April 30, 2003

U.S. soldier criticizes Napoleon Bonehead
A U.S. Army Private from Mississippi has publicly criticized pReznit Gameboy for his handling of military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, a move that could land her in hot water with her superiors.

Private Sarah Freeland, 22, said she "loathes" the president's decision to go to war against Saddam Hussein. In an interview published in her hometown newspaper, the Oxford Eagle, Freeland rebuked the president for failing to gain UN approval for the war. "The United Nations should have handled this," Freeland told the paper. "It's not our business taking it into our hands."

Private Freeland said she is worried about Smirky McStupid angering so many countries and failing to deliver on promises of assistance.

"In Afghanistan, we promised to set up something better, but these people are starving with no medical care. We promised the same thing to Iraq, but we haven't delivered in Afghanistan yet."

Despite her disagreement with misdministration policies, Freeland admitted that her political beliefs are irrelevant to her role as a soldier.

"No matter what moronic things Bush does or how much I don't agree, he's my commander-in-chief, and I'll go," she said. - link.

REMINDER: Support our troops!

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