November 30, 2012

November 24, 2012

Poverty is Poverty is Poverty......................


Here's A Crazy Graphic To Share With Those Judgmental People Who Go Off About Poor People


November 23, 2012



This had to be fun for the Obama girls.  That's my President pardoning not one, but two turkles this year.  Such a lovely family, his election to the Presidency made me proud to be an American.  And he's kept me proud by running a class administration that continues to wipe the stench left in that office from the previous occupant shithead asshole illegal election stealing war criminal dumb ass.

And that's my opinion and oughter be Rush's!


I wish all the readers of Maru's blog, and Maru, a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and I hope we all remain mindful of our many wondrous blessings throughout the remainder of 2012 and through the year of 2013, till I "see" all of you back again here on Turkle Day, one year from now.

You are APPRECIATED.   We at WTF are thankful to know ye.

November 21, 2012

SHUT THE FUCK UP MCCAINbeater and GRAHAMcracker!!!

ANTIPATRIOTIC FUCK!  You do NOT get to keep all your war hero brownie points while you constantly disrespect MY President and the people he chooses to be a part of his cabinet, his legacy.  You JUST FORFEITED any and all proAmerican points you ever had, you tossed them, you fried them, you LOST them for fucking ever you nasty old FUCK!

I need for the insufferable looser and pompous arrogant LOOSER, ignorant bitter and exceedingly poor LOOSER, John Fucking LOOSER McCain to SHUT THE FUCK UP and take his loosin' unwanted brain fartin' Sarah Palin bringin' non presidential ass back to backwater redneck empire of all things HICK Arizona and leave the rest of us and the US and the world and the galaxy and the universe peacefully ALONE.  i.e. WITHOUT HIM.  as in GO THE MOTHERFUCK AWAY and take your bitter angry wrong headed opinions with you and all of it and you go rot in Hell, AZ for the rest of my natural born days, and forever after that!


I am so sick of having to see his ugly swollen broken face talk stupid angry bitter chit that no one cares about except his private BGF Lindsey MY-GIRDLE-IS-CHOKING-MY-DEEP-THROAT GRAHAM CRACKER.   I'm sick to death of both of them, they need to go the way of their 3rd cracker feind LIEberman and just disappear, get OUT, croak or stroke, I don't care, but SHUT UP AND/OR LOOSE THE ABILITY TO MAKE WORDS AND/OR NOISE ALTOGETHER!

They are embarrassing to our nation, and wrong and I do not want to share this planet with them any more!

Can I make it clearer???

I am sorry for Cindy and Meghan.  I really am.  It's a sad place to be in to have to lose a member of your family in order that the universe be a better place to inhabit, but that's their story and I'm bettin' they know it!

McStain now gets all my wrath I have previously freely given to LIEberman and all the teaparty fucks who got into congress and dumbed down the political dialog in our country for 2 long stupid years.  He gets it ALLL!  Because he is SO DESERVING, Bush/Romney lovin & ablowin' crap trap of a human idiot being!


Now would be PERFECT!


November 20, 2012

When bad things happen to sober people

Hi guys.

Spent a good part of the day visiting with the dad at the physical therapy home he's in, then stopped off at Costco for supplies... OMG, AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Wall to wall psycho shoppers, cart jams, huge lines, no free food... AGHHHH!! I guess going shopping a few days before a holiday is a def no-no. Yipes. All I needed was butter!!

Then I get home, turn on the tube, and the first thing I see is SE Cupp.

Oh good, now the computer is smoking, and not in a GOOD way.


who lives in a "holler" in the Great State of Kentucky, the DITCH MITCH movement is alive and well and preparing to dump this dumb ass in 2014.   They are all excited about a potential run from Ashley Judd.  Yep!  That'd be so very fitting.  Bring her on!   And dump this piece of craptrash forevah! 

Seriously folks, if any of you want a satellite cause celebre this next voting cycle, think of this one.  This whole entire country would be far FAR BETTER OFF having put Bitch BicConnell far FAR from the hallowed halls of the United States Senate.  He's a pustule on the butt of that establishment and a general embarrassment to humanity and our nation as a whole (hole).  Give the movement a buck or two and maybe some hours of your time?  They need you and we ALL, ALL PATRIOTIC SANE AMERICANS, need to DITCH MITCH so that reparations from his tenure can begin. 

