April 30, 2003

Bush cartel allows terrorist group to keep arms
The U.S. cease-fire with an Iranian exile group Washington considers a terrorist organization allows the Mujahedeen Khalq to defend itself from Iranian-sponsored attacks and keep its artillery and other weapons, U.S. military officials said Tuesday.

White House spokes-tool Ari 'the beefcake liar' Fleischer said Tuesday the U.S. goal remained an Iraq "free of all terrorist organizations." While acknowledging the Mujahedeen Khalq was listed by Washington as a terrorist group, he spun madly, saying the cease-fire deal was "part of the ongoing immediate post-combat effort to enhance security on the ground."

The Bushies, who went to war against Iraq in part to dismantle what they said were terrorist networks supported by Saddam, are now looking the other way. They are getting SLAMMED on the yahoo message boards over this one.

"This is how much credibility
we have on the terrorism thing
right now, but only with French-loving
traitors. By the way, don't I look HOT today?!"

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