April 29, 2003

Blah. Need sleep. Egon spent the night glued to my neck like a fuzzy remora. Must get coffee.

"Whether you're Sunni or Shia or Kurd or Chaldean or Assyrian or Turkmen or Christian or Jew or Muslim, no matter what your faith, freedom is God's gift to every person in every nation." - the eloquent Crusader Bunnypants, to Arab and Muslim immigrants Monday in Michigan.

Well, to every republican person.
"Chaldean" ?????!

Anger mounts after U.S. troops kill Iraqi protesters
"They are stealing our oil and they are slaughtering our people."

U.S. soldiers killed at least 13 Iraqi civilians who marched on a school west of Baghdad to demand the troops leave the building and get out of Iraq, doctors and witnesses said today.

Medics said 75 were also wounded in the march by more than 200 protesters on the school after Muslim prayers on Monday evening in Falluja, 30 miles from the Iraqi capital. Some witnesses put the death toll as high as 17. US officers said their men returned fire after being shot at first.

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