July 26, 2005

After yesterday's power outage which left me with no computer - which is out of service anyway due to the previous power outage - and no phone, the bf has finally agreed to help me pick out a cell phone. Even though I typically make phone calls only once or twice a year, it would be nice to have one in case of emergencies. Any recommendations? One with a camera?


"Congress will conduct a series of hearings on national security and espionage issues raised by the CIA-leak controversy surrounding senior Bush adviser Karl Rove, officials said on Monday."

Sounds good, right? Up until you get to the part that says repukes also want to investigate Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation.

Not content with viciously smearing the patriotic Americans involved in bringing to light Karl Rove's possible treason and perjury, Congressional repukes now want to probe the special prosecutor. Lovely. Why does the GOP hate America?