January 26, 2013

Oh for Fucks Sake and for the sake of all things fuckable!!

  This is just IN SANE.   It would appear that Reid has caved once more to McConnell the exposed uncircumcised DICK HEAD and sold out on the filibuster, or as it will now and forever be called, "FAILABUSTER".   What the fuck is wrong with Reid, I'm tellin' you guys, we have GOT to get rid of the Congressional heads.  Alllll of them!   Except Pelosi who seems to be the only one who can get anything done in there.

January 23, 2013


He's a bitter old codger who lost all his cred by suggesting to the nation that Sarah Palian was a viable VP! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, and has been nothing but insane trouble ever since We the RATIONAL MAJORITY just said NO to Old Fuck and Dumb Fuck in the White House, right?   We need to join or mount a movement to get him the hell away from the reigns of power before he does more harm.   I'm for a LOSE MCSTAIN movement, wanna play???

The above is a pic of him shaking hands with his buddy and then BFF Gaddafi in 2009.   He sure knows how to pick em' eh?  And who knows, if we get rid of him, maybe we'll also dump that sour dowager and pearl clutcher Lindsey Graham, if she's still close to him.  Those two lovebirds have had their spats, but seem to always kiss and make up.   He's already lost his other bff, the wretched two faced lying back stabbing spot light addict hack and slumlord Joe LIEberman, THANK GOD!! he's gone.  Seems we should be able to wrap up the whole package and dump the other 2.

Oh.....And one more thing.........I HATE ALL OF THEM, and actively at that!

January 19, 2013

Good Info..........

This is a good group, I've been a member since '06.  They actually SENT me an Impeach Bush lawn sign, same pic,  when I signed up with them.  It sat there till Obi's came down after his election and it was so beat up for being years out there.  They have bumper stickers and other promo items, plus updates on their recent activism to get this nasty piece of business taken care of.  OH!  And they're not going anywhere till it is.
FYI, with a high recommendations.

Placard: Indict Bush Now

Real Caturday pic

His name is Morfield because he is a cross between Morris the cat and Garfield on the bed that used to be mine. Never on Caturday and he tells me all about it. How can I NOT love this guy.

January 18, 2013


Although all of the below posts are great fun, and funny and it's just an amusement park ride watching the thugs eating alllll this shit, I DO have to make a point here, and that is:

Schadenfraud is delectable, but what I REALLY REALLY WANT is for the Democrats in congress and in the White House to, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES,  GET SOME POLICY pushed through, accomplished, and just DO WHAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO!!  We were NOT obtuse in our mandate when Obi was re elected and I'm tired as hell of working around a bunch of insurgents in the House Of Reptiles and having to bend over backwards to take it in the rear and make "compromises" that end up not even RESEMBLING the original agenda and having to grovel and kiss ass and STILL NOT GETTING WHAT WE WANT.

Fuck the Thugs and what they want or think or threaten or DO!!!  FUCK EM!  This nation needs strong leadership that marches and moves strongly to the left in policy and HONORS CAMPAIGN DEMANDS from the people and PROMISES from the candidates who were sent to WORK FOR US! 

We The People did not send all those Democrats to Washington so that we could have Repugntican't Rule!!


January 17, 2013

Rebel Rousers! LOL!


Yesssireee, their heads are exploding all over the place and I'm just laughing my ass off!  It's just fun as hell watching rethuglicans disintegrate.  And the assholes all over the South and Texass and everywhere else are all spitting nails and trying to figure out what the fuck to do now that they threatened an all out and out civil war if Obi even TRIED to put forth ONE Executive Order and he did 21, so it's "suit up" time for them and they're all a bunch of pussy chicken hawks that are scared to death now that their "agenda" is expected to follow thru and that would mean they have to move out of mom's basement and everything!!!
and whatever it is that Maru does that is a perfect typed out raspberry, wet and everything!!!

Fucking asswipe dip shits, I hope the black ops helicopters come for ALLLLL Y'ALLLLL!  SOON!

