September 26, 2003

134,000 lost jobs in August 'mass layoffs'
About 134,000 workers lost their jobs in 1,258 mass layoffs nationwide last month, up from the 128,103 employees who were fired in 1,248 such actions in August 2002.

"We've got a sort of despair," said Harry Payne Jr, chairman of the NC Employment Security Commission. "Whatever resources the state has in terms of being able to help people are being greatly taxed."

The only smoking guns were those the Bushies pointed at our soldiers' heads
"We went to war over a threat that didn’t exist, plain and simple. Hundreds of American soldiers have died as a consequence.

"The American people did not agree to sacrifice American lives and many tens of billions of taxpayer dollars for regime change. They believed Bush that Iraq posed a serious threat to the security of the United States and the world. That is proving not true. Don’t let the Bush administration weasel out of this one." - - from an editorial in the Star Tribune.

'The shame of American journalism'
"September 23rd's news was already due to be tilted in a direction possibly unfavorable to the Bush administration. A story on a major 'War on Terrorism' breakthrough, one that hits the wire simultaneously with Bush's UN speech. Why do I see the hidden hand of Karl Rove behind this?

"My problem is not with the Bushies, at least not here. My problem is with the national-media guppies, who swallowed yesterday's Al-Halabi gambit hook, line and sinker. This is nothing new, of course. The national news media has been following the administration's lead at every step of the way with its Iraq war coverage." - - from Kenneth Neill (publisher/CEO of Contemporary Media, Inc)'s editorial in the Memphis Flyer.

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