September 30, 2002

I was a bit out of sorts this weekend and spent most of it sleeping when I wasn't watching the Jets and Giants lose - I'm going to come home one day to hear the parrot yelling "Jets suck!" while throwing peanuts at the TV - when my sister called last night to tell me our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she'll be going in for surgery next week. She'll then be facing radiation therapy, 7 days a week for 7 weeks. I woke myself up at 1:00 this morning, screaming, and I've been awake ever since.

'People are getting sick of this patriotic intimidation.' - Shawn Morris, 34, professor at Metro State College, at the Anti-Bush, Anti-War protest in Denver on Friday.

'He snuck in and out like a rat. He's afraid to face his own people.' - Gordon Golding, 47, Boulder, Colorado, speaking of Mr Honor and Dignitude himself, George W Bush.

Bruce Buchanan, a University of Texas government professor who has followed Bush's political career, said the "kill my dad" remark revealed how deeply the Court-Appointed Asswipe has personalized the issue.

"These aren't gaffes or Bushisms - they're glandular reactions," Buchanan said. "This is clearly what he felt in his heart. It's part of his tendency to see things in black and white rather than gray."

"We have to question whether he has sufficiently nuanced views to make decisions like this under these sorts of pressures," Buchanan said.

Bush's bluntness produced a major headache for the White House last week and soured relations with congressional Democrats. They castigated Bush for his unscripted addition to a speech in Trenton, N.J., when he accused the Democratic-controlled Senate of being "not interested in the security of the American people."

Even so, his nannies say he has no plans to apologize, and the Republican National Committee e-mailed the quotation to more than 2 million party supporters two hours after Tom Daschle (D-Neutered) complained. In fact, senior Bush doody-wiper Karen Hughes said "The president is a very disciplined person and he says what he intends to say."

So much for "changing the tone in Washington."

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