September 24, 2003

A box of Padrones, and one of those fuzzy things, please...
Cute pic of the almiqui, a Cuban insectivore believed for years to be extinct. Of course, as you read this, it now MAY be, since the one in the photograph has been stuffed.

Stone Age bones show cave is Britain's oldest cemetery
Human bones found in a cave in southwest England date from before 8000 B.C., making the site one of Europe's most important cemeteries from the Middle Stone Age, scientists said Tuesday.

Radiocarbon dating of samples from 800 human bone fragments from Aveline's Hole in the Mendip Hills has shown they are between 10,200 and 10,400 years old, scientists from the conservation group English Heritage said.

The bones, deposited in the cave over a 200-year period, are the largest group of Mesolithic - or Middle Stone Age - remains in Britain. - - link.

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