July 23, 2005

Gah. My home computer is out again, so I'm using the bf's work laptop, without a mouse and without any speed at all. Plus, I can't get to my files, so no pictures, and Jaffa keeps walking all over the keyboard, so some strange characters may pop up now and then.

Helpful hint: never eat cheese anywhere near your computer if you have a houseful of cats.

Roll out the tumbrils

First, there were the Downing Street memos. Now, there is evidence of a major leak in Karl Rove’s propaganda machine.

The political compass is pointing to the White House with growing evidence that indeed the reason to go to war in Iraq was fixed either around erroneous beliefs or outright lies, hang the truth and hang the facts, either way.

Rove is due a rendezvous with Congressional interrogation, as are President Bush, George Tenet, and other governmental officials who participated in “fixing” a war that has killed our young men and women and made our nation a pariah in much of the rest of the world.
- the Texas Iconoclast.

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