September 20, 2002

It was a week for assholes:
17 for fool+me+once
5 for George+W.+Bush+audio
1 for Katie+Couric+colonoscopy+pics
1 for mims+bfee

THE DAILY WORD -- Learn it, use it, spell it
ampulla \am-'pu-le\ noun pl ampullae [ME, fr. OE, fr. L, dim. of amphora] (bef. 12c)
1) A glass or earthenware flask with a globular body and two handles used esp. by the ancient Romans to hold ointment, perfume, or wine
2) A saccular anatomic swelling or pouch
ampullary - adjective

Usage example: And Rummy would spend countless hours lost in a peyote/rat poison haze, absent-mindedly fondling Lynne's fleshy cellulitic ampullary thigh flesh as they rocked there in the big fuzzy chair, reciting entire verbatim hunks from the latest article from Monsignor Andrew Baker of the Congregation of Bishops at the Vatican, and gurgling softly. - from the SF GATE MORNING FIX by Mark Morford.

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