September 18, 2002

CNN's hatchet job on Scott Ritter.

I meant to post this last week before I left - an editorial on the shameful treatment of former United Nations weapons' inspector Scott Ritter at the hands of the Breaking Nooze Network's talking hairdos.

{snip} "As an American citizen, I have an obligation to speak out when I feel my government is acting in a manner, which is inconsistent with the principles of our founding fathers," said Ritter. "It's the most patriotic thing I can do."

Not in this climate. Not when there's the ironically named U.S.A. Patriot Act which abrogates civil rights. Not when those who criticize the administration are considered to be "with the terrorists." Not when the U.S. media let President George Bush's advisers — who, with the exception of Secretary of State Colin Powell, have never served their country as Ritter has — gallop all over the airwaves.

Thank God for the international media.

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