April 30, 2003

We catch up with Ari lying about Dumbya's speech tomorrow
Q: Why is the president giving this speech now? What significance should we read into this?

Ari: Well, the president is giving the speech now because of the successful operations that have been carried out, the significant accomplishments in achieving the mission, and because he wants to explain to the American people, that them evildoers still hate us for our freedom and can attack any second having risked lives and treasure in pursuit of our goals in Iraq, what the present results are. And that's something that the president began with his speech to the country about, and he wants to, again, now bring it to a conclusion with a speech to the country. The war on terror will continue. Iraq was a phase in the war on terror. And the president wants to try to keep the American people scared shitless until election day discuss all of this with the American people.

Q: Why not just declare victory?

The Liar: Well, I would urge you to listen to the president's words tomorrow night. But the president knows that while major combat operations have ended, and while the next phase has begun with the reconstruction of Iraq, there continue to be threats to the security and the safety of the American people. And he will describe that. [Ed.: Oh, I bet he will...] There continues to be great progress in protecting the American people from those threats. But threats do indeed remain.

Q: Full victory, you've indicated before, I believe, would include all of the president's objectives having been met, including finding weapons of mass destruction and rounding up all the leadership of the previous regime. Is that --

Ari Well, I'll let you judge the president's words tomorrow for what they represent, what topics he covers. Certainly Deputy Secretary Armitage's speech this morning about weapons of mass destruction covered much of that ground.

Q: But the president's not going all the way.

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