Post Election Willard.....



If this isn't the sign of a POOOOR LOOOOOSER, I dunno what is.  lol   Havin' to pump your own gas, exGovernor?  hehe  I guess your home country just wasn't as into the KoolAid as you thought.  I guess you didn't finger it out till the last number was counted and THEN the blame goes to Obama for winning.  LOL  Let us say this about that:


One for the ages, me thinks.

November 14, 2012


Romney said he and his team were discussing how to keep the campaign’s donor group connected—perhaps with annual meetings or a monthly newsletter—“so we can stay informed and have influence on the direction of the party, and perhaps the selection of a future nominee.”
“Which, by the way,” the former candidate added with a chuckle, “will not be me.”

Sounds supercalifragiliciousexpialidocious to THE REST OF AMERICA, Shit!   I wouldn't run for Girl Scout Cookie Committee if I were you, ya pile of foul dung and lizard puke.

OH!  And thanks ever so much for keeping your smug, creepy assed, crap spitting mug offa my TV set and outa my bedroom.



November 13, 2012

Yaiz!!! Maru is Back!!!!

I, like many, love you, maru. Nice to see ya back!!!!!
Undie Lib

November 12, 2012

Faux's Luntz Says “Fox News (sic) viewers should be outraged”, given brain transplants

Fox Flunky Frank Luntz Says “Fox News Viewers Ought To Be Outraged”

Indeed, Fox News viewers should be outraged – At Luntz and Fox News! After all, that is where conservative voters were fed the most conspicuously dishonest misinformation about the election and the projected outcome. They are the reason that Romney and his supporters were described as “shell-shocked” when they realized that he had lost. They are the ones who promoted nonsense like “Unskewed Polls” that ironically sought to skew published polling so that Romney came out ahead. 
Fox News was so brazenly hypocritical in their reporting of election surveys that they chose to only publish polls that had Romney in the lead. They ignored or disparaged any poll that put Obama on top – even their own Fox News commissioned polls.

Quote o' the morning

Ha - remember those kits like Dracula's Dragster and Frankenstein in the graveyard? I can imagine the Doughy Pantload is STILL putting them together...

National Review's Jonah Goldberg attacked statistician Nate Silver's prediction that Obama would win, well, all the states he turned out to win. "The truth is that any statistician can build a model," sniffed Goldberg, perhaps thinking of the scale-model Munsters car he built in grad school. 

-- Heh! From here

November 11, 2012


Sort-of new banner, I hope you guys like it!

Arrrgghh. And yay!

I need a new mouse!! This one is BEYOND just a cleaning. Its next to impossible to do anything as it  keeps either resizing pages or closing them altogether. POS.

So, is anyone else basking in the warm, fulfilling glow of the conservatards' major freaking butthurt? I don't think of it as gloating... its more like happiness that justice was served on a bunch of rapey, closed-minded liar-loving hypocritical neanderthal fuckwits. Served on a tray along with their own asses. And Karl Rove's shriveled genitalia.

Hee hee!
/totally not gloating

November 10, 2012

Congratulations and THANK WHOEVER YOU THANK!!!

 It's not that I'm not ecstatic and so very proud that our guy won.  I didn't make mention of it which was maybe negligent, it's just that  I never believed for one tiny red second that that other shithead idiot would get anywhere near 1600.  I think America used up all her idiot stamps with allowing dumbya to remain in for a second term (assuming, of course, that those elections weren't stolen).  This country is MOVING FORWARD in every way imaginable, as proven by this last election.  YOU GO GET EM MR. PRESIDENT, you have all of WTF'S power, energy and peeps behind you!!   We worked to see this happen!

November 9, 2012



Ass kissing brown nose ex general Gen. David (Betray Us) Petraeus leaves the CIA after admitting that he found a NEW appendage to stick into someone's orifice, no longer just relying on shit on his nose for intimacy....Who cares?  As far as I'm concerned the little weasel leaving puts a cherry on the top of the sundae that is the 2012 elections.   I'm revelling in the sticky goo that is VICTORY for dems and sane people everywhere!   This guy was a loyal Bushy from way back.   So I wonder who it was who threatened to expose his exposure.  More later maybe, meanwhile, GOOD RIDDANCE TO RANCID GARBAGE.

