April 30, 2003

Nuclear Chickenhawks
'"What are they smoking?” asked one exasperated State Department official after last week’s abrupt and abrasive talks with North Korea. “Which alternative universe do they inhabit?” He wasn’t talking about the eccentric North Koreans and their nuclear brinkmanship. Instead the senior diplomat was frustrated by an equally tenacious foe: the conservative in-house critics of Secretary of State Colin Powell.' - from Newsweek.

Eating their young
'Republicans could easily appease the ire of gays, feminists and liberal churchgoers who vote with them by chastising Santorum and stripping him of his leadership position. One would have especially expected some reprimand from Vice President Dick Cheney, one of whose daughters is openly lesbian. But no, instead pregnant silence.' - Bonnie Erbe.

Meanwhile, the Dems are...where?!

Tom 'Isadora' Daschle performs in the only way the Dems know how.

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