September 18, 2002

I've had to work all day today.

The conference in Pittsburgh was OK but way too long. Being without a computer was horrible - like being stuck in a hot elevator with your idiot mother-in-law and a slovenly guy who farts all the time. I drank a lot. It didn't help reading that Daddy's Little Doofus made a 'forceful' case to the UN and that Cheney would rather quote his imaginary friends - the ones telling him that Saddam has all these WMD - than actual intelligence reports that say he doesn't. On top of that, nobody wanted to talk politics, except for one good ol' boy in the hotel bar who said Bunnypants is right about going into Iraq. He got yelled down by a bunch of Steeler fans wearing buses on their heads, so I don't think he heard my ''who's going to pay for it?' comment.

It's good to be back.

"I don't see this as a cause for politics, but my opponent, whose campaign has slipped in recent months, feels this is an opportunity to use the lives of military personnel as political pawns." - Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD), on Rep. John Thune (R-Rove'sBoyToy) bashing him for his opposition to going to war with Iraq. Johnson wants to build international support first.

"...the mood in the White House today seems disconsolate and sulky. Iraq's abrupt agreement to renewed, unconditional U.N. weapons inspections must be particularly disappointing to Gen. Karl Rove, commander of Republican forces in the midterm election. Changing the subject from Social Security, pension reform, corporate corruption, prescription drug coverage and other topics that delight Democrats won't be as simple for Rove as it was yesterday." - Joe Conason.

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