October 31, 2004

The G-pukes dress up as assholes for Halloween
But how is that different from any other day?

It's absurd that we're mired in Iraq - an invasion the demented vice president praised on Friday for its "brilliance" - while the 9/11 mastermind nonchalantly pops up anytime he wants.

The Bushies' campaign pitch follows their usual backward logic: Because we have failed to make you safe, you should re-elect us to make you safer. Because we haven't caught Osama in three years, you need us to catch Osama in the next four years. Because we didn't bother to secure explosives in Iraq, you can count on us to make sure those explosives aren't used against you.
- Maureen Dowd.

More bad news for Bush
The Washington Redskins are LOSING to Green Bay.

October 30, 2004

Awwwww... now I want one

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A polar bear at the San Diego Zoo gets into the Halloween spirit as he plays with a pumpkin Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004, at the Zoo's Polar Bear Plunge. Kalluk, a 735-pound sub-adult male bear pounced on, tackled and hugged the large plastic jack-o-lantern which provided him hours of amusement. (AP Photo/Zoological Society of San Diego, Tammy Spratt)

Kerry campaign wins round 1 in bin Laden spin battle

Round 1 in the bin Laden spin game goes to the Kerry camp. Immediately after CNN aired the new video, showing the remarkably composed, healthy-looking, and elegantly robed al-Qaida leader sticking it one more time in Bush's eye, Kerry foreign policy advisor Richard Holbrooke stuck it in the president's other eye.

The video, Holbrooke told Wolf Blitzer, "raises the troubling question about why this grotesque mass murderer is still out there" thumbing his nose at America.

As [WH WHore] Blitzer tried to counter by pointing out that polls show most Americans think Bush will do a better job of protecting them against terrorism, Holbrooke quickly shot back, "If Bush is so much more effective, why is bin Laden still on the loose, you fucking idiot?"

October 29, 2004

'We got the terrists on the run!'
- George W. Stupid, today.

"Despite entering the fourth year after Sept. 11, Bush is still deceiving you and hiding the truth from you.”

In the new tape released today, a very healthy-looking Osama bin Laden accused the Smirking Dipshit of deceiving Americans and said the Sept. 11 attacks 'would not have been so severe if the president had been alert.'

Now, he did say that the attacks went better than they had planned. And he said that they had agreed on 20 minutes, within 20 minutes, the attacks should have been completed, because he said that he discussed this Mohamed Atta and told you have to finish this job in 20 minutes before the Bush administration realizes what is going on.

But then he goes on to say, but the president was sitting down, more interested in listening to a child's story about a goat, rather than 50,000 U.S. citizens trapped facing the worst nightmare of their life in the World Trade Center, and that gave the terrorists 20 more minutes, he said, to achieve a lot more than they had planned.
- Octavia Nasr, CNN senior editor for Arab Affairs.

Right on schedule
New tape by "Osama bin Laden" announced on MSNBC.

Image by robbedvoter.

More bad news for Bush
... as he's dissed by former musician, confetti.

The songwriter who helped pen the 1970s hit, "Still the One," is demanding that [the smirking fuckwit] stop using the tune at campaign events, arguing that he's no fan of the Republican incumbent and the campaign never got permission to use the song.

John Hall, a former Democratic county legislator in upstate New York, co-wrote "Still the One" and recorded it with his band Orleans in 1976. The cheery pop tune was played at Bush events Thursday and again Friday.

Not only is he a disgusting pig, he's going to Hell
Conservative blasts Sean Hannity for not being "Catholic" enough because he has used artifical birth control. In other news, somebody is actually having sex with Sean Hannity.

O'Reilly gets off, legally speaking
Shut up! SHUT UP!!

After all his big talk, Fox News gasbag and enthusiastic anal-vibrator user Bill O'Reilly settles his sex suit out of court, Taiwanese whorehouse.

Bill O'Reilly 'spins' on his new vibrator.

Bush campaign admits doctoring photo for TV ad
Whatever it takes... including deceiving the 'Merican public.

Mark McKinnon, head of the Bush propaganda team, blamed an anonymous video editor he would not identify with photoshopping the pic on his own initiative. Without telling anybody.

Democrats said it is fitting that Bush would fabricate an advertising image.

"This administration has always had a problem telling the truth from Iraq to jobs to health care," said Kerry spokesman Joe Lockhart. "The Bush campaign's advertising has been consistently dishonest in what they say. But today, it's been exposed for being dishonest about what we see. If they won't tell the truth in an ad, they won't tell the truth about anything else."

