September 21, 2002

Brought to you by The Daily Probe and Ironic Times:

Opinion: Cinnabon's "Let's Roll!" Campaign Last Fucking Straw

Bush Smirk, Cheney Sneer Join Clinton Pout in Facial Tic Hall of Fame

7 Injured as Rumsfeld's Rhetoric Catches Fire, Explodes

Administration Presents Case for Iraq Invasion to Congress
Cites 12% rise last year in sales of luxury SUVs.

News Quiz:
A top official of the Federal Reserve Bank has called on CEOs to cut their own pay. This is most likely to happen:
A) during the holiday season of giving and introspection.
B) after the fall elections, but before 4th Quarter earnings are released.
C) when pigs fly out of Alan Greenspan's ass singing "The Internationale" in Uzbek.

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