April 21, 2005

Dear Time
Jebus, you blow.
A former reader

"Time’s cover story/whitewash of Ann Coulter will make it impossible for serious people to accept what the magazine reports at face value ever again."
- Eric Alterman.

What, wasn't Michael Jackson available?

People are cancelling their subscriptions to Repug Hand-Job Weekly Time magazine in the wake of their mAnn Coulter spunkfest. Just a week earlier, Time named the hatefilled, poisonous skank one of "the world's most influential people," which in itself was a head-scratcher, if not a vomit-inducer. For what, exactly? I'm still trying to grasp their justification of that one. I mean, using their twisted reasoning, they should have included the Abu Ghraib torturers, the Marburg virus, and that priest who was just convicted of sexually abusing all those children. Now this. Give me a fucking break.

The bounds of good taste and polite society are apparently not enough to prevent your magazine from assaulting an unsuspecting public with this wretched newstand eyesore.

Perhaps if you'd had one of your graphic artists add two pointy horns & a forked tail to Ms. Coulter to match her forked tongue, I could have kept my lunch down.

Cordially, HollyC

I have subscribed to Time Magazine since 1961 and I have just cancelled my subscription. Your devoting a cover story to the venomous and despicable Ann Coulter raises such serious questions in my mind about your editorial judgment as well as your commitment to American democracy that I no longer want your magazine in my home. Ann Coulter clearly represents the Right Wing's allegiance to an agenda over American values and the quality of American political discourse. Her easy resort to the foulest invective, her utter contempt for truth and her aggressive ignorance of and contempt for American history and American institutions renders her, in my view, completely outside the boundaries of civil conversation. She, along with her ilk among the rabid agitators of the Right, have poisoned the political conversation in America to the point where it is now a toxic waste dump. If I thought that there was the least shred of integrity behind her attitudes, I would have some begrudging respect for them. However, I see only self-indulgence and self-promotion at the expense of our wonderful country. My father and so many others whose memories she profanes died in the service of this country and I find it utterly despicable that a low-grade demagogue like Ann Coulter, who repeatedly spits on their sacrifices, is then glorified on the cover of Time Magazine for it. It's just unbelievable and you should be ashamed of yourselves!- by GEldridge

The increasing right wing slant of Time, the lack of balance, the decision to put Ann Coulter on the cover has made me furious. I want this magazine OUT of my mail box and am considering it political harassment if it continues. I have called your magazine and called and begged to have this magazine subscription stopped!

I will be subscribing to Newsweek for my `general interest' magazine, and to The Nation, Fair, Mother Jones, Harper's and The Progressive for what I consider 'real news'.
- by leesanne

I haven't subscribed to Time magazine for many years, but have maintained the habit of picking it up at newsstands once or twice a month.
While I've experienced a sense of "diminished returns" from Time over the years, I have to say that objectively speaking, I've felt "diminishing returns" from virtually all the media outlets in recent years, and so never had reason to single out Time specifically.

Your most recent issue with the abominable Ann Coulter on the cover has finally propelled me to drop Time from my reading list completely. Treating this person as a newsworthy figure rather than as the severely disturbed person in need of professional help that she truly is represents a completely incomprehensible lack of judgment on your part.

As if this editorial decision making dynamic was not bad enough, you choose to have this graceless hate-mongering harpy on your cover the same week as the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City terrorist attack.

Shame on all of those responsible for this decision regarding Coulter at such a sensitive time. And, most importantly, Goodbye.
- by sbj

Word. They went beyond the pale this time.


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