Not schilling for W
Sports figure strikes out photo-opping date with foul-ball Chimp-in-Chief.

[W]hile I am a Bush supporter, and I did vote for him with an absentee ballot, speaking as I did the other day was wrong. While I hope to see him re-elected, it's not my place nor the time for me to offer up my political opinons unsolicited."
- Curt Schilling.

What do you want to hear first, George...
Bush's war has kept 100,000 Iraqis safe from Saddam Hussein. There's just one small catch...

For Bush, too late for honesty
As if the little Dictator-tot even knows what that means.

'Missing munitions spark an explosion of administration excuses.'

Bush and his allies have been forced to argue that no, neglecting to guard a lifetime supply of bomb-making material does not in any way reflect poorly on Bush's military strategy. Indeed, if anybody is tainted here, it's Kerry. This exercise in defending the indefensible offers a kind of morbid hilarity. So far, I count seven distinct lines of argument...
- Scathing article in the LA Times.

It's not just Al Qaqaa
The failures of Smirky McGolfcart's national security leadership -

Al Qaqaa is hardly the only tale of incompetence and mendacity to break to the surface in the last few days. Here's a quick look at some of the others:
Letting Osama get away
Letting Zarqawi get away
"Gross negligence" in Iraq
$70 billion more from US taxpayers for Bush's quagmire

- hero/patriot Paul Krugman.

Bush incompetance has put us, troops in grave danger

  • 'The same month Al Qaqaa was being stripped of high explosives, I warned my military intelligence unit of another weapons facility that was being cleaned out. But nothing was done.'

  • David Kay confirms ABC video contents, definitely US responsibility

  • Imagery of storage bunkers at Al Qaqaa: DoD image does not match.

  • Proof that the missing explosives were still under seal at Al Qa Qaa on April 18 2003. So much for the "Russian Special Ops" story.

  • ABC News on Thursday showed video appearing to confirm that explosives that went missing in Iraq did not disappear until after the United States had taken control of the facility where they were stored.

  • The strongest evidence to date indicates that conventional explosives missing from Iraq's Al-Qaqaa installation disappeared after the United States had taken control of Iraq.

  • Great moments in television
    And I'm at work, g0ddammit.

    DU's Atman, watching CNN, reports:

    Soledad almost starting squirting breast milk when she asked the panel what the most underreported story of the week was.

    Guy #2 said, "This election is over. Every pollster in America will tell you Bush cannot win."

    She freaked, started arguing with him. He just stayed on point: Bush is averaging 48%, and at 48% it is simply not possible for him to win. "This is done."

    Let freedom reign
    But first, sign this loyalty oath in your mother's blood, give us all rights to your soul, and put on this approved garment praising our dear leader.

    Teaching kids about how our great democracy works -

    The Bush-Cheney campaign rented the local high school and applied the divine right of kings - or at least one ill-prepared and inarticulate boy king - to what had been a public school. Richland Center students were informed that they could attend the audience with His Highness only if they donned approved apparel: a Bush for President T-shirt or so-called "neutral clothing." What they could not wear was any clothing that promoted the cause of any dissenter to the rule of King George.

    If they showed up dressed inappropriately, students were warned, they would be removed from what was perhaps the biggest-ever event at their school.

    What could justify such an abuse of the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and assembly? The principal of Richland Center High School - whose boss, the superintendent of schools for the city, is the wife of Republican congressional candidate Dale Schultz - had no problem eliminating a few basic liberties because, as he put it, students were being given a rare opportunity to spend time in the presence of their king, er, president.

    Senator John Kerry was joined by Bruce Springsteen at a rally on Thursday in Madison, Wis.

    NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate
    A very highly respected physicist - a senior research scientist for NASA and for Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - says imaging techniques prove the lying fascist punk's bulge was not caused by wrinkled clothing.

    Dr. Robert Nelson admits that he's a Democrat and plans to vote for John Kerry. But he takes umbrage at being accused of partisanship. "Everyone wants to think my colleague and I are just a bunch of dope-crazed ravaged Democrats who are looking to insult the president at the last minute," he says. "And that's not what this is about. This is scientific analysis. If the bulge were on Bill Clinton's back and he was lying about it, I'd have to say the same thing."

    "Look," he says, "I'm putting myself at risk for exposing this. But this is too important. It's not about my reputation. If they force me into an early retirement, it'll be worth it if the public knows about this. It's outrageous statements that I read that the president is wearing nothing under there. There's clearly something there."

