September 29, 2003

Chronic liars in the WH deny loathsome brownshirted sneak Karl Rove was involved in heinous, treasonous activity
The White House on Monday emphatically denied that mendacious clot Emperor Snippy's chief political strategist was involved in revealing the identity of a CIA operative, in possible violation of the law.

"He wasn't involved," White House WH spokesliar Scott McClellan said of Rove. "The president knows he wasn't involved. ... It's simply not true." - - link.

Live on CNN: The press hammers McClellan on 'criminal acts,' 'stonewalling,' and 'president doing nothing':

"Bush promised honesty and integrity in the White House and now someone in his OWN administration leaks - a serious crime?????? What is going on when you say the White House won't do anything??"

"Why won't the president be pro-active about this? Wilson was on TV and this needs to be investigated....isn't the President concerned when a leak occurs of this magnitude??" - - reporters, to spokes-hamster McClellan.

Fun fact: Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is calling for a 3 PM press conference to ask for an independent counsel for Wilsongate.

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