September 25, 2013


Women can finally pee like a man.  

GAWD! I've waited for this.

September 20, 2013

September 19, 2013

September 8, 2013

How's yer September?

Have a grrrrrreat day on the morrow, ghost guests.  And to those I know of as well.

giant smile.     

September 1, 2013

NO ONE'S HIDING HERE............

Well, this says a mouthful and Brzezinski has always been pretty correct.  Enough for me to pay him some attention, plus it's simply true.

Global Political Awakening

Yes, our "Global Leaders", we're just not the same Wal-Mart shoppers who got up to just another day on 9/1/01.   Look how many of us have puters in our lives to keep us abreast of happenings and enough opinions that the truth can usually be picked clean of opinion and rif raf, self serving progaganda:

And no future generation will be raised to be the same docile sheep that the powered few have always counted on for blind support of their insane forever-wars.

Yep, "making the war against Syria difficult", indeed.

 (I had to throw this one in cause of the pretty colors.)