    October 28, 2004

    The Bush ecomnitude
    Jobless claims up more than expected.

    The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose 20,000 last week, the government said on Thursday.

    Atomic agency warned US about explosives

    The U.N. nuclear agency said Thursday it warned the United States about the vulnerability of explosives stored at Iraq's Al-Qaqaa military installation after another facility - Iraq's main nuclear complex - was looted in April 2003.

    Melissa Fleming, a spokeswoman for the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that US officials were cautioned directly about what was stored at Al-Qaqaa, the main high explosives facility in Iraq.

    Entire state of Wisconsin turns out for Kerry today
    Plus one Bruce Springsteen.

    Pics from DU.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that
    Heh - four years later, Pat Buchanan's 2000 presidential campaign website can help you "chat with hot local gay guys now."

    Bush's Bay of Pigs
    is a Vietnam-style quagmire.

    "When the Bay of Pigs went sour, John Kennedy had the courage to look America in the eye and say, `I take responsibility, it's my fault," John Kerry said at a rally today, referring to the bungled invasion of Cuba in 1961.

    "John Kennedy knew how to take responsibility for the mistakes he made and Mr. pResident, it's long since time for you to start taking responsibility for the mistakes you made."

    Kerry's crowd was raucous, so noisy that at one point he said, "I hope George Bush can hear that — that is the rumble of change comin' at him."

    "A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander in chief," Bush told supporters.

    Kerry retorted on Thursday, "Mr. pResident, I agree with you." He then recited a list of times he said Bush had been guilty of just that.

    9 stories that 60 Minutes might run Sunday evening in place of the Al Qaqaa missing explosives story

    1. Does Jesus really love George W. Bush? Some Biblical scholars say no.
    2. John Kerry: War hero? Or hung like an Arabian horse?
    3. 9-year old terminal brain cancer sufferer Ashley Ripple has a dream: To see a refreshingly candid billionairess become first lady. From her deathbed she explains why.
    4. Just how gay is Mary Cheney?
    5. John Edwards: Champion of the little people? Or boy genius hung like an Arabian horse?
    6. You’ve heard of the Curse of the Bambino. But when’s the last time a Crawford, Texas team won a World Series? The answer might surprise you.
    7. Can Dick Cheney’s heart survive another four years? Some doctors say not a friggin’ chance.
    8. Just how many millions of dollars each year does Teresa Heinz Kerry give to charity? A hint: lots and lots and lots of millions.
    9. Did a young Laura Bush once appear in an underground sex tape blowing a German Shepherd? One former dog wrangler says yes.

    - from here.

    Popular g-puke gov says #uck you to Bushies
    'Stay the #uck avay from me!'

    Gropenator Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Wednesday he has agreed to just one joint appearance with Chimpy McFlightsuit, and has told the White House to cram further invitations to campaign with the lying little twerp.

    That's no moon...
    Oh wait, it is..

    Last night's lunar eclipse, as seen from the Altair-4 space station coffee shop (link to pic).


    pReznit Privilege's motorcade waits as the Smirking Moron walks into a boxed-off area to meet with caged African American leaders in the Silverdome yesterday.

    Holy crap!
    Kiss your ass goodbye, Georgie.

    The smoking gun: Minneapolis News has video & pics of the missing cache of explosives, taken on April 18, 2003.

    During that trip, members of the 101st Airborne Division showed the 5 Eyewitness News crew bunker after bunker of material labelled explosives, marked with the name "Al Qaqaa."

    Once the doors to the bunkers were opened, they weren't secured. They were left open when the 5 Eyewitness News crew and the military went back to their base.
    More here


    Bunnypants' "Whatever It Takes" ad photoshopped to increase crowd size.

    Either that, or the reboobs have discovered how to clone people - by an ethical, Jebus-approved method, of course. Boy, you really don't need a draft if you can do that.

    - see ALL the retouched pics at the Daily Kos.

    Keepin' us safer
    "An orgy of theft so extensive that enterprising residents rented their trucks to looters."

    Looters stormed the weapons site at Al Qaqaa in the days after American troops swept through the area in early April 2003 on their way to Baghdad. Employees asked the Americans to protect the site but were told this was not the soldiers' responsibility.

    In a related story...

    An armed group claimed in a video Thursday to have obtained a "huge amount" of explosives missing from the munitions dump of Al Qaqaa and threatened to use them against coalition troops.

    Actual photo of Jebus's favorite prezdint.

    Image by Gavino.

