/alleged neonazi John Cornyn, would dramatically change the way presidential succession works.

    The bill he introduced with Trent Lott would remove members of Congress from the line of succession. Instead, Cabinet members, beginning with the secretary of state and followed by the treasury secretary, defense secretary, attorney general and the homeland security director, would form the line behind Snippy the Chimp and the vice president.

    February 24, 2004

    Seen around the web
    "These are the desperate acts of a desperate president who is going to try and drag this country through a cultural war to jump-start a failing campaign." - - Cheryl Jacques, president of the Human Rights Campaign.

    Log Cabin Republicans threatening to abandon the Bush-Cheney ticket.

    Bush calls for amendment to the constitution defining marriage as a union between man and woman. Last I heard, people were still dying in Iraq.

    John Dingell sends a kick-ass letter to Bush patsy Greg 'outsourcing good!' Mankiw.

    'Contrary to popular beliefs, Neanderthals are not entirely extinct'
    "Next time something offends you on television, change the channel. I do it all the time during your show." - - Lil' Kim to human gasbag Bill O'Reilly.

    'You're a shithead and your mom's an old bat!'
    Bin Laden lieutenant taunts Bunnypants on tape

    "We remind Bush that situation is not stable in Afghanistan, or else how do we wage, with God's support and might, our attacks on your troops and agents. ... How do we send our messages that challenge you and reveal your lies," the tape said. "We remind Bush that he didn't destroy two-thirds of Al-Qaida."

    On edit: Diehard Pythonistas were lobbing scimitars at me. I surrender!
    I wave my private parts at your aunties, you brightly-coloured, mealy-templed, cranberry-smelling, electric donkey-bottom biters. We burst our pimples at you, you tiny-brained wipers of other people's bottoms!


    Ho ho!
    Gay Democrats ask for marital history of GOP legislators.

    'The request comes as House Republicans are attempting to force a vote on a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The amendment -- which Republicans last week called "the most important issue we're dealing with this session" -- was approved by the Senate but has been stalled in the House by Democratic leadership.

    '"We think it is fair to ask during this debate how many legislators who are demonizing gay marriage have actually committed the most grievous possible injury to the institution they claim to want to protect," said Linda Perdue, president of the Indiana Stonewall Democrats.'

    We report, you decide
    The Lying Disaster Monkey started his election campaign yesterday, casting himself as a strong leader.

    Well, I guess at least the trains are running on time.
    Let's take a look at some of his other accomplishments:

  • Spent the country's surplus and bankrupted the treasury.
  • Shattered the record for biggest deficit in history.
  • Set the all-time record for most vacation days taken by any president.
  • Presided over the worst security failure in US history.
  • Asked House and Senate leaders not to investigate the period leading up to the 9/11 attacks.
  • Set the record for most campaign fund-raising trips of any other president in US history.
  • Under his watch, over 5 million Americans have lost their jobs.
  • Cut unemployment benefits for more out-of-work Americans than any president in US history.
  • Set the all-time record for the most mortgage foreclosures in a 12-month period.
  • Cut healthcare benefits for war veterans.
  • Lied to get us into war, responsible for the needless deaths of over 540 US troops and thousands of civilians.
  • Caused more than 100 school districts in seven states to shorten the school week in order to offset budget cuts.
  • Under his watch, Americans have been exposed to anthrax and ricin. The perpetrators still have not been caught.
  • Does not take responsibility for anything, blames everyone else (CIA, 'statisticians,' speechwriters, Bill Clinton, foreign governments...).

    For more of Smirky McGolfcart's resume', go here.

    Il Ducebag

  • _________________________________________________
    Bush 'wanted war in 2002'
    Napoleon Bonehead 'set the US on the path to war in Iraq' with a formal order signed in February 2002 - more than a year before the invasion - according to the new book Rumsfeld's War, by R. Scarborough, the Pentagon correspondent for the Bushmoonie Times.

    The revelation casts doubt on the public insistence by US and British officials throughout 2002 that no decision had been taken to go to war, pending negotiations at the United Nations.

    "On February 16 2002, Bush signed a secret national security council directive establishing the goals and objectives for going to war with Iraq, according to classified documents I obtained," Scarborough wrote.

    I can't get that damn Quiznos song out of my head.

    Bush to back same-sex marriage-ban amendment
    "Today I call upon the Congress to promptly pass and to send to the states for ratification an amendment to our Constitution defining and protecting marriage as the union of a man and woman as husband and wife," Bush righteously intoned.

    "The president believes it is important to have clarity," WH spokes-hamster Scott McClellan said. "He's confused enough as it is."

