September 25, 2003

Audience unmoved during Bush's address at the UN
Except for yawning, shadow-puppet-theatre, butt-scratching and eye-rolling.

Steven Weisman of the New York Times:

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 23 - A president who has led his forces to victory, ostensibly on behalf of the United Nations, would in theory deserve a hero's welcome. But that was not what President Bush encountered in an icy chamber here today, almost five months after he declared an end to major hostilities in Iraq.

[I]f the United States gets the resolution it desires, the money and troops may not be forthcoming in a way that the Bush administration had hoped. If the goal today was to cajole other countries and persuade them to be more forthcoming with their assistance, it failed to produce any immediate results.
And although pReznit Poopypants and Gerhard Schroeder kissed and made up, Bunnypants walked away without the promise of more international troops or funds for Iraq. An aide later said it could take months to achieve a new U.N. resolution backing the U.S. occupation.

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