September 23, 2003

Arms-control group calls for firing of Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz
Amid growing concerns that hawks in the Bush administration may have lied, dammit! misled the U.S. public about the war in Iraq , a prominent U.S. arms-control group has called for Donald Rumsfeld and his chief deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, to be 'summarily fired.'

The Washington-based Council for a Livable World, which has long charged that administration officials exaggerated the threat posed by Iraq to the US and its allies, said the Pentagon's senior leadership had also failed to anticipate and plan adequately for post-war Iraq and the problems faced by U.S. troops there.

'Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz should be summarily fired,' the group said Thursday. 'The Bush admininstration needs to be held accountable for its mistakes.' - - from here.

Check out the pic of the Chimp-in-Chief over at drudge!

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