    6 More Days!

    Doing anything to get elected, huh?
    Bush misadmin leaked terrorist tape threat story for political purposes, ABC believes.

    [Investigative reporter Brian] Ross and other ABC staffers say they believe that a Bush misadministration official leaked the story to bottomfeeder Matt Drudge as a way of pressuring the network into airing the tape, which would heighten concerns about terrorism in the final week of the campaign. They note that whoever gave the information to Drudge also had a transcript.

    The FBI and CIA still can't say whether the 75-minute videotape is authentic or a hoax.

    October 27, 2004

    Honor, decency, Godliness
    The grown-ups are in charge: Dignitude.

    - via The Game and How We Played It.

    Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Another Drudge dud!

    Nice try, asshole. The CIA says they can’t authenticate the 'taped threat':

    The CIA is unable to authenticate a videotape in which a man claiming to be an al-Qaida terrorist warns of devastating new attacks on the United States, a senior intelligence official told NBC News on Wednesday.

    The existence of the tape was first reported Wednesday afternoon by Matt Drudge, who said it was obtained last weekend in Pakistan by ABC News.

    Drudge quoted an unidentified “senior ABC News source” as saying the network was “working 24 hours a day trying to authenticate” it. But the senior intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told NBC News that “we can’t authenticate” the tape.

    Bunnypants jumped to conclusions
    Hero/patriot General Wesley Clark released the following statement today:

    “Today George W. Bush made a very compelling and thoughtful argument for why he should not be reelected. In his own words, he told the American people that “…a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your Commander in Chief.”

    “President Bush couldn’t be more right. He jumped to conclusions about any connection between Saddam Hussein and 911. He jumped to conclusions about weapons of mass destruction. He jumped to conclusions about the mission being accomplished. He jumped to conclusions about how we had enough troops on the ground to win the peace. And because he jumped to conclusions, terrorists and insurgents in Iraq may very well have their hands on powerful explosives to attack our troops, we are stuck in Iraq without a plan to win the peace, and Americans are less safe both at home and abroad.”

    “By doing all these things, he broke faith with our men and women in uniform. He has let them down. George W. Bush is unfit to be our Commander in Chief.”

    Oh, and when did you stop snorting coke with your wife?
    PeteNYC reports:

    Joe Biden asked the question on a conference call with reporters.

    He challenged reporters to do their job and ask Bush the following:

    Whether or not the weapons were looted before we got there, WHEN DID YOU ORDER SOMEONE TO CHECK AND SEE IF THEY WERE STILL THERE? (since the IAEA warned us about them in January 2003).
    I hate being stuck at work and missing all the good stuff.

    Preznentin' is hard!
    While declaring Kerry to be an absentee Senator, Bush has been massively shirking his presidential duties, making his 're-'election more important to himself than the war on terror.

    WH spokes-tool goosed at press gaggle
    Q: Will the pResident mention missing weapons, missing explosives in Iraq in any of his speeches?

    SCOTT McCLELLAN, pasty, desperate liar: Senator Kerry blah blah blah... Senator Kerry is someone who does not want to let the facts or the truth stand in the way of his campaign. I expect the pResident may talk about what Senator Kerry is willing to do for his own political advantage, and that is ignore -

    Q: But he won't address the missing explosive issues, directly?

    SCOTT: There's an investigation that's ongoing. No, that's why I'm saying is that I expect you will hear him talk some about what I just referred to.

    Q: The pResident will not specifically address the issue of these missing explosives?

    SCOTT: I expect that the pResident will talk about the fact that Senator Kerry is willing to say anything for his own political advantage, even when he doesn't know the facts.

    Q: But will he actually address the 380 --

    SCOTT: I expect he will talk about the fact that more 400,000 munitions have been seized or otherwise destroyed. And I expect - you heard what I just had to say, I expect he'll touch on some of that.

    Next: the misadministration finds a way to blame Bill Clinton...

    Closet monster
    Something's brewing at BlogActive:

    Over the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours, blogACTIVE will be releasing two cases on the site. One of them promises to be one of the biggest GLBT news stories of the decade.

    This candidate is running on a party platform that is among the most homophobic in the nation. I promise you this… the news of this candidate’s homosexuality is certain to shake things up a bit for years to come.

    Like the way you went to war against Iraq?
    Like that, Dumbass??

    Great moments with the man too stupid to be president:

    "For a political candidate to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander in chief."
    - Bush in PA today.

    Did you know...
    That the Pentagon is planning to add roughly 20,000 more troops to the force in Iraq in anticipation of the elections in January?