    He said pReznit Poopypants wants to end "growing confusion" over the latest court decisions in Massachusetts and San Francisco.

    "We need to act now," he said. "Before those icky homos multiply and take over the Earth."

    February 23, 2004

    Bush misadministration lying about women's rights in Afghanistan

    Two reports at the end of 2002 described the horrific situation in western Afghanistan where Ismail Khan had established a dictatorial fiefdom over three provinces, ignoring the Karzai government with tacit approval from the US. In an HRW report entitled 'We Want to Live as Humans': Repression of Women and Girls in Western Afghanistan, several women described the situation under Khan as virtually similar to living under the Taliban. Local police were stopping girls in the street and forcefully carrying out virginity tests. "Herat is the worst province for women in Afghanistan," said a UN official working with women's groups in Afghanistan. Ismail Khan has also revived the Taliban's much-feared Department of Vice and Virtue, which encourages young male goons to walk around streets and schools to make sure that segregation is being enforced.

    Acts of torture were, and are, according to HRW, commonplace in Herat - "beatings...hanging upside-down, whipping, and shocking with electrical wires attached to the toes and thumbs." A torture victim described what happened to him and his friend:

    Then they gave my friend electricity shocks. They used a crank generator. The had to crank it very fast to produce the shock. They tied two electrical lines to each of his big toes. Three or four times they shocked him.... Each time my friend's body would be thrown by the shock. After that, my friend signed the confession paper. Then I signed it also so that I would not be beaten.

    All this has been happening while US Special Forces and diplomats and UN officials are based in Herat. When US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld visited Herat on April 29, 2002, he described Khan as "an appealing person, thoughtful, measured, and self-confident."

    - - snipped from here.

    Remarks by pReznit Stupid to the National Governors Association
    'Is that it? No genuflecting to yer war preznit?'

    We are on the hunt for al Qaeda. You just got to know that there's a lot of brave people searching them out. And I view the hunt for al Qaeda as part of the war on terror.* And it requires all assets, intelligence assets and military assets, to chase them down and bring them to justice. And we're doing pretty good** -- better than pretty good. If al Qaeda were a corporation, middle management has been brought to justice***. And that's important for you to know. We can take comfort about the progress we're making. But we've got a lot more to do. And so we'll just stay on the hunt here in -- out of Washington, D.C****.

    As you know, I laid out some doctrine that said if you harbor a terrorist, you're just as guilty as the terrorist. Unless you're Saudi Arabia or Pakistan And it's very important for the administration to follow through when they say something. It makes diplomacy a little easier when your word means something instead of being known as a flaming liar, which is what I am, so I oughtta know
    *Duh! Jebus...
    **I'm not a grammer cop by any means, but this just sets my nerves twanging.
    ***Just like Ken Lay and the Enron indictments!
    ****I'll jus' sit here on my ass while real soldiers get shot 'n' killed!
    [Saddam] had used weapons of mass destruction on his own people. He hid weapons of mass destruction from inspectors. In other words, he wouldn't be open.

    The United Nations Security Council, at my request, took a look at the issue one last time, and unanimously voted to have Saddam reveal, disclose, and destroy weapons of mass destruction and/or weapons of mass destruction programs and, if not, face serious consequences.
    Iraq complied, but we bombed 'em back into the stone age anyway.
    Let me rewrite history a little more September the 11th affected my way of thinking* when it came to the security of the country. We saw a danger, and so I gave him an ultimatum** -- the world really gave him an ultimatum. And he refused***. And rather than take the word of a madman whose actions had proven unworthy of leadership****, we acted, and we removed him.
    *Gah! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhh!!
    **Even though Saddam had nothing whatsoever to do with the attacks.
    ***If by "refused" you mean letting the inspectors in to do their jobs.
    ****Ummmmm, pot/kettle???

    WH still paying its Iraq puppet
    The Bushies continue to pay millions to the Iraqi opposition group that produced 'exaggerated intelligence' that Il Ducebag used to argue his case for war. The Pentagon has set aside between $3 million and $4 million this year for the Information Collection Program of the Iraqi National Congress, led by neocon buddy Ahmed Chalabi.

    News from around the web

  • Bush practices for military tribunals by putting family dog to sleep.

  • If you're a fast food worker, Greg Mankiw is about to give you a big promotion!

  • Report, suppressed by US defence chiefs, states global warming threat is greater than terrorism.

  • US denies it's closing in on a "boxed" bin Laden: "It's only February!"

  • Governors question unelected, warmongering aWol lunkhead on Nat Guard deployments: "It's not that we're not supportive of the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq, but just wtf are you doing, game-boy?"

  • Bush makes campaign visit to National Guard base, will count it as time served.