September 30, 2002

I've actually lost count of the number of searches for fool+me+once, or variations thereof.
Another biggie was aaron+mcgruder+cspan+transcript, which I still haven't been able to get a hold of, unfortunately.

Then, some that left me scratching my head:
Halliburton+drill+squeezer - I think he's at an undisclosed fundraiser.
free+pics+of+old+slappers+with+big+boobs - I've told you, I do not have naked Rush Limbaugh pictures on this or any other site.
osama+poophead - hmmmm....I can post the one of Osama knockin' at W's 'back door'...
locations+street+hookers+best+find+price - I hear Ann 'the man' Coulter does it for french fries...?
another for chimpanze+sex - See last item above.
and last but not least, arkansas+pussy+rooms - Trent? Was that you?!

"Just talking about invading Iraq has a very useful effect for President Bush. It stops a public debate about his catastrophic record as President. Indeed, had President Clinton or any Democrat a similar record, impeachment would already be underway. " - that damn libral commie paper, the UK Guardian, God bless 'em.

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