January 14, 2013


 I ran into these quotes today in my reading and felt like sharing and also opining:
"We must make clear to the Germans that the wrong for which their fallen leaders are on trial is not that they lost the war, but that they started it. ":U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, U.S. representative to the International Conference on Military Trials, Aug. 12, 1945
"To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole": Nuremburg War Tribunal regarding wars of aggression.
SO, I interpret the above quote to mean that Saddam Hussein committed the supreme international crime of initiating a war of aggression when he invaded Kuwait in 1990.  He rightly deserved to be tried and found guilty and treated accordingly. 
FURTHER, the call to war in Iraq, the invasion and occupation by George W. Bush, in 2003 served to RECOMMIT Hussein's original SUPREME INTERNATIONAL crime by initiating a war of aggression against Hussein's country;  a country who, by the by,  never acted against the USA and who had been pushed into near obscurity after being defeated for his transgression of a decade before.  
So how is it Hussain has paid with his life and G.W. Bush lives a luxurious life of comfort with the best that money can buy?  They SHOULD be either both be dead, or both of them be in a cell.  Perhaps mates at The Hague or perhaps one of our own black sites, right?  I see no problem in my logic here.  The PROBLEM is a systemic failure of justice in my own country, WHICH BY THE BY, is the polar opposite of what I've been taught since age 7 about the United States of America. 

And where the Sam's Hell is the " U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, U.S. representative to the International Conference on Military Trials" of MY generation, in this time, in my lifetime???   PAGING!  BUEHLER?   BUEHLER?!?!
If this seems like a "rehashing" of stuff everyone already knows, yawn, yada, blah, well, GET USED TO IT.  Until there is justice for the country and people of Iraq this issue is NOT going away.  Not in reality, and not on this blog!

Fucking murderous looser dipshit waste of oxygen and space on this planet.  I HATE him and it doesn't get better.


WHY did no one who won an award for Game Change NOT THANK JOHN MCCAIN??~!! REALLY?? how COULD he have been forgotten? 

Well, you can totally bet the farm on that the eternal douchbag will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN for that contribution HERE ON WTF, BOOYAH!!

 Old Fuck and Dumb Fuck BOTH were a total threat to national security and need to be deported for their treason!!

January 13, 2013

Gun Metal Gray Sunday Morning.......

And it's -7 here, with temps dropping all day.

Wow.  SOME of the Sunday talking heads are focused on gun control.   Can the energy of 7 billion humans go toward making this a more civilized planet.   May the deaths of those 20 little angels speak in a roar to the conscientiousness of the 7 billion souls on this place in space!  Please!   Personally, I think some gun/ammo control would likely be a sane thing to do, but the bigger issue is the proper care and treatment of our fellow humans who suffer the constant hour by hour, minute by minute breathing horror of the living nightmare of mental/emotional illness.

 Can Universal conscientiousness move the energy of that wish?  What say you, sharp, smart and aware WTF visitors, dwellers, friends and strangers?  Where do you weigh in on this issue?

And to those whose sound and sane argument is the protection of all of us against The State, well, THAT ship has already sailed or could you have missed the message of Waco?  We'll never get drones, so fighting our own government would logically be a method of suicide, toute suite!

What say you guys?  I'm interested, I care and wonder about your thoughts and opinions.

January 12, 2013


Liz Chainey [sic fuck] has writhing screaming pounding orgasm in public movie theater, breathlessly tweets this message with shaky, sweaty tuna hands:

RT Just saw Zero Dark Thirty. Excellent film about years of heroism, including in the enhanced interrogation program, that led to bin Laden.  Retweeted by

January 11, 2013


He'd have built it, pulled a wrong lever and blown us all up by now!

Death Star Petition

Sorry, folks. The Obama administration will not be building a Death Star.
The White House responded Friday night to a petition on its website urging construction of a Death Star for job creation and national defense purposes by 2016.
Here's why, according to Paul Shawcross, chief of the Science and Space Branch of the Office of Management and Budget, who wrote an epic response to the petition and its nearly 35,000 signatories:
  • The construction of the Death Star has been estimated to cost more than $850,000,000,000,000,000. We're working hard to reduce the deficit, not expand it.
  • The Administration does not support blowing up planets.
  • Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?
Shawcross did take the opportunity to explain what is being done already, instead of the government spending the the estimated $852 quadrillion (in case you were wondering what the above number was) to build the ultimate planet-destroying machine.
There's the International Space Station (which doesn't destroy planets). There's the two rovers on Mars ("one wielding a laser"). Oh yeah, here's the president wielding a light saber! Who knew -- the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is even "supporting research" on building Luke Skywalker's arm.
Shawcross closed by plugging a big initiative of the Obama administration: science, technology, engineering and math education:

If you do pursue a career in a science, technology, engineering or math-related field, the Force will be with us! Remember, the Death Star's power to destroy a planet, or even a whole star system, is insignificant next to the power of the Force.
Sorry, "Star Wars" fans, it seems the gravitational pull of Washington's budget battles was too much to make a $852 quadrillion investment.
In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another. -- Voltaire

“If there is one thing that has come out clearly recently, it is not that the corporate media supports the global corporate project; it IS the global corporate project” - Arundhati Roy, 2003~~~http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-108608146798491847&pr=goog-sl

 Blessed are the cracked, for we are the ones who let in the light.

Does this thing still have Nancy's cooties????!!

SOMEONE behind him needs to grab it and smash his brain cavity open, SPILLING NOTHING on the floor, thereby doing every American and the whole rest of the known universe a gimongous forever favor.

You suck as a human being you fucking fuckfaced douche! 
He's on my list of 2 with Lieberman.

January 8, 2013




AIG may join bailout suit against U.S. government

This is what happens when NO ONE GOES TO JAIL after gross abuse of power and illegal obtainment and squandering of OUR MONEY. Holder needs to go the fuck after these crooks and liars and what mammoth nerve to threaten a law suit, and they should be closed down and those at the top need to be in a cell far far away for the rest of their miserable lives.

This is what happens when gross abuse and violation of the law goes unpunished and no one is held accountable.  This shit started with the pardon of Richard Nixon and just continues down it's ugly UNAMERICAN road.   One law for all has been turned into a quaint and old fashioned somewhat cutesy idea of old.   What the hell did the "pardoners" think was going to happen???

Jebus this pisses me off!  Where are the good firing squads when ya need em???


This is something I think you may enjoy.  Just don't get lost in it like I did and miss deadlines.  (Like I have anything remotely resembling a "dead line".)

January 7, 2013


 Matt TaibbiSecrets and Lies of the Bailout

 I don't think, really, that anyone actually believed all the reported piles of shi shi that appeared in the newspapers and on the web during the times of the Great BailOuts...I think we ALL knew we were getting royally screwed moment by moment and that ultimately it would be US who paid the price for the screwing we were all about to receive.  My only surprise in all of this is that it is now being reported, the accurately compiled facts are here in an article that is articulate and totally easy to read and understand and it wasn't all the Pyramid Scam of the ages that never got busted.  

I am so very thankful for Matt Taibbi.  He's a national treasure and I'm very thankful that he's here, doing what he does and that HE'S OURS, ON OUR SIDE of things, like THANK UNIVERSAL FORCES that he's not a party to the right side of things.  He is a warrior of the highest caliber and deserves the best of the best in this world and in his world of world class journalists.  I'd love to start a national movement that each and every one of us, his fans, send him $5.  Times a few million readers, he'd get at least some of what he deserves.



January 3, 2013

Sad day for the USA

Some fucking how, for some unknown reason, in an opposite universe to the one I live in, enough poor soul moronic asshats voted in Boner for another term as Speaker of the House of Representatives.   Or, as it should be known now, The Speaker of the House of Resentfuls.   It's a sad, SAD day for America and Americans.  There's a child in charge of one of our political bodies and he's a spoiled nasty brutish bully.   And our lives will taste like dirt, just like McConnell and Can'tor and their cohorts intended.  And one of our best and brightest Presidents EVER will see another seated congress who will NOT work with him, who will only undermine him at each and every turn.  I like to think of what Obama COULD HAVE accomplished if there were sane adults in charge of the country's purse.
I'm bummed.  And sickened by the asshole crying and slobbering and sobbing his ignorant ass way into power.   How fucking fitting as MOST of us were in tears ourselves.

January 2, 2013

BONER JUST WENT FROM WORST TO ..............i don't even know what to call it!

"HE WON!!!
I played the game and he beat me.


And I'm not playing with him ever, EVER! EVER AGAIN!!! 
 Boehner tells GOP he’s through with one-on-one Obama talks

You big fucking baby whiner asshole from hell, BONEAGAIN!!! 