November 7, 2012

Suck it long and hard, Karl, you fuckwit!

Did anyone else watch the Turd Blossom meltdown on Faux last night?

While the Prez was raking in state after state and going over 300, the still-unindicted pusbag was not handling the Ohio call very well. His cohosts were practically telling him to shut up, take his crazy, and go back under his rock.

Eat it, Rove, YOU LOST. And $ MILLIONS, too.


Woot woot woot!!!!!!!!

Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So high and exhausted right now... :D

 Funny: one reason Romney lost? He didn't talk about Benghazi enough, sez

 The fact he was a lying, flipflopping asshole, not so much.


 High-fives, everyone!!!


November 6, 2012

And the shit keeps hittin' the fan...........

A Pennsylvania voting machine was taken out of service on Election Day 2012 after it was filmed switching a vote for President Barack Obama to one for his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, NBC News has confirmed.

Oh MY ASS!!!  Just NO WAY it would be the other way around, innit???

Error bullshit.  Just more theft and deceipt from the rethuglicans who can't LOOSE LIKE MEN, gotta try and steal it cause no one will let them WIN IT!   Fuckers should all be in jail.



John Mccain Hecklers

This is where Preznit Bush put his dick (vote) in 2008:

November 5, 2012


The sheer magnitude of the size of the pile of steaming shit that stretched, LITERALLY, around the globe and actually effected the whole Solar System and the Universe at LARGE, Stinkhole McLushbrain (otherwise internationally known as dumbya killmass) was far far too large on an infinite basis to eve possibly clean up, mop through or even spit shine in 4 little years.  BE CLEAR HERE.  NO ONE COULD HAVE COMPLETED THE REPARATIONS AND CLEAN UP IN 4 YEARS left by Crapbrain McEmbarrassment Von Drink More.

No one!

So the CORRECT GUY needs another 4 years to make a dent in it.  It took Presnit DrunkMore 8, count em' 8 years to DO ALL THAT DAMAGE.  How is it that some can't see that the clean up will take at LEAST that same amount of time??


Your country needs you.
Let's blow the bastards outa the water.
They had a hell of a lot of nerve to very begin with by hoisting upon us the cardboard idiot that is Shit Robme.
JEBUS!   Get him off my TV and OUT OF MY LIVING ROOM ASAP!
Like, NOW!

VOTE, ALL Y'ALL.  It's the most important thing you can do this decade.  VOTE!

For allll the Tardlethugs.........

Just remember:

You do NOT HAVE TO believe in global warming to be killed by it!!!

Tardlethug -Anyone who wears his asshole like a hat and votes for Rmoney for President.  


And so do we, mental monster mash!  SO DO WE!

November 4, 2012



Good Dog!!!  THIS is a win win!  Feed a hungry dobbie, drink a bottle of wine over it!  This is the cause of my life and it's being coupled with the OTHER cause of my life.  I couldn't have done better my own self, when it comes to feeding starving animals in the world and quenching thirsty me and friends of the world.

So, to everyone who stops by to peruse this blog, buy a bottle, make the internet your in-house liquor store, whilst feeding hungry puppies across the world.  DO IT!  You'll be so happy you did and PLEASE, PASS THIS 'ROUND.

Encourage the wino's in your life. They'll remember to thank you for it but even if they forget, you'll know you've helped some of Universe's  babies and gettin to drink Universe's fav beverage ALL IN ONE FELL SWOOP!
i'M TELLIN' YA, IT'S A WIN WIN, n'est pas/??   Un bon et grrrrand win win for all involved!


November 3, 2012


From Political

And LOLOLOL.  A love story indeed.  One of my LEAST FAVORITE RETHUGS EVAH fell deeply and profoundly in love with MY PRESIDENT during what is the ongoing tragedy in New Jersey and other parts of the North East.  It was a brutal triangle that sent Cristy running to the arms of Obama and away fast and sure from what was hinted to be an everlasting love with Rmoney.  (<<<
Now THAT'S what I call a PERFECT STORM.
Welcome to Puka Beach!!!