April 30, 2003

Have we mentioned today that the Court-appointed Fraud lied?
'The war has set in motion the creation of a fundamentalist Shiite regime in Iraq, akin to the one currently in control of Iran. The Bush administration is shocked, shocked that a clear majority of Iraqis prefer this form of government to the quasi-democracy we promised them, and are working overtime to prevent it. Thus, the irony: Bush spent blood and treasure to “liberate” the Iraqi people, and now that they have a form of it, Bush is bending over backwards to deny them the most elemental aspect of liberty - the right to self-determination and self-rule.

'Never mind that the original cause for war, clarioned time and again by the administration, was the existence in Iraq of mobile chemical laboratories, drones fitted with poison sprays, 15 to 20 Scud missile launchers, 5,000 gallons of anthrax, several tons of VX nerve gas agent, 100 to 500 tons of other toxins including botulinum, mustard gas, ricin, sarin, and let’s not forget the 30,000+ illegal munitions. None of these terrors have been unearthed in Iraq after months of UN inspections, weeks of war, and more weeks filled with swarming American investigators tasked to locate the stuff.

'American forces have interrogated dozens of Iraq scientists and officials as to the location of all this, and none of those interrogated seem to be able to point the way. In fact, they are denying any of the stuff is there at all. Now that Saddam Hussein, principle motivation for any obfuscation on their part, has been removed, what reason now do they have to lie about this?' - snipped from WilliamPitt's piece, at DemoUndergound.

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