August 30, 2013

What's that addy???


I KNOW I had it around here somewhere...........checking under cushions, looking in corners, under pile of summer heels and sandals, not on my desk (where the rest of the lost known universe resides).....hmmmmmm.   I knew I was going to want it, I knew and KNOW I wrote it down on an OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT note paper  somewhere and got depressed when Obi said, shortly after his inauguration, he WOULD NOT PURSUE any charges for crimes committed (foreign AND domestic, while the monster butt crunch was in power........and would not help The Hague should they initiate action against the bumblebush, I was extremely very saddened and pissed cause our new prez didn't even have the decency to ASK US what we wanted, felt would be THE CORRECT THING TO DO and remember sitting there with a drink in one hand and the addy in my other hand, making tear stains on the paper while missing the tears in the ol drink thang, just starring at it.........and hmmmmmmmmmmm, um   I POURED ANOTHER DRINK!!  THAT'S IT!!!  I poured another drink and.......................

AHAAH!!  The liquor cabinet!

It's GOT to be there............IT'S THERE!!!  YEAH!!! Right here in my hot little hands!!!  GIMME ALLELUIA CAN YA?????  That's a Bourbon stain, not big enough to constitute alcohol abuse cause I can CLEARLY read the numbers and letters there.

ha ha haaa, dancin' round with it like it's a winning Lottery Ticket....hehehe

oh chit.  Now where's my credit card?????????   DAYAM!

Well, MEANWHILE while I look,  I can't wait to show you guys what I found and why I'm prouda me for writing down THE ADDRESS, I KNEW I'd want it one of these days!  And Big By Cranky, TODAY'S THE DAY.

eheheh hehehe  HEH!

Check THIS out!!

August 20, 2013

It was LIKE my birthday today.......

 Thank You Ed Snowden poster
.........when right there in my email from  THESE GUYS (Indict Bush dot org), an extra goody to pass onto you all who visit this space in time and space:

I happen to believe in Snowden and his cause.  AND I am outraged that the United States of America is the bad guy in the particularly Orwellian example to the world.

I wanted, wished, prayed for, and was actually promised, an honest administration if Obi got elected and that I could finally, after 8 years of garbage lot toxic waste ground poisonous lies and total lack of honesty when dumbya was in MY/YOUR/OUR Whitehouse,  that I could expect to no longer needing to be embarrassed by the US prez....  Well, now there is this.  It's despicable.  And you KNOW that if our government gets ahold of him we will NEVER hear what was done to him, or is being done, well, HELL!  he COULD never be heard from again.  As in "DISAPPEARED", otherwise known as "rendition".  Whether you agree with my position on this issue is not the point.  It's the position of my government and the awful and blatant and open assault on civil rights that should pretty well put us all in the same ballpark. 

So there is this, for your consideration.

Come on in, the water's fine and we are all loving the main premise of this site, calling for trials at The Hague for dumbya and his evil cronies.  I'd likely be in support of a ban on chocolate on Sundays if it would also include some accounting for the filth THAT bunch wreaked upon us and THE WHOLE WORLD.
SNOWDON.  Click here.

Worth Honorable Mention in this post is a total bow and applause to Mr. Glenn Greenwald who's been faithfully and accurately doccumenting the US descent into the "dark side" (as so elequantly called by Dick (dick) Cheney).  I think Mr. Greenwald is quite perturbed at documenting all the great shitloads of lawlessness put forth by BushCo and totally pointing out, day by day the lawlessness of those bastard.  Did I mention that Greenwald is a Constitutional Law attorney and expert in his field.  I think he just had had enough of the secret no one gets to know crap coming out of the White House and no one from there EVER gets a highly earned Go To Jail card by dems as well as thugs, and he just got to a point where he felt the need to roll up his sleeves and pound one home, clear shot to the Cyclops eye, and he doesn't mind a little or a lot of cyborg juice on his fist!  They pushed him too far and now lookit what he's going through!!

Worth a perusal as well.  If you're not informed and familiar with Mr. Greenwalds writing, his entire history and articles can be found here, and here.  He is amazing and his articles are as easy to read as they are honest, no holds barred, simple and great for the layman to easily understand.  I find myself THROWING dead ringers from my basket of socks that I use to throw at the TV when I'm watching CSpan.  A physical outlet for blind rage.
And sweet dreams of a government as put forth by our forefathers.  (It's dwindling.)


Did you see this?   WAY interesting space stuff that'd make for GREAT Sci-Fi (authors/film makers/other artists everywhere) material.

Read THIS: 

Amazing Sun Storm Photos of 2013


I love this chit, don't you???

Totally stunning.