The Baby Jebus

From one baby to another, YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY SUCK AT YOUR JOB and you need to get a new one!!!  Whatever was dad thinking when he put you here with other humans???  He must have just been having a very bad day.  Still.  That's not an excuse for the massive infliction of pain and disgust upon the good people of Earth.  SOMEBODY needs spanked.  AND THERE'S SOME BITCHIN' T' BE DONE HERE!!!!


Now, why on Earth do you suppose the Speaker would DO something like that to the good governor of New Jersey and by proxy, to his constituents, his friends, family and neighbors, the whole of the population of the Great State of New Jersey?

Exclusive: Chris Christie was Mitt Romney's first choice for VP

 Chris Christie (left) greets President Barack Obama on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, in Atlantic City, NJ. | AP Photo

I'd give my TEETH to get hands on the memo or recorded phone call or to KNOW the fly who was on the wall when Boner got his marching orders from McConnell and Can'ter regarding the relief effort bill for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  I KNOW that's ballpark of how and why it went down that the Speaker of the House DISMISSED the House before passing a bill to aid the victims of New Jersey and New York who are suffering moment by moment because of the mega Hurricane that "wasn't caused by man-accelerated global warming causing changing patterns in the weather on a global scale".

I KNEW Christie was FUCKED in congress and especially in the House at the moment he first began to praise Obama for his response to Hurricane Sandy.  THAT MOMENT, I said to Mr. siri "Well, HIS (Christie's) ass is fried.  I hope he won't be needing anything from the House and I hope he wasn't planning on or counting on Congressional Republicans for back up and support for his next run for office, no matter WHAT office he may set his eye's upon."  I said that.  I thought money for Sandy relief was already handled, a done deal as it were.   I more than firmly believe he just got his balls stomped for being so nice, appropriately appreciative, strong and truthful to and about the President's disaster relief and response during Obama's run for second term, right smack assed dab in the middle of election season!  
Chris Christie!  The guy the Republican wanted for VP,  their major hope for 2016,  the "Tell It Like It Is, No Matter What!", REPUBLICAN governor of New Jersey!

And they got him!  And they GOT HIM GOOD, made his constituents suffer, and I mean SUFFER like refugees.  

This is THE MEANEST congress ever in the history of the United States.  Never mind the "do nothing" part, they are just fucking inhuman and inhumanely MEAN.  MEAN spirited, MEAN to the bone, RECKLESSLY MEAN!   So mean that they are dangerous.  They will tolerate deaths of Americans, on the streets of American cities, to prove a point, to punish a perceived misstep, to drive home a bad idea, for their own political theater.  It's the 21st century rendition of the blood sacrifice of the Aztecs and other ancient peoples and tribes who ripped out hearts, chopped of heads, starved and brutalized their own.  That's who these guys are and they're proud of it!  And 21st century America does NOT WANT THEM anywhere near the reigns of power.
I can honestly say that every where I went today, morning work out, shower room afterward, grocery shopping, bank dropping and post box locking, EVERYWHERE, people were bitching, and angry at congress.  I'm serious and I swear on the hides of my 4 furry babies that today, walking around in America, I saw and felt complete bipartisanship.  Everyone's totally pissed. at congress and more specifically THE HOUSE REPUBLICANS.  The ONLY republicans with any power, in a decision making capacity.  THOSE GUYS and their few women have drawn the angst and anger of the populace to the point where we out here in the heart land of " REAL AND UNREAL AMERICA", ALL OF US, were jointly locked arm in arm and thoroughly completely together in our pissed offedness.
It was a sight to behold.  In the fury of all the "fiscal cliff" bullying and threats, I shit you not,  NO ONE is happy or overlooking or not understand thoroughly what just happened that fucked Christmas's throughout the land, but also what Boner did to Christie and the storm ravaged Americans in New Jersey.  THAT was personal to all of us.  We are all victims of abuse re the fiscal fisticuffs, AND we are all New Jerseyites today.  And it's going to remain that way till actual checks are in actual hands up there in Sandyland.  My lips to the Universe, this is true.   We have NON PARTISANSHIP brought to us by Republicans, not Obama.  The "peace that passeth understanding" brought about by the mutual bludgeoning we all received from the THUGS this Christmastime!