September 12, 2002

LOLOL. Fooking crybabies.

A Web site that includes satirical material disparaging pReznit Poopypants' handling of the Sept. 11 attacks has raised "a considerable amount of money" for Sen. Paul Wellstone's campaign, one of its founders said Wednesday (the site began experimenting with a pop-up Wellstone ad during the past 10 days).

Ginny Wolfe, communications director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said Wellstone was guilty of at least poor judgment for using a site that would run material that was "disrespectful to all Americans" * and especially to have the material running on September 11, "a sacred day for America." **

On one of its pages, reproduced a picture of Bunnypants talking on the phone on Sept. 11, and sponsored a contest for the best caption indicating what Bush may have been saying.

The first entry in the caption contest has Bush saying: "But Dick, I soiled my pants when I learned about the attacks so please just let me come back to Washington for a change of underwear."

The 30 other published entries are similarly derogatory. (heh heh heh)

*Not all, honey. You want to see "disrespectful" go visit the bushmoonie sites. They actually talk of killing people over there.

**Though it was perfectly OK for 'dick' Cheney to appear on rightwingnut hate-monger Rush 'anal probe' Limbaugh's show yesterday, wasn't it, you hypocritical idiot.


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